The video showed options for storing inventory and cleaning products

And now we tell in more detail and show more ideas.

one In a separate cabinet

Ideally, if you manage to allocate a separate closet-pantry for all funds and inventory. There it will be possible to place all household chemicals, and a vacuum cleaner with a mop and a bucket, and various consumables like sponges and rags.

To save space
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To save space, it is advisable to think over the filling of such a cabinet yourself, that is, choose the number of shelves, their height. Mops can be hung on partitions or frames, and the vacuum cleaner can be placed. In such a utility pantry it will also be convenient to store tools or leftover building materials.

2 Under the sink

Perhaps the most common place to store household chemicals is in the closet under the sink in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Here it is important to take into account several points.

First, safety.  If k...
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First, safety. If you have small children and animals, and the closet is not locked, it is better to abandon this idea and remove household chemicals higher, from where only an adult can get them. Secondly, only small inventory will fit in the closet under the sink, but high mops or a vacuum cleaner will have to be stored elsewhere.

3 Above the washing machine

Place for washing machine in...
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A place for a washing machine in the bathroom, if it is not built under the sink, needs to be taken to good use. For example, mount several shelves that will take cleaning products, towels and other household items.

four On the wall

If you have an empty wall that is not visible, for example, behind the door, hang shelves on it and place all the cleaning products there.

Hooks can be attached nearby &...
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Nearby, you can attach hooks for storing mops or brooms. Such an empty area on the wall can be found in the pantry or in the corner where you have a washing machine. It is advisable to find a place so that it is not visible.

5 On the door

Storage of cleaning products can be organized on the door of a kitchen or bathroom cabinet, or on an interior door that leads to the same pantry or dressing room-utility unit.

Fits on a small door
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Something small and light will fit on a small door; full bottles of household chemicals should not be placed in such a way that the door closes easily and does not fly off its hinges.

But on the inside of the interior door or the door to the pantry, you can place inventory: brushes, mops.

Here, for example, for this produ...
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Here, for example, a metal mesh with hooks was thought out for this, to which all objects are attached.

6 On a mobile trolley

The mobile trolley is convenient...
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A mobile cart is convenient, as you can carry it with you around the apartment during the cleaning process and immediately have everything at hand. And on days when cleaning is not needed, put it in any empty corner. Similar carts are easy to find in IKEA, for example, the well-known model «Roskug».

7 In a laundry closet

The reason to think over a separate (albeit very small) utility room is also necessary because it is convenient to place a washing machine and dryer there. The second one is often neglected, although it solves many problems with bulky dryers and makes life easier.

By the way, washer and dryer...
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By the way, according to the rules, the washing machine and dryer can also be installed in the corridor. And next to it — place a locker for all cleaning products, even a narrow vertical one. This will fit both bottles and mops, if you think about the height of the shelves.

eight In a portable box

If you're not a fan of...
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If you’re not a fan of cleaning supplies and only keep a few essentials, you don’t need a large closet. But the box, where it is convenient to put everything you need, will come in handy. It is also convenient to carry around while cleaning.

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