Indoor plants are actively used in many modern styles: from eco to scandi. But not all species are able to decorate the space around them: individual green pets, on the contrary, can hopelessly spoil even the most thoughtful design. The article collected 6 colors that look unattractive, and also told how they can be replaced.

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one Geranium

Fragrant pelargonium with fluffy leaves and pink or red flowers used to be in almost every apartment. But today its appearance is no longer so relevant, because many other flowering plants have appeared that look more decorative.

What to replace

If you want to decorate the window sill with a flowering bush, pay attention to spathiphyllum, fuchsia, cyclamen and other beautiful flowering plants.

2 Aloe

An inconspicuous but very useful succulent that our grandmothers used both as a natural cosmetic and as a medicinal product. Unfortunately, aloe looks most often bad: a crooked tree, propped up with sticks and tied to them with ropes. It is difficult to call it an interior decoration.

What to replace

Regular aloe can be replaced with a more attractive aloe vera variety. If the benefits are not fundamental, choose any other succulent instead: haworthia, gasteria, echeveria.

3 Schlumbergera

Like geraniums, the blooming spreading Decembrist has long gone out of fashion. Today, its appearance can be called attractive with a stretch: pink flowers on long branches do not fit into modern styles.


What to replace

Other flowering ampelous plants: fuchsia, clerodendrum, begonia.

four Tradescantia

This surprisingly unpretentious flower can still be found in many houses and apartments: it practically does not require care, it reproduces easily, it looks good overall, but it is too simple.


What to replace

More relevant flowers: callisia, dwarf ficus, scindapsus, creeping monstera.

5 Violet

Velvety leaves and purple flowers with yellow stamens: this is how many people imagine violets, because before most flower growers grew only this variety. Today, the assortment of violets is much wider, but their main disadvantage is that you can only see the beauty from above. Looking at the violet from the side, you can only see the pot and the tips of the leaves: it is unlikely that such decor can decorate the interior.


What to replace

If you like violets, choose decorative varieties and place them well below eye level. Or occupy the window sills with something larger and more noticeable.

6 Kalanchoe

An adult kalanchoe bush looks a little more attractive than aloe: often this succulent also has to be propped up with sticks or tied to a support. Rare leaves on a crooked stem are not the kind of decor that should be kept in a modern apartment.

There is also a flowering variety: Kalanchoe Blossfeld. It looks more decorative, but requires timely pruning and proper care. Otherwise, it will also become inconspicuous and spoil the appearance of the room in which it stands.

HI eat replace

Any relevant decorative leafy plants: ficuses, palm trees, tropical flowers.