Most housewives once face an unpleasant problem: when ironing, dirt is released from the iron, which spoils clothes. One of the reasons for this is salt deposits that accumulate inside the device. They may affect the operation of the device. We tell you how to clean the iron from scale inside to avoid these problems.

All about descaling your iron

Why it needs to be done
Self cleaning function
Folk ways
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Causes of scale formation

Often, the manufacturer’s instructions say that only distilled water can be poured into the iron’s container. Many do not pay attention to this recommendation, but in vain. Due to tap water, even if it has been filtered, scale builds up inside the appliance and in the holes in the soleplate. It consists of mineral deposits (calcium and magnesium salts). These substances effectively dissolve acids, so it is worth cleaning the device with products based on them.

You can understand that it is time to clean the device by the dirty water and rust that it began to release. If you have noticed more than once that the device gets things dirty, then you should carry out the cleaning procedure as soon as possible. The fact is that scale stains on some types of materials are almost impossible to remove. Plus, if you put off cleaning, you can ruin the device: the salts will simply clog the holes, the device will stop working. It will cost a lot to fix it, and buying a new one will cost even more. Therefore, it is better to clean in a timely manner. How and what to do, we will tell further.


Self cleaning function

Cleaning the iron from scale at home is very simple if it has a self-cleaning function. Therefore, before using any means, study in detail the instructions for your model. And also look at what is written on the case and control panel. Modern models are usually equipped with this function: the device itself is able to get rid of deposits. Also, some devices have a mode that monitors the amount of plaque inside: as soon as it becomes too large, it notifies the owner of this with a sound signal or a flashing light.

The instructions should detail how to use the self-cleaning mode. Usually this process looks like this, it is quite simple.

  • Fill the tank with water and warm up the device. In this state, the device must be held over any container, for example, a large bowl, basin, bucket, or simply over the sink. The device should be tilted with the narrow part of the sole down.
  • Then turn on the cleaning function. At this time, the liquid from the device, along with impurities, will flow out. After the end of the mode, rinse the tank with clean water.
  • Then dry the device with a towel or paper towels and let it cool down. Do not start ironing immediately after the procedure: the sole will be very hot and can damage things.

How to rinse the iron from scale in folk ways

You can clean the deposits inside the tank with improvised means, which are sure to be found in any kitchen.


Mix vinegar 9% and water in a 1:1 ratio. With the resulting solution, fill the container of the device by one third. Stand the iron upright and turn on the maximum heat. Leave it in this position for 5-10 minutes. At this time, the device will work in normal mode: periodically turn off, and then heat up again — this is normal, you should not interfere with this.

After the desired period of time, turn the device upside down over a sink or basin and turn on the steam mode by pressing the button. A rusty liquid will come out with the steam. Continue cleaning until there are no more drops on the soleplate.

Next, fill the tank with clean water, turn on the warm-up mode to the maximum. At this stage, it is necessary to get rid of the remnants of the cleaning solution. Repeat the procedure over the container again: turn the sole down, turn on the mode that releases steam. It is not necessary to empty the tank completely. Simply pour out the remaining water and dry the appliance with paper towels or towels.


Lemon acid

You can clean the iron from scale inside with citric acid. You will need a small bag of powder (do not take more than 25 g). It must be dissolved in a glass of clean and warm water. Stir the liquid thoroughly: grains and residue should disappear, and the contents of the glass should become completely transparent.

Pour the resulting solution into the tank, then heat the device to the maximum. Stand upright and leave for 5-10 minutes. Next, you need to repeat the procedure from the previous paragraph: tilt the device horizontally over a sink or other container, turn on the steam mode and let dirt and rust come out through the holes in the sole. Then pour plain water, heat again and release steam a couple of times to remove the remaining citric acid. After pour the contents of the tank into the sink and dry the case with a towel.


How to clean a steam iron from scale with store products

If folk methods did not work out or you do not want to use them, then you can buy a descaler for irons in the store. There are different options, the most famous types are listed below. Prices vary, so choose the one that suits your budget. It’s a good idea to read other people’s reviews before buying: it’s possible that cheaper drugs do a lot better than expensive ones.


This is one of the most popular products that can be found in almost any hardware store. It must be used in the following way: pour water into the tank of the device, then heat it up by selecting the operating mode with the highest temperature. When the sole is hot, it is worth putting a pencil on it, then wait until the composition begins to melt. Then you should often press the steam release button. Thus, the holes of the device and its surface will gradually be cleaned of the agent itself, along with dirt and plaque.


In use, this remedy is similar to vinegar or citric acid. It is necessary to take the drug and dilute it in clean water. The proportion is as follows: 1/2 tablespoon of powder to 1 cup of liquid. The finished solution is poured into the container of the device, the iron is heated to the maximum temperature. Then you need to let it cool down. As soon as the sole becomes cold, the used solution is poured out of the tank and rinsed with clean water.

Liquid products

As a rule, you can also clean the iron-steam generator from scale with liquid products that are specifically designed to remove deposits in teapots and coffee makers. The cleaning scheme is already familiar: it is necessary to heat the iron to the maximum temperature by placing it vertically. Then take a pipette or syringe and carefully pour the drug into the reservoir. Then turn on the steam mode. You will see how drops with rust and dirt gradually appear on the sole. They should be wiped off with napkins or allowed to drain into a sink or other container.

Then you need to fill the tank with clean water, use the steam function again to completely remove the chemical. Then pour out the water, rinse the tank under running water and wipe dry.