Almost in all typical houses built in the 50-70s of the last century there is a niche under the window in the kitchen, the so-called «Khrushchev refrigerator». If you live in just such an apartment, then most likely, one way or another, the question was how to use this niche. Closing the opening is not entirely logical, because there is so little space in the kitchen, it is better to use it to good use. We have collected the possible options in the article.

one Place food stocks

Arrange a cabinet with doors in a niche to match the style of your kitchen set. Make shelves inside, and in this way you will get additional space where you can store stocks of cereals, canned food, sugar and other products with a long shelf life. It’s also a good option for storing potatoes, onions, and other vegetables that don’t need a refrigerator.

2 Store household chemicals

Arrange storage of household chemicals in the opening under the window. Since this place is isolated from the kitchen set, you can store even strong products there without fear that they will affect the quality of other products. This is especially convenient if you have a dishwasher and washing machine in the kitchen, as you can store detergents for these appliances within walking distance. But if there are small children and animals in the house, it is important to put locking mechanisms on the doors.

3 Extend kitchen set

The niche under the window can be used for built-in kitchen cabinets. Make a countertop window sill above them at the same level as the other part of the kitchen cabinets. Thus, you will increase the useful space of the kitchen and make a convenient U-shaped layout if other corners of the kitchen are also involved.

four Organize a small closet

If you have enough space in your kitchen set to store food and other items, then you can use a niche for a small pantry for dishes or rarely used small household appliances: mixers, meat grinders. Arrange a closet with shelves in the opening. Calculate their height so that you can easily put a tall pan or piece of equipment.

5 Isolate and make a refrigerator

Such a niche can be used for its intended purpose. Insulate it with reflective material and build in a closet. In the closet, you need to make a hole where there is already a ventilation hole in the wall. From the side of the kitchen, you can put plastic doors that will close tightly so that the cold from the street does not penetrate into the apartment. Thus, you will receive a full-fledged refrigerator in which you can store food in the winter season. In the summer, such a refrigerator can be used for storing homemade preparations and those products that are suitable for a cool place.

6 Make a bar

If you do not want to make a storage cabinet, then still do not rush to close the niche, arrange a window sill bar counter. Since there is no battery under the window, but instead a wide recess, the knees will not rest against the wall.

7 Set up a mini bar

The opening under the window can be used to store stocks of wine. For example, equip a bottle holder with horizontal storage.