one Storage module «Skubb», 899 rubles

If you need additional shelves, hang such a module on a rod in a closet or a floor hanger. Thanks to special Velcro fasteners, the organizer is installed and removed in just a minute. When folded, it does not take up much space: when the need for shelves disappears, the module can be easily removed into the closet.

2 Storage box on wheels «Slekt», 4 299 rubles

A low drawer can be pushed under the bed or used as a side table by the sofa in the living room. The internal volume is enough to store toys, clothes, bedding, books. Convenient wheels make it easy to move the box from place to place.

3 Chest «Hol», 4 999 rubles

Perforated chest «Hol» from the array can be placed by the bed in the bedroom or next to the sofa as a coffee table. And if you throw a couple of soft pillows on top, then it will replace the bench in the hallway or in the kitchen. Perforations in the walls and lid allow things to breathe, so the chest is great for storing textiles or seasonal clothes and shoes.

four Table «Quistbru», 2 299 rubles

A small laconic table is equipped with a spacious storage cavity and a removable lid. You can put books or magazines, children’s toys, decorative textiles in it. Arrange additional storage exactly where you need it: in the living room, nursery or bedroom.

5 Mounted module «Eket», 1,400 rubles

All the shelves in the closet are already occupied, but are there free walls? With the help of mounted modules, you can organize storage directly on them. Compact cabinets «Eket» are available in many shades. They can be used singly or assembled into complex compositions. The modules are open, so you have to take care of the aesthetic component of storage.

6 Section of shelves «Lerberg», 1 899 rubles

A larger and more spacious storage item is a shelving unit. But, despite the size, «Lerberg» looks concise and weightless. It can be placed in any free corner of the apartment. The impressive volume of such a rack allows you to significantly unload and organize storage.

7 Shelf module «Lakk», 3 999 rubles

This compact wall unit will help organize storage even where there is no free space at all. The laconic design allows it to harmoniously fit into various modern spaces. Another bonus for versatility: the module can be installed horizontally (like a shelf) or vertically (like a rack).

eight Jonaksel storage combination, 2,899 rubles

Get the most out of your space with this compact drawer design. The width of the rack is only 25 cm, which allows you to install it in the smallest niches. The combination is made of metal, suitable for bathrooms and toilets.

9 Rack «Vesken», 799 rubles

An ultra-compact yet roomy shelving unit can be used to organize storage even in the smallest rooms, such as a bathroom or a tiny hallway. It is convenient to place small accessories that are needed every day on the rack. The body and shelves are made of plastic — easy to clean, not afraid of water and moisture.