Despite the small footage, there are many options for convenient and aesthetic organization of linen and towels in the bathroom. You can adapt a basket, a basin or even a table from the living room — it all depends on your wishes and convenience. Try to place storage accessories where there is empty space. For example, instead of a round one, choose a triangular basket and put it in the corner, and hang the laundry bag on the wall so as not to take up space on the floor.

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one Wicker basket

The most convenient and safe option for laundry is a wicker basket. Due to the large number of holes, such baskets “breathe”, moisture does not linger, and unpleasant odors do not appear.

Usually, for a family of 2-3 people, they use one basket with a separator, and for a large family, they put several baskets. Corner models are more ergonomic, they can be placed in an empty corner and make the most of the space. Small baskets can be placed inside the cabinet on the bottom shelf. You can put several baskets for each family member or make an indication on each basket what kind of linen is stored here: black, white or colored.

2 Table with storage compartment

An ordinary coffee table from the living room can successfully fit into the interior of the bathroom. On the tabletop it will be convenient to store your phone, jewelry, cosmetics or decorative cosmetics, a mirror. And inside the table you can organize the storage of linen. This option is suitable for those who have little furniture in the bathroom.

3 Bookcase or chest of drawers

This option is convenient in those rooms where there are a lot of voids. The impressive size of the furniture is justified by its versatility — in a chest of drawers or on a bookcase, you can conveniently distribute linen by color and type, and additionally organize the storage of laundry and cleaning products.

four Plastic container or bowl

A budget and quick way to replace a basket or whatnot to temporarily store laundry. This method should be considered as temporary, since there is no ventilation in the basin, the air does not circulate, which means that the laundry may become moldy. A good analogue of a conventional basin is a plastic bucket with perforation, in which the laundry will “breathe”.

5 Bag

Textile bags, like wicker baskets, are well ventilated. It is convenient to hang them on a door or wall, thus unloading the floor area and using empty spaces in the bathroom.

If the area allows, hang several different-colored bags, in each of which you will put the laundry, sorting it by type.

6 Built-in baskets

To create a more concise space and get rid of unnecessary details such as a basket or a laundry bag, it is worth considering built-in baskets in the cabinets under the sink or, if space permits, in a separate closet at the bathroom planning stage. Baskets are better to choose wicker or natural fabrics to ensure air circulation.

7 Shelf in the closet

All you need for this option is to have a spacious bathroom and a closet in it. To make access more convenient, put a drawer or organizer inside, in which you can immediately sort the laundry without spending time on it before washing.