one Towels

Bath towels are recommended to be washed once or twice a week. It depends on the humidity in the bathroom: the more damp, the more often the wash. The fact is that wet textiles quickly develop bacteria that can affect the health of your skin. Their companion is an unpleasant smell. If it appears ahead of time, then it is worth washing textiles more often.

Kitchen towels and hand textiles are recommended to be washed daily, as they are usually used actively.

Towels are best washed without fabric softener, or at least not added to each wash. The product softens textiles, but at the same time reduces the absorbency of the fabric. This is especially true for terry towels.


The video showed how to compactly store home textiles after washing.

2 Shower curtain

The curtain must be washed at least once a month. It collects a lot of plaque, especially if you have hard water, as well as some dirt that did not wash off after taking a shower. The cleaning method differs depending on the material from which the curtain is sewn: a fabric curtain can be machine washed, while a vinyl model is best cleaned with a brush by hand.

3 Bed sheets

Change bed linen, as well as wash it, it is necessary at least once every two weeks. If you sweat a lot, don’t shower before bed, like to snack on the bed, or sleep with pets, then you need to change your bed more often. The same applies to people with allergies or asthma, as well as seasonal colds.

Textiles collect a lot of dust. Do not forget about tiny dust mites that feed on particles of the human epidermis. Therefore, you need to wash your clothes regularly to prevent their reproduction.

If you sweat a lot, it is better not to put the bed linen in the basket, but to wash it immediately. After some time, sweat will appear on the fabric in yellow spots. Getting them out will be difficult.


four Pajamas

Washing pajamas is a rather controversial issue, as it can be classified as underwear, which is washed after each wear. It all depends on how you use it. If you wear pajamas on your naked body, spend the whole day in them and apply creams, oils and self-tanner before going to bed, then you need to wash them every day. If you put on pajamas on linen, sleep in it only at night, go to the shower before going to bed, then it is wiser to put it in the wash after 3-4 socks.

You need to understand that these terms are only recommendations. Not everyone has seven pajamas for every day of the week. But still, try to wash your sleepwear regularly: dirty pajamas can cause skin problems, irritations, and even an unpleasant odor.

5 bras

Do not wash your bra after every wear. From this, he will quickly lose his shape and beautiful appearance. This must be done after 4-5 socks. Professional brafitters recommend having several basic models and not wearing the same bust for several days in a row. In this mode, the linen quickly stretches and does not have time to restore its shape, so it wears out much faster.


6 Jeans

Jeans are not recommended to be washed often, otherwise the dense fabric will lose its shape and last much less. The optimal interval between treatments is 5-7 socks. To keep things in their original condition, turn them inside out and wash them in cold water. If your machine has a special mode, then use it. It is also worth buying a denim detergent in the store.


7 Shirts and blouses

They, like T-shirts, are recommended to be washed after each wear. However, if you wore a shirt over a T-shirt, you can wash it after two wearings.

Be careful with white fabrics: if you sweat, for example, in transport, then it is better to wash things immediately after one wear. If you leave clothes in the laundry basket, the sweat will appear as yellow streaks. Things will serve you much less.

eight Sweaters

If the product is made of cotton, washing is required after 2-3 wearings. Acrylic sweaters are recommended to be washed once a week, provided that you have been actively wearing them.