In recent years, the number of prefabricated structures has increased more and more. They are used not only for cottages, but also for permanent residence. Unlike houses built of bricks or blocks, these structures are distinguished by their ease and speed of construction.

It is important to follow the technology of building frame houses, which was developed by Canadian and Scandinavian specialists. In the southern and central regions of the Russian Federation, Canadian technology is used, and in the northern regions it is best to use Finnish technology.

It is the chosen technology that influences the choice of material needed to build a pie of floors and wall openings.

Anyone, even without any special skills, can build a frame house with their own hands. How to do this in stages, you can from our article.

Brief content of the article:

We prepare and mark the site for construction

Before the construction of frame houses begins, it is worth preparing the site on which it will be built. First, you should clear the area of ​​bushes and trees growing on it, as well as remove debris, stones, grass. If the area is uneven, it is recommended to level it. To do this, cutting the hills and pouring the soil into the pits is carried out.

Before the start of construction work, it is necessary to decide on the project of a frame house. Next, the builder marks the area for the foundation. To transfer data from the developed project to nature, mark the external dimensions of the house. To do this, use wooden pegs, driving them into the ground. They also help mark the internal walls of the building.

At this point, you should follow the strict consistency of the corners. These precautions are very important for the harmony and integrity of the structure.


Usually, two floors are erected at frame houses, so the buildings do not require a massive foundation. It is enough for such a construction of a strip, columnar foundation, assembled from concrete blocks.

The purpose of such a framework is to ensure the rigidity of the frame in space. Therefore, reliable and durable reinforcement is laid inside the strip foundation, and the maintenance of the columnar base is unthinkable without the use of a wooden or concrete grillage.

Frame installation

When building frame houses, structures made of wood or metal are used. It is worth knowing that the use of the latter presents certain difficulties, so it is better for non-professional builders to use wooden materials. Among other things, metal is much more expensive than wood, which affects the increase in costs when building a structure from a frame.

An oak frame is suitable for construction, but other types of trees are sometimes used. For timber, it is necessary to take high-quality wood with a cross section of 150×150 mm. Connect the corners should be tight, for this use the thorn-groove technique.

Important. It is undesirable to use metal joints, as wood decay occurs in contact with metal materials. Over time, these fasteners loosen, which will lead to loosening of the house.

In order for the fastening to be reliable and durable, it is necessary to use wooden dowels. These measures will help to operate frame structures for a long time.

It is necessary to unfasten the frame with braces, which will contribute to the rigidity of the structure. The technology of such buildings provides for the installation of 3 braces. Their manufacture must be carried out from materials similar to racks.

Next, the house is sheathed with boards or lining. It is recommended to nail the materials loosely, since during the first year of operation they may swell and dry out.

Floor installation

Before laying the floor, a wooden beam should be laid, placed along the walls and treated with antiseptic solutions. Roofing material is spread under the timber.

The timber is fastened with the help of anchor bolts located at a distance of 2 meters from each other. In particular, you should carefully monitor the setting of the corners, so at this time you can not do without a level.

The lag is mounted, and then the floor is laid from cheap edged boards. It is imperative to use heaters, placing them between the lags, after which the installation of floorboards is carried out.


The construction of the walls is carried out after the floor is made. Experts advise their manufacture to be carried out in sections. Their assembly is carried out on dry surfaces from a bar, the length of which is equal in height to the future room.

Installation of internal partitions

Following the step-by-step instructions, then the installation of internal partitions is carried out. According to the assembly principle, they do not differ from the installation of load-bearing walls, but with a smaller thickness.

Installation of window openings

Usually, when determining the design of a frame house, it is necessary to choose where the window and door openings will be located. If you intend to live in the house all year round, then it is better to use double-glazed windows with double glazing.

We cover the roof

One of the main parts of the structure is the roof. It is worth covering the building only with high-quality materials. Now the construction market offers a large number of roofing materials, insulation and waterproofing materials that you can buy according to your financial capabilities.

House insulation

The frame house is insulated depending on the role it plays in the future. If permanent residence is expected in it, then it should be thoroughly insulated. Thermal insulation materials are placed between the timber, and then covered with boards.

The choice of thermal insulation and finishing material is carried out depending on the climatic conditions in which the future owner lives.

For example, modern builders recommend using expanded polystyrene for insulation, as it can protect against wind better than wood or brick.

After the frame house is erected, finishing work is carried out with the installation of the necessary plumbing and various communications.

Structural Benefits

Solving the problem of obtaining a dwelling with comfort and economic benefits. Why is it worth choosing such designs?

This question often arises among those who decide to build them with their own hands. Experts say that these buildings are different:

  • economic price;
  • the possibility of using lightweight types of fundamentals;
  • quickly erected;
  • the design has a low thermal conductivity, so you can heat the house at a lower cost;
  • excellent soundproofing properties;
  • it is possible to place communications in the walls, which has a positive effect on the presentable appearance of the room;
  • only environmentally friendly materials are used;
  • finishing is carried out immediately after construction.

There are so many advantages to frame houses, which has led to an increase in their use in recent years. If you decide to build a frame house, then you can use photos and videos. If you do not feel the strength in yourself, then use the help of specialists.

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