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And now the details.

one Make a list of things

It is better to do this in advance — about 5-7 days before the trip. Let it be as detailed as possible. After compiling the list, “walk” through it and try to cross off the excess. Leave functional and useful things and do not get hung up on their volume. Why does this need to be done in advance, and not during the training camp? You will have time to think about whether you really need these third sandals and whether the fifth dress will come in handy.

Make a list of things based on your vacation plans. Where do you plan to go, how to spend your time: in a hotel and on the beach, or on excursions.

Checklist of fees

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The resulting final list will be useful to you before departure. With it, you can be sure that you have not forgotten anything. And now about what to include in it.

2 Take what you need

Clothing and footwear

If you are going to spend time on the beach and “go out to people” only for dinner, fill your suitcase with light things. Choose clothes so that each shorts are combined with each T-shirt — then 2-3 pairs will be enough for you and you will not have to take many things. Complete your suitcase with a few go-to dresses, sandals, flip-flops, and just in case, one pair of comfortable shoes — sneakers or sneakers.

If you’re planning a city break, go for fewer shorts and t-shirts, and complete your wardrobe with just trousers or jeans and a pair of shirts or comfy jersey longsleeves.

Follow your experience: most likely, when you took a few suitcases on vacation, at least a third of your things, or even half, remained on hangers in a hotel closet. Don’t repeat these mistakes.

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Toiletries and cosmetics

Remember that if you are flying by plane and take cosmetics with you in hand luggage, each jar must be up to 100 ml. Even if you have a large amount of containers, but there is a little money left in it, control will not let you through and you will have to leave things at the airport.

Take advantage of useful accessories — even the well-known Swedish brand has a set of bottles up to 100 ml. Pour all the necessary funds there and they will not take up much space in your suitcase.


Gather the necessary first aid kit, especially if you are flying with a child. It is better to take proven products from home — in a new country, medicines are different and can be sold by prescription. Choose small volumes of bottles, if these are tablets, take 1-2 plates, but not a whole pack. Then they will only take one package from you.

Medicine bag photo

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3 Lay things on edge and twist them

It is best to fold things vertically — put them on the edge. This method is relevant not only for suitcases, but also for storing things in a closet. Some items, such as T-shirts and T-shirts, can be rolled up. By the way, clothes folded into a roll wrinkle less — take note.

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four Fold the straps and wires along the sides of the suitcase

Did you know that such things take up more space when rolled up? Leave them on the sides of things. Or put in special bags.

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5 Put things in separate cases

Don’t give up on organizers. For example, vacuum bags or covers — so things will take up less space in your suitcase. In addition, this storage method will help keep things in order and quickly disassemble the suitcase after. By the way, for swimwear, you can buy special mini-bags with a waterproof lining — they will also be convenient to carry things to the beach and already wet back to the hotel.

Organize things in photo organizers

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6 Do not carry shoes in pairs

Let each shoe or boot be in its own bag. So they can be laid out in different places, and as a result, save space.

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7 Check things already in your suitcase

Fold your suitcase in advance, and after that … do another revision of things! Experience tells you that you will find something that you can easily refuse on a trip.

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eight Leave some space for souvenirs

You still have to fly back with the same suitcase! Take care of this in advance — leave some space for souvenirs and gifts. And use life hacks: for example, wine bottles can be wrapped in a bag, and then in a T-shirt — this way you can save space.

Travel more often and lighter!

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