The video lists tips for designing a practical bathroom interior

one Use light colors

If you want to make cleaning your bathroom easier, use light-colored finishes and fixtures. The fact is that stains from water and detergents on a dark background are more visible. To wash such a surface to an ideal state, you will need to spend much more time and effort than on a light one.

2 Avoid rough surfaces

Embossed tiles or panels that mimic uneven textures complicate cleaning, although they look beautiful. A water stone is hammered into all the recesses, and then it needs to be cleaned out for a long time and carefully. In addition, it is more difficult to erase stains from detergents from such surfaces. Dust also accumulates in relief tiles. The issue of cleaning is much easier to solve with smooth smooth surfaces — you just need to wipe them with a rag.


3 Use a neutral grout

Such a small detail as tile joints also matters when cleaning. The main dirt accumulates in these recesses, and how long you clean the bathroom depends on the color of the grout. Dark or bright colored seams instantly expose all stains and plaque. To wash such a grout to an ideal state, you will have to make an effort. Snow-white tile joints are also not the best option, since, on the contrary, they form a yellow coating from the stone, and the interior does not look so neat anymore. It is best to choose light neutral shades, such as gray or beige.

four Choose durable materials

Acrylic bathtubs are not suitable for cleaning products with abrasive particles or caustic compounds and hard sponges. Therefore, to clean it, you will have a limited arsenal of household chemicals and accessories. If you want to clean up faster and by any means, put a cast-iron bath instead of acrylic — it is much less capricious to care for. In wall decoration, you should adhere to the same principle and abandon thin wallpaper or paint in favor of tiles or porcelain stoneware. Ceramics last much longer and can be cleaned with a variety of products using coarser brushes.


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5 Install a screen or curtain

It is best if the bathtub is separated from the rest of the bathroom not by a synthetic curtain, but by a glass screen. The canvas itself can become a source of dirt and even fungus, but glass is not (plus it is easy to clean). It will protect the rest of the space from splashes and water deposits while you take a shower. If there is no way to put a glass screen, use a regular curtain, but make sure that it dries completely and is not constantly wet.

6 Use hanging structures

If it is possible to install a wall-mounted sink or toilet with an installation, do it. Such plumbing will greatly facilitate the cleaning of surfaces, especially the floor. In addition, the wall-hung toilet does not have a cistern, so you do not have to spend time cleaning it. The sink will also free up access to the wall that is behind it, and it will be easier to maintain order there.