We suggest how to deal with unnecessary things in the interior

one Remake

If the furniture is old, but has some aesthetic value, then restoration is a great way out. Self-immersion in this topic can turn into a real hobby, and video tutorials and tutorials on the Internet will help in implementing ideas. You can also donate items to professional restorers. With furniture and décor that look modern but just don’t like it, everything is easier. Painting in an unusual color, pasting with a film, replacing accessories will bring a boring thing back to life.

2 Take to the cottage

The main rule when «writing off» things to the country is to transport only what still works well and does not have broken elements. The furniture should look normal and fulfill its purpose, and the decor should more or less fit into the environment. Such a sound approach will help not to turn a country house into a warehouse.

3 Sell ​​on a thematic site or social network

On what is no longer pleasing in the interior, you can earn. But let the main desire be not making a profit, but reuse and environmental friendliness — it’s great when a thing does not “die”, but continues to please someone. Place an ad on several specialized sites at once, as well as in applications and thematic groups of social networks. Do not overprice, otherwise it will hang for a long time. Check the market value of similar items and set the price a little lower. IKEA furniture and decor sell well, especially if the items are no longer available in stores. Buyers will also like expensive furniture, but the price will have to be set much lower than the original one.

four Offer furniture and decor in good condition to relatives and friends

The same ideas of environmental friendliness, only for nothing. However, if you can sell fairly used furniture and decorations, reflecting this in the price, then relatives should be offered only what is in excellent condition and is still relevant. Do not be afraid to ask if someone needs a desk, a set of beautiful photo frames, an armchair or a floor lamp. Maybe someone has a child moving into a university dormitory, and he needs furnishings. Or someone has just moved into a new apartment and needs a compromise solution for the first time. There are a lot of situations, and you can do a good deed — while saving yourself from what you no longer like so much.

5 Participate in a SWAP meeting

Translated from English, «swap» means «to change», so the meaning of these parties is transparent. Look for announcements of such events in the usual posters of the city — the events are fashionable, so they often fall into them. The method is not suitable for large-sized furniture, but interior decorations, if they look good, should “disperse”. It’s nice that you can find something to your liking — it’s amazing what little things people sometimes have.

6 Take part in a city sale or flea market

The format of the event is similar to the previous one, but here you do not have to take something for yourself. (At a SWAP party, you don’t have to, but it’s good manners.) These can be larger venues where you can bring furniture — not the largest, but still. It is acceptable to both give away things for free and sell them — but do not overestimate them so as not to leave the sale with full hands.

7 Donate to a theater or art studio

Often, various creative associations need old furniture and decor — from classical theaters to private art studios. They can be used for scenery in productions, creating art compositions and the like. Items from the popular mass market are unlikely to come in handy, but something unusual, once made to order or brought from another country, will interest the creators. Appropriate announcements are sometimes published on the social networks of such establishments, but you can not wait for them. Contact the institution directly by phone or through the same social networks. Prepare a list and a photo of what you have in advance.