Without electronics and an Internet connection, it is difficult to imagine a modern apartment. However, endless wires and tech accessories can wreak havoc and become sources of visual noise. We will tell you how to properly fit accessories into the interior that ensure an uninterrupted signal supply. Spoiler: sometimes you can not hide them, but make them a decorative accent.

one Wall cabinet

If there is an empty wall or part of it available, this is a great option for placing a router. So that it does not catch the eye and does not spoil the beautiful finish, hide it in the closet.

It can be made compact and...
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It can be made compact and mounted on an empty section of the wall. As a bonus: you will get not only a secluded place for the router, but also a whole storage system for various little things.

2 Pocket

This is also a wall mounting option for the router, it is suitable for those who do not have enough space for a wall cabinet. A miniature wooden or plastic pocket can be fixed even in a small free area.

The advantage of this method in &...
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The advantage of this method is that the color and design can be matched to the style of the interior. You can just hang the router on the wall, but in this case it will always be striking. And finding an accessory that would ideally suit your interior is quite difficult.

3 desktop organizer

Placing the router on the desktop can also be convenient. Yes, on the wall it does not occupy a usable area, but in case of breakage it is more difficult to get to it.

If you have some space n&...
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If you have some space on your countertop or any horizontal surface, you can put the router there. It is best to hide the accessory in the organizer. You can also put other useful items in it, such as wires or stationery for work.

four designer model

Another unusual way to fit the router into the interior is to choose a designer model. There are various types of internet devices on the market. Such an accessory does not look like a familiar gadget to everyone and rather resembles an art object or decor item.

Accordingly, integrated
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Accordingly, integrating the router into the interior is very simple: buy, install, and you’re done. This method is not the most budgetary, but it will require the least effort.

5 Integration into the overall interior composition

Competently beating the router in the interior is also a way to hide it from sight.

For example, here the accessory is s...
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For example, here the accessory was placed on the top shelf and complemented with a beautiful basket. So the router visually became completely invisible and fit well into the overall composition.

6 decor idea

Another interesting way to fit the router into the interior is to make it a decor. It will not work to hide it in this way, but it is quite possible to add zest to the space.

Choose a contrasting color...
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Choose a contrasting color that repeats the shade of other decorative elements, make an interesting painting. Or, as in the photo, add a bright frame and make the accessory literally the central composition of the hallway.