Domestic ants are fairly harmless insects that rarely harm humans. However, no one will like the presence of uninvited guests in an apartment or in a house, because you can meet them on products. Knowing that insects crawled on your food is unpleasant. You can get rid of them with the help of a budget and popular remedy — boric acid. She effectively copes with «guests» both on the territory of the house and in the garden. We tell you how to use boric acid against ants.

All about the use of boric acid against ants

Why do they show up at home
How to find them
What to do first
Ways to fight

Why do insects appear

There are many types of insects in the world, which are known for a wide range of habitats. These individuals adapt well to environmental conditions and are able to survive even in extreme situations. Only a few individuals usually start up in houses: brownies and pharaoh ants. They are distinguished by a red color and can only live next to a person.

Usually the reason for the appearance of insects in the house is poor cleaning in the premises. Running rooms, leaving food on countertops, and leaving crumbs out can attract arthropods. All they need in a human dwelling is food. And if it is easy to get, then they will visit you often. Even if you keep the house clean, but leave food in plain sight, this can attract insects. They love sweet foods that are high in carbohydrates, so they are always attracted to sugar, honey, bread, and various fruits. It is also dangerous to leave dirty dishes in the sink for a long time: particles of uneaten food will become excellent food for ants (and not only for ants, but also for cockroaches). Another bait can be a trash can — it is also a source of half-eaten food. Therefore, it is better to use buckets with an airtight lid, into which it will be difficult for pests to get through.

Bringing pests into your apartment is very simple: they can be on things or crawl into a bag of groceries when you put it on the ground. If your neighbors poison their parasites, then the «guests» can run into the house from them.

Also in wooden houses dangerous species can be found — wood-boring ants. They can quickly ruin a building. These arthropods love a humid environment and warmth. If the humidity is high in a wooden house, then fungus may eventually appear in it. It is eaten by insects, while destroying part of the wood. Ultimately, the tree will begin to collapse, which will have a bad effect on the entire structure. Therefore, the «guests» must be quickly disposed of.


How to understand that uninvited guests have wound up in the house

If you notice an insect in a house or apartment, do not worry ahead of time. Perhaps this is a random guest who came from the street. However, if you see a few more individuals, you need to act immediately, since others will most likely come along the path behind them. As a result, a colony will divorce, it will be problematic to withdraw it.

To make sure that uninvited guests have settled in the apartment, it is worth taking several actions.

  • Look at the surfaces: pests make paths from their nest to food sources. They are usually visible on tables and walls if you look closely.
  • Leave a piece of sweet food on the table and watch it: if the «guests» have settled in your house, then in a few hours they will resort to the bait.

First steps upon discovery

In order to successfully fight ants, you need to find their nest, since you can completely get rid of them only by exterminating the queen uterus. It is useless to destroy working individuals — this is a temporary solution, the uterus will quickly create a replacement for them. You need to look for a nest near food sources. Also, pests love dampness and heat. Therefore, most likely, in the house they can be found in the kitchen near the sink or behind the baseboard in the bathroom.

Follow the ant chains, determine where their paths lead. There you need to look for a nest. If you find it, then you can lay out the poison accurately, it will work faster.

In addition to searching for a nest, a thorough cleaning must be carried out. It is necessary to remove food from the table, crumbs from the floor and make sure that new ones do not accumulate. Get into the habit of taking away food from places accessible to ants. Put prepared food in containers. After you have cleaned up, you can proceed to the direct fight and begin to lay out poison along the path of the pests.


How to remove ants with boric acid

Boric acid for ants in the house is an effective and inexpensive remedy that is safe for both people and pets. These qualities have made it popular and often used. The mechanism is very simple: the ant eats the bait, which contains poison. Then he resorts to his relatives, who are not averse to refreshing themselves with their brother. So the poison enters the body of other individuals, they die from it.

To create a really effective remedy for ants in an apartment from boric acid, you need to know the recipe. Here are a few ingredients that you can mix with to make a good poison.

1. Powdered sugar, soda and rice flour

Insects love sweets, so sugar and other sweet foods are great bait for them. You can mix boron powder simply with powdered sugar, pour it into soda caps or other small containers and place them near arthropod habitats. For example, next to a trash can or a water source, sink or bathtub.

The remedy can be made more effective by adding baking soda and rice flour to the powdered sugar. Together with the acid, the ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. Then they are also poured into containers and placed next to the habitats of pests. You can simply sprinkle the mixture on the anthill if you are using boric acid for ants in the garden. Poison will help get rid of insects, not only due to the poison in the composition, but also because of the rice flour. It swells in the digestive tract of insects, thereby causing irreparable damage to them.


2. Sugar

Regular sugar can be used instead of powdered sugar. In this case, you will need a couple of spoons of sweet sand and one pack of acid. The ingredients are mixed and scattered in arthropod habitats.

A liquid solution is also prepared from sugar. In this case, take 1/4 cup of water, add about 5 grams of boron powder and sugar. Here you can add, for example, honey or jam. The sweeter the poison, the faster the arthropods will eat it.


3. Mashed potatoes

Sugar and acid are added to the finished mashed potatoes, then mixed. After small portions are placed in the apartment in places where insects crawl most often.


4. Mince

Minced meat can be a good bait for pests, as they love the smell of meat. Therefore, boron powder can be added to it in the following proportion: 3 tbsp. spoons of minced meat take 1 teaspoon of acid. Mix the ingredients and roll them into balls or small circles. Then they are laid out along the ant paths.


5. Egg yolks

This is another effective remedy for ants in the apartment. Boric acid must be mixed with boiled egg yolk. For 1 bag of poison you will need two yolks. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed, then small balls are made from the mass. They must be laid out in an apartment in the habitats of pests.