In winter, many private country estates remain uninhabited, therefore, such houses become easy prey for intruders. To save themselves from unnecessary worries and ensure their housing is completely safe, the owners of country houses install bars on their windows.

However, the choice of such a security option is not at all easy, since the modern market offers a variety of window structures, in which it is easy to get lost, because the bars differ in shape, appearance, and purpose. Let’s talk about how to properly purchase grilles for country window openings in order to be completely sure of their safety.

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Focusing on the basic types, it is possible to distinguish such structures as forged, as well as welded type.

The more popular elements include welded structures due to the affordability of the price category, practicality and lightness. As for rigidity, they can even compete with forged window bars, while they have standard external characteristics and not every owner of a country cottage likes.

Forging products are not so popular due to the high cost. But this minus has well-founded explanations, since forged lace, created by personal order, will fit into any design, while satisfying all the wishes of the future owner.

There is another type of lattice for country windows, depending on the nuances of their installation, for this reason, if you need to buy such structures inexpensively, you should make a wise choice. These structures are created from metal profiles, which have different shapes, lengths, manufacturers.

So, the choice largely depends on the external characteristics and the shape of the required gratings. With the right choice, you can make exclusive protective window grilles and get a lot of great ideas for arranging an unusual exterior.

Suitable garden grills

According to the features and installation option, window elements are of several types.

Removable models are a one-piece option. In critical cases, such a design can be removed from the window, however, due to the tight twisting of the elements, it is extremely difficult to carry out such manipulations. The probability of elimination is not reflected in the best way on the strength of the product in further operation.

Stationary type options can be tightly fixed to the facade. This type of protection is one of the most durable. This plan of the model is almost impossible to open, since they have an impressive thickness, and also comply with the required fire safety standards.

The disadvantage is that in a critical case, the owners will not have the opportunity to get out of the house through the window opening, so it is better to combine such products with various other grill options.

Swing-type gratings have one or a pair of wings, which, if necessary, can be easily removed. Installation of products is carried out using a high-strength fastening, which goes deep enough directly into the wall surface. The sash closes with a special latch.

If scanty rods are used in the manufacturing process, then it is impossible to open such elements. In this embodiment, the rods are cut with a special tool for working on metal.

Sliding window grilles are the most convenient models in operation. Their closing and opening is quite simple, and the unusual placement of the rods allows them to fold like an accordion. This type of elements reliably protect window openings, as well as doors.

One minus is the ease of design and the impossibility of creating an attractive pattern. In addition, the reliability of protection provided by such a design is average, since for the smooth functioning of the mechanism, rod-plates are used that can be easily broken.

Types of sliding gratings

Single leaf. In such designs, one side is attached to the carrier rack, and the other to the contact. This type of variation allows the elements to open in different directions — an indisputable plus.

Double-leaf options are presented in the form of several movable compositions, locked in the central part of the window opening, slightly shifting to one side.

The vertical compositions are equipped with sashes, as well as a cruciform type connection.

All listed window grilles, photos of which are presented in the catalog, are created in the required size. Thus, these products can have several types, however, in order for them to be useful in use, standard designs should be combined with a removable or swing type grate.

If you want to transform the windows of your home and buy bars for them at an affordable cost, then the best solution may be to purchase forged elements of a removable type. Due to the size of the canvas, you can create an exclusive and attractive pattern.

Features of the acquisition of gratings

As a rule, specialized companies are engaged in the manufacture of such structures, therefore it is preferable to opt directly for the products that they offer. Basically, these companies offer a variety of high-quality models of lattices for window summer cottages.

Some elements of the forged gratings are a true work of art and are made exclusively by gifted craftsmen. In such cases, it is not necessary to contact huge companies, since you can also cooperate with a small workshop to get an excellent result.

An important indicator of the impeccable quality of the structures being created is the age of the company that manufactures them. Nevertheless, the elements are considered not so in demand and are distinguished by minimal demand among the population.

If you need to install welded or other types of window grilles, focus not on advertising, but only on positive reviews.

Do-it-yourself gratings: making the right choice


Such models do an excellent job with the function of protection. However, it is necessary to come to terms with their external simplicity and other nuances in the form of the impossibility of combining and the impossibility of removing.


  • Excellent protection against unwanted entry into the house;
  • Ease of installation process;
  • Simplicity of the production process;
  • High degree of reliability with regard to safety.


  • Insufficient fire resistance;
  • external simplicity.


These designs are easy to install, but provided that you follow the appropriate instructions. In the absence of perseverance and free time, the purchase of gratings will be an alternative way out, since today’s market is ready to offer many elements from a wide variety of modern materials that will bring aesthetics to your home.


This is a worthy option for those who are committed to aesthetics, elegant simplicity. This type of model has a number of features.


  • Versatility of use and successful compatibility with each facade;
  • Ease of operation;
  • External attractiveness;
  • Requires a minimum of space;
  • Variety of model range.


There are several main ways to install such structures — laying out from the inside of the window opening and external. The first method is quite convenient and very reliable, because thanks to the fastening from the inside, the system is very easy to use.

Grilles, installed from the inside, are characterized by a high degree of security in relation to unwanted penetration into the house, for this reason, when choosing suitable structures, maximum attention should be paid to convenience during operation.

Removable models

The mechanism of the elements is presented in the form of threaded pins. Such options go through the wall surface and are able to hold a couple of nuts to ensure that they provide a reliable barrier to unwanted guests.


  • Possibility to eliminate elements;
  • Inexpensive price category;
  • Ease of installation work;
  • external attraction.

Cons: Possibility of elimination for malefactors.

Installation process

If you decide to put grilles on the window openings of a schematic type, then you will have to work hard to create a reliable and beautiful design. The right choice in the direction of a particular type of gratings, their installation will enable the owners of the building complete security, as well as great aesthetic satisfaction.

Photo of lattices on windows