1. Hang things from left to right in descending order

One of the simplest rules for the rational storage of clothes on hangers is to hang them from left to right in descending order of length. This will make it easier to separate dresses from T-shirts, and jackets from shirts.

Storage from left to right

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Keep in mind that clothes on hangers take up more space than stacked clothes. But wrinkled things (dresses, shirts, T-shirts) are sometimes more rational to store in this way.

2. Structure things by type

Keep things from the same category next to each other: dresses with dresses, and jackets with jackets. Pay attention to materials and colors. Dark colors are best kept together and light colors on the other side. Such an arrangement will allow, firstly, at a glance to understand what is where, and secondly, it will help to understand the palette of your wardrobe.

Structuring things photo

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3. Put away seasonal items

Sort your wardrobe and free it from unnecessary seasonal items. So you free up the closet and storage systems for the current wardrobe and you do not have to rummage through the shelves for a long time to find the right thing. To save space, use our winter storage hacks.

Seasonal things photo

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4. Store things in stacks not horizontally, but vertically

Chances are you’ve never thought about it, but vertical stacking requires less space than horizontal stacking. This method was discovered by Japanese order and storage guru Marie Kondo. By the way, the same method helps not to disturb the order in the stack by pulling out one thing.

Stuff in photo stacks

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5. Don’t fill your shelves to capacity

90% fullness is considered ideal. If you are stacking thin fabrics such as silk or satin, you can fold them a little closer together to keep the stack in shape.

Don't fill the shelves to capacity

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6. Use boxes and dividers

These useful and affordable accessories will help you keep stacks in order and put several types of things on one shelf. This will make it easy to find the right thing and much easier to dust on the shelves — just lift the box or divider.

Dividers in the closet photo

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7. Mark the boxes

This will make it easier to find the right pair of shoes and the place where your favorite T-shirt is stored. Sign the box, stick on it a photo of the pair that is stored there (if it is shoes), or a schematic drawing. This precisely structures the things in your closet and helps you store them smarter.

Marks on photo boxes

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8. Don’t Forget Useful Accessories

It’s not just boxes and dividers that help keep things organized and make the most of your space. Hanging shelves, organizers with «pockets», special hangers for scarves or ties are useful accessories. By the way, they are much cheaper than you think — look for similar things on AliExpress.

photo accessories

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9. Use the space on the cabinet doors

Do not leave the back of the doors empty. There you can hang oversized, but necessary little things — slippers for guests or summer sandals, ties, scarves, hats — everything that will not prevent the door from closing.

Storage on the cabinet door

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10. Don’t give up on sliding mechanisms

Retractable shelves are much more ergonomic than conventional ones. Why? It is easier to reach far corners and use all the usable space. Don’t skimp on pull-out mechanisms for drawers, consider at least a few of these in your wardrobe.

Retractable mechanisms in the dressing room

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