Spiders in the apartment are an unpleasant phenomenon, but most often harmless. If you live in a temperate area, you probably don’t need to worry about them. All they can do is scare a little and cause hostility. But you should not put up with them, since most often insects signal that other pests have wound up nearby. Therefore, we tell you how to get rid of spiders in the country, in a private house or apartment.

All about dealing with spiders at home

Reasons for the appearance
What to do if you notice an insect
— Normal
— poisonous
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Folk ways

Reasons for the appearance

The appearance of insects in your living space can depend on several factors. We list the most popular reasons.

  • The house is too warm. Many insects, and spiders are no exception, with the onset of the cold season, are looking for a warm place for wintering: they crawl into cracks, windows, different corners, and this is how they get into apartments. And the warm indoor environment makes them stay in it for a long time.
  • You have high humidity. This is another reason that may attract them. This is especially true for rooms where it is very often humid, which is why insects live in bathrooms, kitchens, baths and boiler rooms. And if it is also warm in this place, then they will definitely linger there.

  • You don’t keep clean. Dirt in the room, garbage, food leftovers — all this attracts various midges, flies, cockroaches and other living creatures. They are a delicacy for arthropods, so spiders live where it is easier to hunt.
  • Lots of food in the room. This is an indirect reason why arthropods enter your home. If you leave crumbs on the table, do not put food in containers and the refrigerator, throw open packs on the shelves, then most likely they will be interested in various pests that spiders feed on. By the way, according to the latter, you can detect flies and cockroaches: if you notice a web and its owners at home, it means that other insects that are being hunted live somewhere in the apartment.


What to do if you notice an insect

If you see him at home, do not be afraid. The calmer you are, the easier it is to catch him. First, inspect the body: it is important to understand whether the individual is poisonous or not. Most of these arthropods are harmless, but still be careful. If the spider is black, the body is without hairline, there are bright red hourglass-shaped spots on it — this is karakurt. He is one of the most dangerous in Russia, lives most often in the south of the country.

What to do with an ordinary individual

This poses no danger to you. Therefore, it can be caught with the help of improvised means.

You will need a glass (preferably transparent) and a thick sheet of paper or cardboard. The mechanism of the trap is simple: cover the insect with a glass on top, pass a sheet between it and the surface. If the pest is sitting on the ceiling, the capture will be even easier: make the spider fall into the container, cover it with cardboard on top. Then release it outside.

If the arthropod is hanging on the web, you will need scissors. Cut the thread and substitute the glass, it will immediately be in it. Close it up and take it outside.


What to do with a poisonous individual

If you suspect that you have a poisonous representative of the arthropod order, you should act very carefully. You can’t let yourself be bitten.

There are special gadgets that help collect insects. You can also do this with a sticky roller to clean clothes: the pest will simply stick to the adhesive layer. Or use a vacuum cleaner if you have a fairly powerful model. You can try to catch it with a glass and cardboard, in which case you should take a large container to eliminate the risk of being stung.

After capture, the arthropod must be released into the street. Do this away from residential buildings.

If you live in a region where poisonous arthropods live, study in advance what those that you might meet look like. Also keep a special spray at home that will help to neutralize the individual before being caught.

store funds

Shop products will help get rid of spiders in the house forever. There are two main types: poisons and repellers.


Poisons and other pest control chemicals can come in a variety of forms: sprays, aerosols, various liquids, and even traps.

Aerosols work most effectively, since most individuals sit motionless on a web or any other surface. Therefore, products that are designed for pests running around the house: gels and traps will not give a quick result.

Processing can be carried out only with gloves. It is also better to wear a respirator or a fabric mask. Usually, with the help of aerosols, pest habitats are treated: baseboards, corners, slopes of doors and windows. Follow the instructions on the package: most often, manufacturers recommend closing windows and doors, taking people out of the room, spraying everything, waiting about 20 minutes and ventilating the room.


Ultrasonic repellers are sold in household stores. This is an effective remedy for spiders in the apartment, and for other insects. Repellers work as follows: they make sounds that arthropods do not like and make them leave places where they are not welcome. A person does not hear these sounds, so the device is harmless to him.

How to get rid of spiders in the apartment in folk ways

If you do not want to use insecticides and other chemicals, you can try to eliminate insects using proven folk methods.

Do a general cleaning

This is the first thing you should do when dealing with pests. Get rid of crumbs even in the most inaccessible places, vacuum the corners, cornices and baseboards. Check the space under the bathtub, sink and toilet. Remove the web you find.

Unfortunately, one cleaning is not able to cope with uninvited tenants. They still hide somewhere, and also lay eggs with future offspring. Therefore, next you need to choose one or more means with which you will deal with them.

Use essential oils

You will need peppermint oil. It must be diluted in a liter of water. Pour the resulting mixture into a spray bottle. Treat the habitats of arthropods with liquid: various cracks, baseboards and corners.

Instead of mint oil, you can use other bright flavors, for example, replace it with tea tree, eucalyptus, citrus (lemon or orange) oils. Pests do not tolerate strong odors, so they will leave the places where you have carried out the treatment.


Take the vinegar

Take 9% table vinegar. Mix it with water. The ingredients should be in the same amount: half a glass of one and the other is enough for processing. Apply the solution to baseboards, corners and other areas of possible habitation. Arthropods will not survive contact with acid and will die.

Stock up on chestnuts

Pests don’t like their smell. Therefore, spread the chestnuts in different places of the apartment. To make them smell brighter, the fruits can be broken into several parts.

Lay out sheep’s wool

Also, pests do not like the smell of sheep’s wool. Therefore, in the house (especially in their habitats) it is worth laying out yarn or simple shreds of wool.

Turn off the lights

This advice is usually effective in getting rid of spiders in a private house or country house. Bright light from the windows, from the porch and other illuminated areas attracts various insects. So try to turn it off when not in use. And tightly close the front doors and windows in rooms where the lamp is on.



To scare away new individuals from the home, it is important not to forget about preventive measures. The first and most important thing you should do is to keep your house clean and keep an eye on the moisture levels in the rooms.

Carry out regular cleaning, take out the trash more often, do not let it stand indoors for a long time. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink for a long time, wipe all surfaces dry. This applies to sinks, bathtubs, and showers. If cockroaches are interested in your housing (for them, leftover food and constant access to moisture are ideal conditions), then spiders will appear next.

Ventilate the rooms more often, leave the door to the bathroom open so as not to create dampness in small rooms. If you have devices that dry the air, then try to use them regularly. For example, it can be an air conditioner that has a special mode, or special dehumidifiers.