With the help of decor, you can significantly transform the look of your home. It is not always necessary to buy it, often, with ingenuity and a little diligence, you can create jewelry on your own. Use some recommendations, make what you want a reality.

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Preparation stage

Designers give a lot of ideas about how you can transform your home. This does not require you to spend a lot of money.

Before starting the creative process, it is worth determining exactly in what style you will decorate the house. Depending on this aspect, they select a technique, means, through the implementation of which you can create something new, use your talents. In particular, this applies to the ability to sew, knit or draw.

In the first case, you can easily decorate the windows with beautiful homemade curtains; stylish pillowcases can be embroidered in the kitchen or living room. In the event that you draw beautifully, then you can paint a wall, or ordinary pieces of furniture, create paintings.

In the creative process, absolutely all hand-made products are useful. These can be products embroidered with beads, threads, or products carved from wood or glass.


You can highlight different ideas for home decor, as well as the techniques in which they appear.

The manufacture of tablecloths, blankets, threads, or rags is called patchwork. This technique helps to give a second life to old things that, at first glance, have survived their time. It also becomes possible to create completely new home decor elements with your own hands.

The very diversity of ideas is interesting. You can decorate the bedspread with an interesting pattern, or make unusual baby pillows.

On a large dining table, the tablecloth plays a key role. With a little diligence, embroidering using different techniques, you can make this thing a bright accent in the design of the room.

Economical in every sense of the word is the creation of ikebana. Such a creation will last a long time. If you are a fan of fresh flowers, then you can make interesting compositions using them.

Having shown a little imagination, you can supplement these compositions, as seen in the photo of home decor with toys, tree girls, or colored pencils. Even such simple, budget items will help transform your living room, or bedroom, children’s room.


It is worth considering options for crafts for home decor that will decorate the walls of the room. It can be:

Pictures painted by you, or, for example, the embodiment of the creativity of your children. If a child draws beautifully, then such painting will delight you in any part of the apartment.

When decorating a room, you want to emphasize home comfort. You can do this with family photos. You can purchase frames or make your own. The finished frame is also decorated with the help of improvised means, get the children to the process, it will be interesting and fun for them.

In the event that you know how to work with wood, then you can make stepped shelves. They will undoubtedly affect the look of the room in which they will be installed. They will bring an unusual atmosphere to the living room. In the nursery, a child can pack books according to interests, subjects, and on some steps, set objects of his own creativity.

Decorations — stencils — look quite unusual and beautiful. It can be animals, or plants, the figure of a woman that will enliven the interior. You can use this decor on an empty wall, or in the kitchen.

Crafts made of colored paper look interesting. For the best effect, use as many colors as possible. It can be butterflies, hearts, stars. If you are creating winter decor at home, then you can cut interesting snowflakes.

Hang decorations at different distances from each other. Often butterflies or flowers create a huge heart. In general, it looks quite impressive.

Note! An alternative to using snowflakes can be glue decorations. Just paint snowflakes all over the window with hot glue. After the New Year holidays have passed, it can be easily removed.


It is worth knowing how to make home decor yourself. If you are creating a homemade lamp, then prepare glue, hemp thread, and a ball of any size. The rope must be dipped in the glue halfway, then wrap the ball with it. After the glue dries, you can easily paint it in a suitable color.

Acrylic paint in this case is ideal. The advantages of its use are non-toxicity, as well as high-quality fixation.

Such a homemade decor item can be used in any room. Children are especially happy if such a product is in the children’s room.


Financial opportunities do not always allow you to change furniture. The desire for beauty is always present. To solve this problem, decor is used. There are several main options.

Color revival. A fairly easy solution is to repaint the chairs, or, for example, an old wardrobe in a different color scheme. In this case, use the decoupage technique. To restore an old sideboard, you can change the handles, add color glasses to its surface, or decorate it with folk art.

You can make the tablecloth brighter with the help of ribbons of different colors, or embroidery with threads using various techniques, or with beads.

If you know how to sew, then creating pillows will not be difficult for you. As materials, you can use all improvised means, for example, pieces of old fabrics or clothes.

Additional decorative elements in the form of inscriptions, embroidery, beads, acrylic paints look beautiful. You can place these works of art almost anywhere. Emphasize the cozy home atmosphere of their placement in the kitchen.

Do not rush to throw out the old window frame. With it, you can make an interesting wall collage for a child’s room. It is necessary to remove the glass, paint the frame if the paint has peeled off or does not meet aesthetic requirements.

improvised means

With the help of simple, ordinary things, you can make interior and exterior decor at home. Many ideas involve the use of empty bottles. Prepare a bottle of unusual shape, cover its surface with sand.

Tie with ribbons, threads, with the details that you have. Then paint. Such products are able to decorate any room.

An excellent element of the decor of country houses will be a panel. For its manufacture, improvised means are also used. To do this, use corn leaves, dried flowers, cereals, pebbles.

Wall products are often used for zoning. The paintings depict rural life, vegetables, spices that will decorate the kitchen.

For a loft style, a suitable option would be to use newspapers, chalk wallpaper, for example.


With the help of homemade decorative products, you can revive the familiar atmosphere in the apartment. There are different techniques and materials that are used for these purposes. With the help of improvised means, time and desire, you can create interesting decorations with your own hands.

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