Glossy facades are very popular when decorating a kitchen set. They are loved for their special brilliance and bright surfaces. The material has a mirror effect and reflects light well, so small rooms seem larger with it. Especially if you choose white or another light color. However, to preserve the beauty of such a headset, it is important to regularly clean it from dirt, stains and fingerprints. We tell you how to care for a glossy kitchen and what not to do.

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What not to do when caring for a glossy kitchen

Cleaning kitchen surfaces from dirt and grease is a simple task. However, you need to be careful not to scratch or damage the furniture once again. We tell you how to care for a white glossy kitchen or a suite of a different color and what you can not do so as not to spoil it.

1. Use normal wet cleaning

Cleaning facades with plain water can be detrimental to gloss. Especially if the MDF or chipboard set is covered with a thin layer of plastic or PVC film. These materials begin to flake off if they get wet. Therefore, when cleaning, do not use a large amount of water. Be sure to wipe them with dry material after the end of the procedure. And keep them as dry as possible.

Usually the lower drawers suffer from grease and moisture. Therefore, designers are advised to make them from less vulnerable and practical materials. If you want to use gloss, then it is better to do this only for the upper cabinets.


2. Clean with hard brushes

We usually always clean surfaces with hard brushes or sponges with an abrasive surface. They effectively remove dirt, even old grease. However, gloss cannot be cleaned with them. Otherwise you will just scratch it. Damage will be clearly visible on shiny facades, and it will be difficult to polish them. Therefore, soft materials should be used for cleaning. And it’s better not to let the dirt dry out and clean up more often so that you don’t have to scrub the grease and scratch the surfaces once again.

If you need a brush, then take a model with very soft bristles. For example, you can buy a toothbrush. However, be sure to take the right degree of rigidity.


3. Use abrasives

Maintaining a glossy plastic kitchen is generally not recommended with chemicals that include abrasive ingredients. For example, any powders will scratch the surface. Recesses will remain on it, dirt will be more clogged in them. Cleaning furniture will become even more difficult. Plus, it will look less pretty.

4. Apply products with certain ingredients

It is very important to choose chemistry with the correct composition. For example, it should not contain chlorine, alcohol, acetone, ammonia and other harsh ingredients. Also, do not use various solvents, turpentine for cleaning. They will ruin kitchen furniture.


5. Use a melamine sponge

The melamine sponge is effective in cleaning, but it cannot clean the gloss. She will remove the shine, and the headsets will become faded. If you do not want to spoil the facades, then you should not use it.

What products are suitable for caring for glossy kitchen facades

Among the listed detergent compositions, there are those that can only be found in the store, and those that are easy to prepare from improvised materials on your own.

Listed the best remedies in a short video

1. Professional facade cleaner

Compositions that are specially produced for cleaning glossy facades are ideal for cleaning. They not only remove dirt and grease, but also cover the headset with a special film that protects the furniture from damage and allows you to stay clean longer. At the same time, the protective film will remain for a long time after processing, so after that it will only be possible to wipe the surface to remove minor impurities.

2. Glass cleaner

Glass or mirror cleaner is great for cleaning gloss. However, before using, be sure to look at the ingredients that are listed on the package. The tool must not contain components that harm the headset. They were listed in the article above.

The method of cleaning with glass liquid is very simple: you must first apply the product to a soft cloth, then wipe the surface with it.


3. Sprays for glossy surfaces

In hardware stores, you can find detergent sprays designed for various glossy materials. For example, they are used to clean tiles. This spray is suitable for removing smudges and fingerprints from the headset.

4. Dishwashing liquid

Any dishwashing liquid is also suitable for cleaning. It cleans well both simple stains, greasy dirt, and various dried splash marks.


5. Laundry soap

A solution to which laundry or any liquid soap is added is a simple and budgetary remedy, it is easy to prepare it at home. Soap is usually always at hand. If you use laundry bar soap, then grate it first. Add shavings to warm water. Then stir until a light foam forms.

6. Wet wipes

If you do not have time for a full cleaning, wet wipes will help out. It is better to use special cleaning products that are sold in hardware stores. These will not leave ugly stains behind. Be sure to make sure that there is no alcohol among the ingredients. It can damage the gloss.

7. Microfiber

Cloths made of microfiber are very soft, so they are useful for cleaning surfaces. They can also collect the remaining moisture — the material absorbs it well.


8. Polish

Antistatic polishes are a good way to finish cleaning. After cleaning and drying the facades, wipe the surfaces with it. Processing will help to avoid dust build-up, so the furniture will stay clean longer.

However, polishes with wax in the composition should be avoided, as it, on the contrary, will create a sticky layer on the headset, to which dirt will quickly attract.

9. Faucet cleaner

Chemicals for removing dirt from plumbing: faucets and shower heads can also be used for cleaning. However, the package must be written that it is intended for delicate cleaning. Plus, it is important to check the composition for the presence of prohibited ingredients.


How to wash the headset

In order for the kitchen set to shine with cleanliness, it is worth following the correct cleaning technology.

First of all, remove dirt with a cleaning compound. At the same time, do not let it soak in, otherwise you can ruin the facades. It is better to apply the liquid first on a cloth and only then on the furniture. When cleaning, concentrate on one item, do not apply the composition immediately to the entire headset. Once you’re done with cleaning one, you can move on to the next.

Then wipe off the detergent with a damp, clean cloth. Then wipe the facades dry. At the final stage, you can apply polish to prolong the freshness of cleaning.


How to extend the life of furniture

There are several tips that will help keep the gloss on the surface for quite a long time.

  • Buy a good powerful hood. When cooking, such a device will protect you from getting grease and dirt on the furniture, as it will suck particles into itself. Therefore, they will settle less on the facades, respectively, they will not need to be washed so often.
  • Protect from direct sun. Bright rays that fall from the window directly onto the furniture will make the gloss less shiny over time. Therefore, if possible, it is worth arranging the headset items so that the sun hits them as little as possible. If there is no way out and the sun’s rays constantly look into the kitchen, you can hang roller or ordinary blackout curtains. There is no need to close windows all day. They should be curtained only during the hours of the most active sun and in a very hot season.