The most spacious closets usually lack storage space. Many housewives will agree with this. The problem is that not everyone knows how to properly organize space, pack things compactly. There are many authoring techniques, for example, the Marie Kondo system, that help to do this. We will figure out how to fold towels beautifully and place them compactly in the closet.

All about how to fold towels and store them properly

Five ways to fold textiles
— Quick
– Classic
— French
— Like spas
— According to the Konmari method
Where and how to store
Helpful Hints

The video clearly showed several ways to fold towels and options for storing them. See if there is no time to read the article!

How to fold towels

Before placing the textile in the closet, it must be carefully folded. This can be done in different ways. It is important to choose the right one for yourself. It would be a mistake to think that this determines only the appearance of the shelves. It also depends on how exactly the laundry is folded, how many sets will fit into the allotted space and how convenient it will be to get them. Let’s get acquainted with several ways how to fold towels beautifully. With the first three, almost identical piles are obtained. Choose the one that you like more.

1. Fast way

A distinctive feature of this method is the work «on weight». That is, textiles do not need to be laid out on a horizontal surface, they are simply pressed with their hands. The first time you may not succeed, but do not be upset. Each time it will be better and more accurate. Let’s analyze the process step by step.

  1. We take textiles.
  2. Fold it in half in width, straighten it. Let’s bring it closer.
  3. Mentally divide the resulting fold line into three parts.
  4. We bring the edges one to the other so that it folds in three.
  5. Align the edges. We got a long rectangle.
  6. Fold the rectangular piece in half.
  7. We press the fabric to the knee, with our hand we outline the middle.
  8. Once again, fold in half, straighten.

You can lay textiles a little differently. Then the second time they do not fold in half. The resulting long rectangle can be twisted into a roll. Both options are good for horizontal and vertical storage.

2. Classic

The technique is very simple, but gives a good result. Neat convolutions are obtained, which are compactly stacked in a pile. We offer step by step instructions.

  1. Lay out the towel on a flat surface. We straighten all the folds.

  2. We lay it three times in length.
  3. At the resulting fabric strip, we visually outline a line in the middle.
  4. Alternately apply the edges to it.
  5. We fold the product in half.

This method is especially good for bath textiles of large sizes. It folds easily into compact bundles.

3. French

Housewives like it because the edges of the panels, which often look unattractive, are hidden inside the bundle. Therefore, stacks of not even the newest linen look neat. The sequence of actions is as follows.

  1. We lay out the canvas on a horizontal surface, smooth it with our hands. There should be no wrinkles or creases.
  2. Mentally mark the middle of the strip along the length. We attach the edges to it, straighten it.
  3. Visually outline the middle line in width. Alternately put the edges on it, straighten it.
  4. The resulting «envelope» is folded in half. This may be enough for small kitchen textiles. For large bath sheets, the next step is necessary.
  5. We fold the part in three.

Canvases folded in this way can be stacked vertically or horizontally. It all depends on the chosen storage system.

4. American (or spa method)

The fabric is folded into a tight roller. It may seem unusual, but very convenient. Textile does not wrinkle, looks attractive, easy to store. We offer instructions on how to fold a towel into a roll.

  1. We lay out the textile strip on the surface, align all the creases and folds.
  2. We start one of the corners to the opposite side. We fix the material.
  3. Fold the strip in half lengthwise.
  4. Turn the canvas over, fold it in half.
  5. Starting from the straight end, we turn the roller, moving to a sharp corner.

The roll must be quite dense, otherwise it will fall apart. Therefore, the material is slightly tightened in the process of twisting. The edge of the material is tucked inside the roller so that it holds its shape.

5. Konmari technique

Marie Kondo, a well-known specialist in organizing everyday life, advises storing textile accessories vertically. To do this, they are placed in baskets or boxes. This is convenient because it allows you to save free space and view all the laundry on the shelf, because the piles no longer block one another. We tell you how to fold towels according to the Marie Kondo system.

  1. We lay out the canvas on a flat surface, straighten all the creases and folds.
  2. Fold in half lengthwise to make a narrow strip.
  3. We turn the part in half across, straighten it.
  4. The resulting rectangle is folded three times.

Similarly, we fold all the textiles, put the resulting bundles in a basket or box. Konmari advises sorting them by color, for example, from light to dark. So the filled box will look nice and neat.

Where and how to store home textiles

Carefully roll up the panels a little. They need to be properly placed on the shelves. So that they take up a minimum of space and at the same time are accessible. We offer several options for how to compactly fold towels in the closet.

  • On a low and shallow shelf. Here you can lay out the laundry in two or three piles, how much will go in from wall to wall. Vertical storage can also be arranged. Then the products are displayed in one row.
  • Low deep shelf. On these it is best to store kits vertically. If dimensions allow, then in two rows. The canvases need to be folded in any way you like and placed in rows so that they seem to lean a little on each other. Don’t put it too tight. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get the right thing, and then you have to correct the entire system.
  • High and deep shelf. It will be correct to use organizers, so it will be possible to completely fill the space. If they are not available, large boxes, for example from under shoes, will do. Experts advise such a life hack. The kits are folded both in the box and in its lid. Then they put them on top of each other. So the number of impromptu organizers doubles. The number of two or even three-story structures is limited only by the size of the shelf.

For a chest of drawers, such a system is not suitable. His drawers are not big enough. Therefore, here the best option is considered to be laying rolls. An organizer with a vertical arrangement can be convenient. By pulling it out, you can see every thing. Getting it is also not difficult.

A little about where it is best to store textile accessories. The best choice is separate sections in the closet, apart from other things. In the bathroom or in the kitchen, only those copies that are currently in use are left. This will save the hostess from many problems. Natural fabrics, namely, products are made from them, are very sensitive to moisture and odors.

The bathroom is always humid, here they will inevitably absorb water. In a folded wet canvas, mold and fungi start up. It is difficult to get rid of them, especially if the problem is not immediately noticed. Unpleasant smell and non-removable stains on the material often cause the replacement of textile kits. In the kitchen there is a risk of foreign, often not the most pleasant aroma and stains.

Small towels for the face or feet are sometimes kept in the bathroom. It is advisable to keep them in closed cabinets, but it is possible in open niches or shelves. In the latter case, it is important how beautifully folded towels in the bathroom. Any of the five methods already described will do. It is good if the products are laid out by color and size. It looks neat and tidy.


Helpful Hints

There are simple storage rules that must be observed.

  • Only clean, well-dried products are put in the closet. Wash things as you use them. So, on average, bath accessories are washed after five or six uses, kitchen towels are changed two or three times a week, and so on.
  • It is best to wash terry cloth with a liquid detergent. Plastic balls are placed in the drum of the washing machine. This washing gives the product softness. The constant use of conditioning preparations adversely affects the absorbent properties. It is better to rinse products in salt water.
  • To prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor, you can regularly ventilate and control the humidity level. Inside the stacks, you can put sachets with natural or artificial flavors.

We shared life hacks on how to fold towels and how to properly store them. This will not require a significant investment of time and effort, but the result will be noticeable immediately. Neat and beautiful shelves in cabinets will always delight the hostess and household with their appearance. And properly laid out things will not lose their attractive appearance.