Unlike Western countries, where public laundries are popular, in Russia it is customary to do laundry at home. But most often a separate room is not allocated for these needs: the machine is located in the bathroom under the sink, and sometimes even in the kitchen or in the corridor. In fact, a laundry room can be organized even in a small city apartment, and it is doubly easier for the owner or hostess of a country house. In the article we will tell you what to consider, and consider examples of projects.

Laundry design in an apartment and a house

Where to equip
— In the house
— In the apartment
Project examples
— In the bathroom
— In the pantry
— In the corridor
— In the toilet
— in a niche
— In a private house
— In the closet


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Laundry room, laundry, hozblok — these words call a utility room or a separate area (for example, in the bathroom), where a place for washing and drying things is organized. Most often, towels, household chemicals, cleaning devices, etc. are stored here.

This is convenient for several reasons:

  • Everything you need for washing and ironing is collected in one place: from the machine and sink to the powder and steamer. Also, you don’t have to look for a separate place for the dryer and carry wet things there through the whole house.
  • The aesthetics of the apartment will not suffer: the dryer in the middle of the room and household chemicals in a conspicuous place do not look very nice, and everything will be cleaned and sorted from the mini-laundry.
  • Oddly enough, this saves space. It is enough to allocate a few square meters for a room or equip a laundry area right in the bathroom — and the space will be freed up in the apartment, and more free shelves will appear in the cabinets.
  • Finally, it’s safe. If there are children at home, they can reach for household chemicals in the bathroom closet or grab a hot iron left unattended for a second. In the laundry, you can close and calmly do household chores, without fear that the child will get to dangerous objects.

Where to equip

You can allocate a place for a laundry room both in the house and in a city apartment. Only the dimensions of the room and its location will differ.

In the house

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In suburban housing, the situation is much simpler: as a rule, there is no lack of square meters, and the household block can be planned where it is convenient for you, choosing not only the area, but also the shape of the room.

The laundry must meet several requirements:

  • Good ventilation — it is necessary so that mold does not start in a humid room and there is no dampness.
  • Proximity of communications.
  • Sufficient lighting — ideally at least a small window (it will also provide additional ventilation), but you can limit yourself to thoughtful artificial lighting.
  • There is enough space to easily load the washing machine and dryer, get things out, and iron them.

Most often, an economic unit in a country house is made on the basement floor, in the pantry, next to the dressing room or under the stairs. It is better to move it as far as possible from the living rooms so that the sound of working machines does not interfere with rest.

In the apartment

In an apartment, allocating a place for a laundry is a little more difficult: you need to work with the existing layout and start from the location of communications.

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The most popular places for laundry in the apartment:

  • In the bathroom. Depending on the footage, it can be a compact column with a washer and dryer located one above the other, a deep niche or a whole separate zone (for example, if the corridor area was added and a couple of extra square meters appeared).
  • In the hallway or hallway. If there is a large storage system, allocate a compartment in it for equipment and all necessary household supplies. This is a convenient and aesthetic option, because everything you need will be hidden behind the doors.
  • In the pantry. If the apartment already has a pantry, combine it with a laundry room. Make a separate cabinet for the washer and dryer or put them in an existing one, and organize an open rack, chest of drawers or shelves for accessories and things. Also consider ventilation so that mold does not start in the pantry.
  • In the dressing room. Another popular place to place a hozblok is a dressing room. It can be part of it or adjoin it. This is convenient because all the clothes are stored here, which means you don’t have to go far to lay them out after drying and ironing.
  • In a separate room. In a large apartment, a separate technical room can be allocated for laundry — usually it is located next to the bathroom or dressing room.
  • On the balcony. A warm glazed loggia is suitable for a compact drying and ironing area. It is important not to litter a small space and arrange storage systems so that they do not block the light from the windows.


The filling of the laundry area is determined primarily by its size. On a couple of squares there is enough space only for the most necessary, and if there are 8-15 square meters. m, you can arrange a whole complex with several zones.

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What must be required:

  • Washing machine.
  • Automatic, folding or wall dryer.
  • Storage system.
  • Basket for dirty linen.

This is a necessary minimum, but it is not necessary to be limited to it. To make home laundry even more comfortable, you can add:

  • Drying machine.

  • Household closet.
  • Sink and / or technical bath.
  • Ironing board.
  • Boxes for household chemicals.
  • Compartment for equipment: vacuum cleaner, iron, steamer, etc.

Despite the fact that this is a utility room, it must comply with the general style of housing. To make it seem cozier, add some decor: wicker baskets, posters, a vase with flowers or dried flowers, beautiful containers for household chemicals, aesthetic textiles. If the room is decorated in a loft style, hang lamps on chains and put boxes instead of soft baskets.

Project examples

Consider interesting laundry design ideas in a private house and city apartment.

in the bathroom

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In an apartment, it is easiest to organize a laundry room in the bathroom — as they did in this project. A utility closet was built next to the sink and mirror: not too massive, but roomy. Several compartments were made in it: for household appliances, an ironing board, household chemicals, powder supplies and other trifles. And all this is hidden behind minimalistic light facades, which, when closed, almost merge with the finish — thanks to this, the real dimensions of the storage system are not striking.

In the pantry

If you have a pantry, even a very small one, you can allocate a little space for a hozblok in it.

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In this project, the washer and dryer were placed in the classic way — vertically. They are opposite the entrance, and an ironing board fits perfectly in the gap between them and the wall. The rest of the space in the pantry is occupied by shelves on which it is convenient to store spare bedding, household chemicals, cleaning supplies and an iron.

In the corridor

And here’s what a miniature home laundry room might look like, hidden in an ordinary closet.

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The storage system is located in the corridor, and when closed it is impossible to understand what is behind its doors. If you open them, inside there will be a full-fledged hozblok with everything you need. There is:

  • Washing machine with drying function.

  • Compact clothes dryer in the form of crossbars, which are attached like hangers in the wardrobe.
  • Deep drawers for clothes or textiles.
  • Shelves for iron and small items — for convenience, they are illuminated with LED strip.

For 1.5 sq. m

Sometimes the hozblok needs to be placed on a very small area — for example, in this bathroom it was possible to carve out only 1.5 squares.

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In order to accommodate everything you need on such a limited footage, the designer planned a practical closet in which there was a place for:

  • Washing machine.
  • Water heater.
  • iron.
  • Household chemistry.
  • Other household items.

The wardrobe is decorated to match the finish, and all the storage is hidden behind the doors — as a result, the interior of the bathroom looks very neat and concise, while all the things necessary for washing and ironing are collected in one place.

in a niche

If the bathroom has a niche or the ability to equip it, it will be a great place for a compact hozblok: it will fill the free space and at the same time will not take up extra space.

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The owners of this apartment made a custom-made wardrobe to fit the size of the niche and overall equipment. It provides a column for washing and drying machines (they are fixed on a special shelf for vertical installation from the manufacturer) and a narrow storage section with two pull-out baskets — it is convenient to store household chemicals, cleaning accessories, toilet paper in them. Upstairs, two more deep shelves were made, they are closed with louvered doors, which the owners painted on their own to match the finish.

Laundry room in a private house

And here is an example of how to conveniently and stylishly arrange a laundry in a country house. Due to the large total area for the hozblok, it was possible to allocate enough space.

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The room is decorated minimalistically and elegantly: different types of marble on the floor and walls, wood texture, semi-open fronts of cabinets that echo the laconic blinds on the windows. The room has two functional areas: a kitchen-like suite with main storage and a sink in one part, and an ironing board system in the other.

Everything is provided here for comfortable household chores: a lot of drawers and shelves for household chemicals, textiles and other things, a washing and drying machine, a sink and even a stool on wheels so that you can load and take out linen while sitting, and not bending down.

In the closet

Another project in a private house, but this time, not a separate room was allocated for household needs, but a comfortable corner in a spacious bathroom.

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The bathroom is decorated in a cozy white-brown-blue tones, tiles and different wood textures are used in the decoration, which organically echo the nature outside the window. The laundry area was organized in a custom-made closet, which is located between the sink and the window. Doors of the louvered type hide equipment and storage, but at the same time there is no feeling of solidity and bulkiness of the structure. The tumble dryer and washing machine were placed on top of each other, and shelves were made above to store the necessary things.