After you brought the refrigerator from the store, you should read the instructions, which have a diagram of how to start it. The preparation phase is always followed by cleaning. Therefore, we tell you how and with what to wash a new refrigerator before turning it on.

All About Cleaning Your New Fridge

Why it needs to be done
Folk remedies
Store compositions
Cleaning accessories
Cleaning instructions

Why it needs to be done

The device that arrived to you from the store or from its warehouse most often has a “technical” smell. So that the fresh products that you put inside do not acquire this aroma, you should get rid of it before the first use.

Another reason cleaning is necessary is because of the germs inside and outside of cold stores. There is no complete sterility in production, so even if the equipment looks clean, there may be dust and light dirt on it.

If your unit was a showpiece, it was opened and touched by visitors more than once. In this case, careful processing is required. Also, the cameras could be processed in the store from a specific smell. In this case, the chemistry should definitely be washed off. For this, different compositions are suitable: both store-bought and folk. Therefore, we tell you more about how to wash a new refrigerator before the first use.


Folk remedies


You need laundry soap: grate it on a regular grater. Then add water and wait until the soap shavings are completely dissolved. To make the process go faster, you can take dishwashing liquid, it is also effective in getting rid of dirt and bacteria.


Baking soda is found in almost every kitchen. It will help get rid of both dirt and odor. For surface treatment, soda must be diluted in warm water. It will take about 3 tbsp. spoons of powder and a glass of liquid. If the «technical» aroma is too strong, change the concentration: take 4-6 tbsp. spoons.

By the way, the remaining unused solution can be used as an absorbent. Pour it into a bowl and place it on the shelf of the unit. It will gradually absorb the remaining odors. Fluid should be changed every three months.



Vinegar will help if the appliance smells very strong. In this case, you need to take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of vinegar and dilute it in a glass of plain water. After you’ve cleaned the chamber with the solution, leave the doors open for a few hours and let the remaining vinegar evaporate.

Do not take too high a concentration of the product: a strong acid can damage the walls of the refrigerator and the enamel on them. Do not use vinegar to treat rubber seals: they will deteriorate if exposed to acid.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice or a high concentration of acid is an alternative to vinegar. If the aroma is too strong, you can mix a vinegar solution with citric acid. This composition will definitely help get rid of it.

Lemon slices should be used as an odor absorber. Put them on a saucer and place them on the shelf inside. A few days is enough for residual odors to completely disappear.


Store compositions

On the shelves of hardware stores, two types of refrigerator detergents are most often found.


Sprays (rarely foams) for disinfection and cleaning of refrigerators and freezers are sold in large spray bottles. When choosing, pay attention to the functions that the tool performs. Ideally, if it combines all the tasks at once: it will fight bacteria, get rid of unpleasant odors and remove dirt on surfaces.

Carefully study the packaging: the bottle should say that the chemistry is safe for products. This is important to prevent toxic effects on food if you do not wash the walls well after an aggressive composition. This is best done with a clean cloth dipped in plain water.

wet wipes

Napkins for washing the unit are a universal tool that can be used to clean both the walls of the chambers and the glass shelves. In addition, they are very convenient, since you do not need to use additional accessories and dirty cloths. It is enough to simply wipe the surfaces with napkins. They are also good at eliminating odor and bacteria. Be sure to read the instructions on the package: some formulations do not require rinsing, while others require mandatory cleaning.

As accessories you will need

Before washing, place the necessary items next to you so as not to be distracted from the process once again. This will be especially inconvenient for those who have equipment due to lack of space in the corridor or another room.

  • Household gloves. Choose from thick rubber to protect your skin from chemicals.
  • Sponges, microfiber cloths and other material. Take what you feel comfortable using.
  • Plain or paper towels. Can be useful for removing excess water from the shelves.
  • Selected cleaning products. If these are folk remedies, prepare them in advance so as not to waste too much time.
  • Spray bottle with clean water. It can be used for final cleaning of detergent compositions.


How to clean a new refrigerator before first use

Now you should proceed to the actual cleaning. We have already figured out what accessories and how to rinse a new refrigerator before the first use, so prepare the selected products and proceed.

Wash the shelves

The first step is to take out the shelves and containers and wipe them down. The easiest way is to immediately wash them under running water in the sink. The small boxes are easy to clean in the dishwasher, saving you time.

Handle cameras

Then proceed to clean the refrigerator and freezer. Liquid formulations, even those that you have prepared yourself, are easier to apply to the surface from a spray bottle: just pour the solution into a spray bottle. Be careful: when washing, do not use abrasives, they will damage the plastic from which the device parts are made.


Check all holes

Drains and vents must not be clogged. Be sure to pay attention to them. If there is dirt, you need to get rid of it immediately. The fact is that for refrigerators, including those with the No Frost system, these components are the most important elements.

Clean water and cotton swabs will be needed to remove the blockage. Drain holes should be looked for in the center of the rear wall, and ventilation holes — on the side surfaces. They need to be cleaned very carefully.

Wash the outer walls

The doors and walls outside also need to be wiped from dust that could have collected on the equipment in the store. For streak-free cleaning, it is better to take a soap solution. Eliminate compounds with acids and chlorine, they can damage the surface. Also, do not use abrasives — it will be very insulting to scratch a brand new device.