A modern country house cannot be imagined without a good garage. If earlier a place for one car was planned, now they are trying to build with the expectation of at least two vehicles. The required dimensions of a garage in a private house are designed taking into account the long term. Prudent hosts take into account places for guests’ cars.

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The most optimal solution

Not so long ago it was customary to build a garage separate from the house. This was done mainly for environmental reasons. Modern technologies make it possible to build a garage into the construction of residential premises in compliance with all environmental requirements.

At the planning stage of a private house with a garage, it is necessary to determine the exact location that will provide the maximum degree of convenience. A parking lot can be planned directly under the house, but then a significant part of the ground floor space will be occupied.

It is possible to use the basement or semi-basement option. In this case, the garage space is located below ground level and additional drainage will have to be done. Rainwater must not enter the lower rooms.

Side extension

If you don’t want to give the space of the first floor for parking for a car, and you can’t dig a foundation pit of a sufficient size, then there is a variant of a side extension. Such a garage can be located on either side of the house and attached to the side. There will be only one common wall with the residential area.

Such a building will help expand the area of ​​u200bu200bthe house. From above it is convenient to place a summer veranda or balcony. There are a lot of similar solutions, and after studying the photos of garages in a private house, you can find the most optimal solution for yourself.

architectural features

Modern private buildings require high-quality architectural ideas, so the design of a private house with a garage must be worked out with great care. Combining two types of different buildings in one building is not an easy task.

The garage should organically fit into the architecture of your house and not become a “false tooth” in an elegant design solution. Ideally, there will be an option when your house is not too conspicuous and does not stand out from the general style of the surrounding buildings.

Initial construction stage

The best thing to do is trust the experts. It is better to order the entire complex of works from one contractor. Be sure to plan the construction of all additional extensions before starting work. When designing, it is important to consider what will be the entrance to the house and the entrance to the garage. A lot will depend on the convenient location of the entrance in the future.

The gates should not close the roadway, and in winter you should not start the working day by clearing the passage for the car. All this must be taken into account in advance.

If you plan to supply additional electronic equipment and automation, inform the builders in advance. Some types of garage equipment require additional design work.

What you need to pay special attention to

In our life, everything should be as convenient and comfortable as possible for living, and any construction should begin with thinking through all the little things. It is advisable to make the entrance to the garage room only from the living quarters. In this case, you will additionally protect yourself from intruders.

It will not be superfluous to put video surveillance with the ability to control in real time. Over a morning cup of coffee, you can see the condition of the adjacent road. This is especially important in winter when there is a lot of snow.

If you do not plan to live outside the city permanently, then you can provide a separate entrance to the garage. It is more expedient to make it in the side load-bearing wall, and not in the garage door, as is customary in most cases.

Size always matters

The minimum parking area for one car is approximately four by six meters. The smaller space will make it difficult to fully open the car doors and will not allow you to place additional garage equipment and fixtures. For two or more vehicles, the size must be increased accordingly.

Once I happened to see a garage box measuring four and a half by seven meters, which fit four Soviet cars. Parking all this equipment was akin to a trick in the circus. But in Soviet times they did not do that. Now there is no special need for this and you can plan the necessary space in advance, taking into account all possible prospects.

wall decoration

It is most convenient to plaster the walls for painting. The color of the walls can be changed at any time, this will create the illusion of novelty. As well as in residential premises, the interiors of utility rooms are customary to change. If the budget allows, finish the walls at least two-thirds of the floor with light-colored tiles. It is easy enough to clean it of dirt.

The color of the walls must be executed in light colors. It is desirable to cover the floor with a special coating used in such rooms.

Entry must be convenient.

Convenient access to the house is, without exaggeration, of key importance, especially if your home is located close to the roadway.

Check-in to the garage should not interfere with the movement of vehicles. The most convenient option is automatic garage doors that open remotely.

How best to organize entry

The type of gate should be given increased attention. The most common — swing. They open outward and require additional space when opened. When choosing a place for a house, this must be taken into account.

Equally important is the height of the garage door in a private house. The space between the roof of the entering car and the top of the garage opening should be with a margin in case of unforeseen situations.

For example, you did not expect to enter the garage with a trunk, but forgot to remove it. In this case, most likely you will damage the car at the entrance.

Types of garage doors

Swing. Traditional option. These are rather bulky structures that can be supplemented with an automatic opening device. In this case, even a fragile woman can open the massive gate;

Sectional. The most acceptable solution. The gate consists of separate sections that rise to the top of the garage. They take up little space when opened. As a rule, such gates are made of special sandwich panels. The design is very light and does not require a powerful electric motor to open;

Lifting and turning. They consist of one continuous section and completely block the entrance to the garage. Such gates occupy a certain part of the garage space. This must be taken into account when parking a car. It should not be placed too close to the gate.

The undeniable advantage is the relative ease of installation. In this design, you can provide an additional entrance to the garage. Just the case when you need to enter without opening the gate completely;

Roll. The cheapest and most reliable option. Several sections with a flexible connection are wound on a drum located at the top of the garage. This option is most often equipped with a remote control device. The entrance will be open exactly at the moment when you drive up to the house.

Optional equipment

A modern garage can no longer do without a standard set of equipment for everyday car maintenance. Now it’s not just a parking lot. Here you can place a home workshop. It’s always nice to make something with your own hands.

Even if you are not a professional car mechanic, it would be useful to build a viewing hole or install a lift. Then a trip to the service for a simple oil change procedure will not take a whole day, and car maintenance on your own will only be a joy.

Some Helpful Tips

It should be borne in mind that the construction of a garage in a private house requires certain costs and timely elaboration of all the details. Building with a good garage will cost how much more. But you, of course, will appreciate the advantages of such a solution very soon. Alterations after construction is not the best option.

Do not put off questions related to additional garage equipment for later. It is very important to determine in advance the most optimal entry option and the type of garage door. If the size of the plot allows, plan a couple more places for guests’ cars on the lawn near the house.

Photo of a garage in a private house