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The most ergonomic way to store inventory is vertical. Use the walls, the space under the ceiling, you can make additional mezzanine shelves, and put boxes inside with those things that you rarely use. On the walls, you can fix hooks, coasters … However, first things first.

one Containers on the wall

If you have a few unnecessary boxes or plastic containers, mini-buckets, fasten them directly to the wall using self-tapping screws. This impromptu storage system will be convenient to hold small items and accessories: scissors, matches, a mini-shovel and a rake. The convenience of this method, unlike just boxes stacked on top of each other, is that you do not have to remove the weights from above every time to get something. Everything you need will always be at hand, while it does not take up much space.

2 old pallet

An ordinary wooden pallet can be reconstructed into a convenient stand for shovels and rakes. First you need to clean it of dirt, paint or varnish, and then put the garden tools inside with the handles down. Such a stand can be made both inside a garage or a barn, and outside — in the second case it will be more convenient to take inventory, but in case of bad weather it will need to be immediately transferred under the roof — otherwise the metal parts may become rusty.

3 Compact Rack

Another accessory that you can make with your own hands from leftover wood or pallets is an inventory rack. Its advantage in mobility is that the wooden frame can be moved from place to place, and if the structure is equipped with wheels, movement will become even more convenient. Various tools are also placed inside. You can come up with a box for small things and fix it on the screws on the side.

four Hooks

A timeless classic — storage on hooks. Inventory can be hung on a rope or equipped with a hozblok in the garage with special hooks that are designed to fix tools. The convenience of the method is in its compactness and budget — the hook does not take up much space, it costs mere pennies, and you can hang anything on it. Make use of the upper wall space for more reasonable storage — it is convenient to place those tools that you use infrequently there.

5 wall panel

It can be used as an alternative to hooks and other fasteners, or in addition to them. With this storage system, it’s easy to create a very comfortable work area and organize your inventory the way you want by adding and removing additional accessories. As a wall panel, you can use cork, wood, plastic — anything, but a metal product will certainly be more convenient and stronger.

6 Mini hozblok in the garden

But what if the mini-extension is moved right to the epicenter of country events — to the beds? Then you don’t even have to go anywhere — everything will be at hand. If space and imagination allow, you can fit such a tool box somewhere under an apple tree, and arrange a seat on top.

7 Prefabricated systems

If you install several metal rails on the wall, and fix all kinds of storage devices on them, you will get an easy and convenient system. In any case, this is more convenient than just scattering shovels and rakes on the floor or piling them in a corner. You can make such a storage system yourself, or buy a ready-made one and assemble it on the spot.

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