The place where food is prepared must always be clean. This rule is not so easy to follow when it comes to a gas stove. It is quite difficult to take care of her. The hostess has to spend a lot of time and effort to wash everything after cooking every time. This process can be greatly facilitated. We will figure out how to clean the grate and other elements of the gas stove from dirt quickly and easily.

All about how to clean a gas stove

What can be washed
Cleaning rules
Sequence of work
— clean the grate
– Burners
— Pens
— cooking surface
— Oven

How to clean a gas stove from grease

Some housewives are sure that the stove can only be cleaned with strong chemicals. Perhaps the «chemistry» cleans quickly and effectively, but at the same time it causes serious harm. Alkalis and acids, even in the smallest quantities, are not useful for the human body. In addition, they are easy to ruin the surface if you do not act according to the instructions.

It must be admitted that in some cases chemicals are indispensable. But you need to start with gentle methods and less aggressive substances. We list simple, but effective ways, how and how to clean a gas stove.

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Contains ammonia, which dissolves various contaminants well. For cleaning, ammonia is applied to the right place with a sponge and left for several hours so that the substance dissolves the dirt. After that, rinse the surface. An important point. Ammonia has a very unpleasant pungent odor. Work with him only in a mask in a room with good ventilation. If possible, it is better to open the windows wide open. For the duration of processing, it is best to put the item in a sealed plastic bag, tie it.

Baking soda or soda ash

For effective cleaning, the powder is applied to a damp sponge and wiped with it. An important point. In this version, soda «works» as an abrasive, so you should not use it on glossy finishes. Soda gruel is used to remove old contaminants. About half a glass of soda, or more if the area is large, is mixed with a few tablespoons of water. Stir vigorously. The resulting mass is evenly distributed over the base. Leave for two to three hours, then wash off.


table vinegar

Fresh dirt is best cleaned with vinegar. But if she managed to eat, they act in a slightly different way. Vinegar is diluted in half with water. The liquid is poured into a spray bottle, sprayed over the surface to be cleaned. Sprinkle a thin layer of soda powder on top. Waiting for the chemical reaction to take place. The powder will actively foam. After 30 minutes, the base is washed, wiped dry with a cloth.

Laundry soap

For washing, choose varieties with the highest concentration of fatty acids, 72%, and sometimes 76%. In addition, laundry soap contains a large amount of alkali. The combination of these substances is able to wash away the dirt. A soapy solution is used, consisting of a grated quarter of a bar and 5 liters of boiling water. Parts are soaked in it for several hours. A cleaning paste is also made: 50 g of soap chips are diluted with boiling water to a pasty state, 40 g of soda ash and 100 g of table vinegar are added. Mix well, apply to contaminated areas, hold for several hours, rinse off.


Special Chemistry

There are many special cleaners available. When choosing them, you need to be very careful. So, abrasives will irreparably damage stainless steel or enamel. Acids are also not shown to them. For the hob, sparing universal preparations such as Frosch, Optima Synergetic, Green Love and others are chosen. To get rid of strong soot in the oven or on the grates, use compositions with strong alkalis such as Shumanit Extra Bagi, Mr. Chister, Gold Unicum. Any chemical preparation is used only according to the instructions. There is a high risk of damaging the coating.

Cleaning rules

Gas equipment is a source of potential danger. Therefore, it must be handled with care and be sure to follow the safety rules. Let’s list them.

  • The gas supply valve must be closed.
  • If the appliance is equipped with electric ignition or an electric oven, the power cord is removed from the socket.
  • If the device has been used recently, allow it to cool down. Cleaning a hot base with chemicals can be very dangerous.


Cleaning steps

Washing equipment starts from the top and gradually descends to the bottom. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to clean a gas stove.


The grate, on which pans and pots are placed during cooking, is always very dirty. It is made of steel or cast iron, there are enameled models. Depending on this, the processing method is selected. We list effective methods for cleaning the gas stove grate.

  • Moisten abundantly with ammonia, pack in a sealed bag. Leave for at least three hours, preferably overnight. Sponge, rinse, dry.
  • Apply soda. Leave for an hour, rinse. For heavy soiling, use a combination of vinegar and soda.
  • An effective way to clean cast iron grates on a gas stove is by calcining. They are heated over an open fire or in the oven. A container with water is placed at the bottom of the oven, a grate is placed on top. Ignite for at least 15 minutes. After processing, cold water should not be poured onto hot cast iron. You have to let it cool down.
  • A hot solution is prepared from laundry soap, the product is soaked for several hours. You can add soda ash and mustard powder to the liquid.

Stubborn soot is well removed with engine flushing fluid. True, after processing it is quite difficult to wash off. If the part fits in the dishwasher, you can wash it there. This method works on steel and enamel, but don’t use it to clean cast iron grates on a gas stove. Porous material from a long stay in a humid environment may become covered with rusty spots.


All removable parts are removed. Metal burners are often processed together with a grate. You can do otherwise. We offer two methods on how to clean the burners of a gas stove.

  • A glass of table vinegar and three glasses of water are mixed, heated. Soak the burner lids for 15-30 minutes. Wipe dirt, rinse.
  • Soak the products in a hot soapy solution, leave for an hour. Rub with a sponge, wash off dirt, rinse.

Do the same with burners. They also accumulate pollution. Especially carefully inspect the gas supply holes. If necessary, they must be cleaned.


The handles, if they are removable, are soaked and cleaned along with the burners. Some models do not remove them. There are ways to clean the non-removable handles of a gas stove.

  • Prepare a mixture of soda powder and table vinegar. Instead, you can take diluted citric acid or lemon juice. With the resulting mass, use a toothbrush to wipe the handles, leave for a while, rinse.
  • Take one part of any alcohol and one part of water, mix. With a toothbrush or cotton swab, the liquid is abundantly applied to the handles. After 20-30 minutes, rinse and wipe with a dry cloth.


She gets very dirty. This is fat that scatters when frying, foods that boil away and burn. To get rid of them, use soaking. The hob is filled with water, and preferably with an aqueous solution of any of these substances: citric acid, vinegar, ammonia or lemon juice. Leave for half an hour, then wash off. Effective treatment with soda slurry and a solution of laundry soap.

This method also works well. An acetic solution is applied to the surface. Then soda is poured. Give time for the chemical reaction to take place. After the powder stops bubbling and hissing, wait another 15-20 minutes and wash off.

Effective cleaning with a composition with silicate glue. In a container with a tight-fitting lid, put half a tablespoon of any washing powder and three tablespoons of soda ash. Add one and a half tablespoons of silicate glue. All shake well, the resulting paste is applied to the base. Leave for half an hour, wipe first with a wet rag, then dry with a soft cloth or felt.



The most difficult thing is to clean the stains from the drops of fat that have stuck to the walls. We list the most effective methods.

  • Pour 200 ml of ammonia into a baking sheet. Top up with water to the brim. Put in a cold oven for one to two hours. Wash the walls with soap, then rinse.
  • Mix baking soda and salt in equal proportions, dilute with water to a paste consistency. Apply it to the walls of the oven, leave overnight. Rinse in the morning and pat dry.
  • To clean the bottom and baking sheets, sprinkle a layer of salt on them, turn on the oven. Bring the temperature inside to 100 ° C, leave in this mode for half an hour. Let the equipment cool down, sweep away the salt along with soot.

Vinegar with soda powder or ammonia will help wash the glass. Any remedy is applied, left for 30-45 minutes, washed off.

We have listed gentle ways on how to clean a gas stove. If the pollution turned out to be too persistent, and they did not help, chemicals are used. All of them are very aggressive, contain strong alkalis or acids. They can only be used strictly according to the instructions with the use of protective equipment.