One careless movement is enough for a greasy blot to blur on a blouse or shirt. It is even worse if it appeared a long time ago, and was discovered only before the clothes were going to be put on. Fortunately, if you try, the thing can be saved. Especially if the oily speck is very fresh. Let’s figure out how to remove greasy stains from clothes so that there is no trace of them.

All about removing traces of grease on clothes

Rules for handling soiled fabric
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How to remove fresh stains
— How to deal with ingrained dirt
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Stain removal rules

Fat, getting on the fabric, quickly penetrates into the fibrous structure. Here it hardens and is firmly bonded to the warp threads. Over time, dust and other contaminants get on the oily mark. All this sticks and is fixed on the material. Processing must be done correctly. We list the important points of the procedure.

  • You can not wash a thing with an untreated stain. It will only get stronger, but will not disappear. Increasing the temperature and increasing the dose of washing powder will not help. Only pre-treatment will help get rid of fat.
  • Before the procedure, it is desirable to get rid of dust on the fabric. The product is shaken several times, if there is dry dirt, it is cleaned with a brush.
  • The fabric is laid out on a flat surface. Several layers of white knitwear are laid under it. If the material is rough and thick, you can put a clothes brush under it.
  • Before you start cleaning, a small amount of the selected product is applied to an inconspicuous area on the inside of the clothes. The fabric must not react to the cleaning solution, otherwise it can be easily damaged during the cleaning process.
  • Processing begins with a clean area around the drops of fat. Apply the product towards the center of the mark. So it will be possible to collect the dissolving fat and prevent its spreading.

The cleaned material is rinsed well, completely removing the remnants of the washing mixture. Only then can it be washed normally.


homemade recipes

How to remove a fresh grease stain from clothes

The easiest way is to wipe off fat or oil that has spent no more than three hours on the material. During this period, they do not have time to harden, so getting rid of them is simple and quick. We list the most effective methods.

dish gel

Dishwashing liquid contains a set of components that break down fat well. It is advisable to take a colorless preparation so that the dye does not stain the light base. A few drops of gel are applied to the dirt, gently rubbed. If the material allows, it is slightly washed. Leave for 15-20 minutes. After that, rinse well. Dirt may not disappear the first time, then the procedure is repeated.


Any composition for oily hair is suitable. It breaks down fatty particles better than others. The agent is applied to a pre-wetted contaminated cloth. Lightly rub and leave for half an hour. Then rub a little and rinse. Even delicate things can be processed in this way.

Blotting paper

You can use any paper sheet similar in properties. It is placed on top of the stain and under it. Then they take the iron, heat it up and run it over the paper. Do this several times, then replace the blotter with a clean one. Under the influence of high temperature, the fat becomes liquid and is absorbed by the paper. The operation is repeated several times until the complete disappearance of the mark. It is important to know that the technique is only suitable for things that are allowed to be ironed.


A fresh oily trail can be generously sprinkled with salt. It is desirable to even slightly rub it into the fabric. The powder is hygroscopic, it «pulls» the fat out of the base. The thing covered with salt is left for 20-30 minutes. The powder is brushed off, looking at the result. If the mark has not disappeared, the manipulation is repeated. Sometimes four or five such procedures are required. Instead of salt, you can use chalk, tooth powder, starch or talc.


Dealing with old contaminants

It is not always possible to immediately notice the dirt. Stubborn old stains are more difficult to remove, but still possible. We list effective methods for removing old grease stains from clothes.

Ammonia and turpentine

Ammonia is mixed with turpentine in a ratio of 1:1. The resulting mixture is treated with ingrained dirt, left for three hours, rinsed. The ingredients have a strong unpleasant odor, so cleaning is best done in a well-ventilated room or outdoors.

Laundry soap

It can be used to clean colored and white materials. It is better to take laundry soap with a maximum concentration of fatty acids. The contaminated fragment is moistened with water, lathered abundantly. It should form a dense white film. In this form, the product is left for several hours, it is possible for the night. Then the soapy area is once again actively washed and rinsed. For greater effect, some housewives additionally sprinkle the soaped thing with sugar and rub it lightly.


heated starch

Hot powder softens and simultaneously absorbs greasy dirt. It is recommended to use it to clean things that are not allowed to be washed. Starch is poured into a small container and heated over a fire, stirring constantly. The thing is placed on a clean napkin, straightened. Pour hot powder, spread over the surface. As it cools, the starch is replaced with a new portion.


A good cleaning method for dark and dense materials. Regular gasoline contains additives, so it is better to take refined. A napkin is placed under the dirty area. They take a swab dipped in gasoline and gently wipe the oily contamination from the edges to the center. As it dissolves, the tampon becomes dirty, it is changed to a new one. If the product cannot be washed, act differently. Mix gasoline with starch until a slurry is obtained. Apply it to the contaminated fragment, leave to dry completely. Clean with a brush, if necessary, repeat.


A good solvent that does not destroy fabric fibers. With it, it is allowed to clean delicate and thin canvases. The agent is abundantly applied to the dirty area, left for half an hour. Then blot the cleaned area with a napkin. You can use a more active mixture: mix equal proportions of glycerin, water and ammonia. After mixing, lubricate old contamination with it. Wash off after 10 minutes.


What you need to know about special tools

To remove traces of fat at home, special tools are also used. They are released in different formats. The consumer can choose which one is more convenient for him to use. Liquid stain removers are good for delicate items. They are added to the machine and poured onto the contaminated fragment before washing the item. These are liquids like Vanish, Bagi and others.

Powder preparations work in a similar way. They fall asleep during washing along with detergent, among these: «Bos», «Typhoon», Dr. Beckmann.

Soap-stain removers work effectively. They wash the oily fragments in warm water, leave for half an hour, then rinse. These are specialized soaps like Antipyatin, Sarma and others.

Sprays and rollers are used for emergency care. They are very convenient and efficient.


There are many ways to remove a greasy stain from clothes, we have sorted out the most effective ones. In any case, it is easier to remove fresh spots. Therefore, before sending clothes to the wardrobe, you should carefully examine them. If unpleasant marks are found, they can be removed quickly and effectively. It will be more difficult to do this when the fat particles mixed with dust are firmly fixed on the fabric fibers.