Actively preparing for the cold and afraid to miss something? Watch our video!

one Do seasonal cleaning

Before making changes to the interior, it is necessary to free up space, give the apartment more “air”. Start by washing the windows — in early September it is still easy to do, and all the summer dust can be washed away. Don’t forget window sills! From the open windows they get everything that is in the air. The advice is especially urgent for residents of the lower floors and those who do not have air conditioning. For more freshness, wash tulle and curtains.


2 Take care of decluttering and changing seasonal things

Parsing old things gives a feeling of freedom. You can overestimate summer clothes that have served the last season, summer shoes, things for outdoor recreation. Seasonal things are best folded neatly and put away until next year. You can use special boxes, bags, containers for their storage — they come in different sizes, allowing you to sort clothes by type. Before cleaning things, it is better to wash and steam them, so that later they will be like new. You can place packed containers on not the most convenient top shelves of cabinets, in the space under the bed (even a bed without a lifting mechanism can be adapted!), In places freed up after decluttering, closed cabinets on the balcony.

Of course, sort out non-seasonal non-clothing items that may have been taking up space in drawers for years.


3 Prepare the hallway for the slush

Free up space and hangers for outerwear in the entrance group or on the edge of the closet if it hangs there. You also need to try to free a shelf for shoes or a shoe rack — autumn-winter shoes are larger. Consider replacing your entry mat so that it absorbs dirt and keeps it out. To store shoes that are wet after the street, you can buy special pallets. It is good to equip an assistant basket near the entrance, in which brushes, sponges, creams, water-repellent sprays, shoe wipes will be stored, so that you can quickly put it in order before leaving the house.


four Prepare windows

Usually plastic windows need to be adjusted before the cold weather, although not everyone knows about it. You are not one of them! In addition, eliminate possible malfunctions in the windows, seal the gaps, if any, so that the chilly wind does not interfere with warming at home.


5 Come up with new lighting scenarios

Autumn is a gloomy time, and it’s about to start getting dark as early as 6 pm. Have you ever wanted to add lighting to your living room? Need a small light bulb for comfortable reading in bed? Haven’t made the lighting for the kitchen over the summer? September is the time to do this, so that in the deep November evenings you like to read and cook. It is not necessary to change the chandeliers at all. Consider floor lamps, wall sconces, bedside lamps, and even nightlights. Or maybe it is worth replacing the light bulbs with warm light?


6 Add new details to the interior

You can complete the autumn preparations with the most pleasant — shopping. Remember: you just threw away unnecessary things! Here’s what you might need.

  • New textiles. Sofa cushions, bedspread, curtains in autumn colors. And since there is more than a month before the heating season, a new downy warm blanket will not hurt, which you will remember again in severe frosts.
  • Something you’ve been wanting to update for a long time. Small furniture and decorative elements can get boring — do not compromise and create the perfect space around you. Especially if you continue to work from home.
  • Storage accessories. You can deal with this issue a little earlier — before the stages of decluttering and changing seasonal clothes. But a few baskets and containers in stock will not hurt.