In a small room, it would be irrational not to use the space that remains under the bed. We found a few ideas to help organize proper storage there.

one Lift mechanism by the bed

The easiest option is to consider additional storage at the stage of buying furniture and choose a bed with a lifting mechanism.

The cost of such models is...
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The cost of such models, of course, is more than ordinary beds. But inside there is a maximum of space where not only bed linen will fit, but also seasonal clothes and shoes. In part, this mechanism can even replace a chest of drawers or a wardrobe.

2 Built-in drawers

If the manufacturer has built-in drawers in the catalog for your bed model, then this is the most obvious solution — to supplement storage in the bedroom with them. And, in principle, you can buy these boxes at any time.

For example, IKEA has this option...

For example, IKEA has such an option for beds «Malm», «Songesad», «Brimnes».

But you should not be limited only to the Swedish brand, there are other models of furniture with drawers on the market.

For example, here they are built in...
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For example, here they are built inside the frame and decorated with the same fabric as the entire upholstery. Looks unusual and stylish. True, buying drawers separately from the bed will no longer work — without them, it will not look so aesthetically pleasing.

3 Purchased bed boxes

Everything is much simpler here — just choose the model that you like and put it under the bed. It can be a simple fabric box or a wicker version.

minimalist solid colors

Minimalist solid colors are appropriate in any room, but wicker options or bright boxes should be selected in accordance with the style (for example, Scandinavian, boho, country).

four Just boxes

It is not necessary to look for a special model of bed boxes, you can use ordinary baskets or plastic options.

For example, in this case, the frame to ...

For example, in this case, the bed frame on wheels was made by hand and niches were provided in it, which were filled with cute wicker baskets.

5 Retractable module

A special flat module on wheels will fit under a bed of any height, although it will be inconvenient to store clothes and bed linen in this way.

But it's a great idea for storage...
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But this is a great idea for storing shoes — for example, if you have a large collection that does not fit in the closet. What you wear all the time, of course, is best left in the hallway, or you will have to thoroughly wash the sole each time.

6 Homemade module

Storage of clothes, shoes and bed linen under the bed is not limited. Look at this example — a module for storing toys.

This option is ideal for small...
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This option is ideal for a small nursery or when a sleeping place for parents and a child is combined in one room.

7 plastic baskets

Another option that will allow you to store not only clothes under the bed. You can even say that it’s not worth storing clothes in this form, but toys and even books are easy.

In this example, pl&...
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In this example, plastic baskets are used, which can be found in any supermarket. Choose the right storage systems for your interior.

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