one A neat closet with things from different categories

It is difficult to arrange items from different categories in one closet, a feeling of chaos somehow appears. But not here — in different sections there were stocks of food, bottles of wine, cleaning products, household appliances and tools. The whole secret is in the various compartments, adjusted to the size of the stored things. For example, very small shelves are reserved for low baskets with little things, the ironing board is not on the floor, but in an ideal compartment. Thanks to this, there is no “air” above it, and a usable space appears below.

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2 Thoughtful storage system in a mini pantry

An alternative to closed cabinets are frame storage systems that can be placed, for example, in a pantry or dressing room. They have a little more space for different things. In this case, the floor-to-ceiling space is occupied by shelves with baskets, containers, as well as retractable baskets. Empty space is occupied by a vacuum cleaner and a beach umbrella — it would be difficult to fit them anywhere else. The upper mezzanine, as usual, with rarely used items — suitcases and travel bags. The next one is reserved for household supplies, they are also not needed every day. But in easy access there are signed boxes with tools, other household items, as well as baskets with towels and textiles. The wall on the side is not empty — a mop is suspended from it.

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3 Wardrobe niche with different types of storage

The top shelf of this cabinet is occupied by standard transparent containers (budget and one of the most convenient options) with various little things and objects. Unlike other storage systems, there is a bar for outerwear — sometimes in the off-season it is better to keep it that way than tightly folded in bags. In the space below, everything is simple: a large closed drawer with rarely used things, on it is an open one with those that are needed more often. The organizer on the door deserves special attention. Signed compartments are filled with different contents, and special latches are made to prevent too high objects from falling out. Several pairs of shoes are attached to the very bottom of the door.

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four Open storage system with household appliances and other things

Everything seems to fit in this spacious niche. In the large compartment there is a vacuum cleaner (it is possible to charge it here) and a stepladder. If necessary, something not very large can be hung from a free wall. On the right side of the cabinet, each box and electrical appliance has a separate shelf — it looks neat, and it is probably very convenient to use. On the left, several shelves are reserved for supplies and small items in signed containers.

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5 Compact cabinet with items by category

There are no vacuum cleaners and mops in this compartment of the utility closet, but there are a lot of various items and tools. For their organization, they chose not ordinary plastic containers, but more stylish baskets of two types. And the main principle was the division into categories: in one place there were only wires, in another — a supply of napkins for cleaning, in the third — garden accessories and tools. If necessary, this type of storage can be optimized by making the distances between the shelves smaller and adding 1-2 extra ones.

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6 Very small closet with everything you need

In this closet, mainly tools and accessories for putting things in order. Therefore, it was important to divide them into subcategories: this is how containers appeared separately for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, etc. The containers themselves are quite simple, and the shelves are probably hand-made — which means that you can arrange convenient storage without high costs and custom-made cabinets. The space below is traditionally occupied by large household appliances. An ironing board and a compartment for packages are fixed on the walls.

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7 Perfect storage on shelves in a niche

It is necessary to carefully store not only cleaning products, stocks, seasonal items. Smaller items sometimes require no less careful approach to their organization. So, in the example in the photo, translucent containers of various sizes with batteries, receipts, games, stationery and much more were placed on the shelves, which is often randomly scattered in drawers throughout the house. A trolley was also placed in this utility closet — so it does not create a visual mess in the room, but it can be easily rolled out if necessary. And the traditional solution is a vertical vacuum cleaner suspended from the wall. In this case, it was placed atypically high.

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