When purchasing an apartment or a house, we immediately begin to imagine in what style the entire design of our premises will be made. Someone likes modern, someone prefers the classics, but someone is crazy about the loft style. Many people start to go crazy just looking at a photo of a loft-style house.

This style is unique in itself. All this is due to its unpretentiousness and easy adaptation to any details. He is able to combine different finishing materials and interior items. Designers love to decorate the interior in a loft-style country house for its freedom in creativity.

Brief content of the article:

Living room of a country house or apartment with a loft design

If translated literally from English the name of this style, it will mean «non-residential premises». In England, they are often called rooms in the attic or attic, as well as long-forgotten construction sites, where there are huge rooms with high ceilings, walls and vaults.

The living room is a room where the whole family, friends, relatives gather. The loft in the living room is a room that is quite spacious. The walls are usually plastered, brick decoration is allowed.

Of the furniture, a semicircular sofa will fit perfectly, necessarily large in size (we remember that this design fits perfectly into huge spaces). The sofa will look great in a huge space directly in the center of the room.

Near it will look good coffee or coffee table. The ideal option would be a transformer, if necessary, it can be turned into a full-fledged table, at which enough people can comfortably accommodate.

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The table can be made of glass, metal or wood. It can be of various shapes — from the usual round or square to the ellipse. Some designers love furniture that is made from ordinary pallets. The interior may have a fireplace, not necessarily a real one, you can also place an electric one.

It would be appropriate to decorate the room with posters, which are decorated in strict frames, floor carpets, figurines. Particularly advanced designers, in the presence of huge space, can put a motorcycle in the interior of a loft-style house, or maybe a bicycle against the wall.

Loft style bedroom

The sleeping area is the quietest part of the apartment or house. It should have a comfortable and simple interior. For wall decoration, decorative plaster is usually used, which can have a worn or aged effect. It would be appropriate to look at a tile that imitates a brick.

The floor covering is a parquet board with a rough texture or a light or dark gray laminate. In the center of the room is a bed, which can have a high headboard. Nightstands near the bed can be of a simpler style, for example, made of metal. They may be rectangular.

If there is free space, you can arrange a rocking chair that is quite fashionable in our time. The ideal option is leather upholstery, a chrome base, a carriage coupler.

The bed can be decorated with a bedspread of one dark color. Decorate the floor with a striped carpet with zigzags. Hang a beautiful and stylish modular picture on the wall. If you like to read in an armchair, a floor lamp with a high leg will look good next to a rocking chair.

Kitchen decorated in a trendy loft style

In a kitchen with a similar fashionable design, furniture that has a chrome-plated metal facade will look good. Kitchen appliances must be identical in color. Thanks to the color solutions, the red shade of the brick that we see on the walls will be played up.

The ideal colors for a loft-style kitchen are white, beige, and gray. The kitchen must have all the necessary appliances — food processors, dishwasher, oven, stove.

You can decorate the room with the help of strict flower pots (it will be good to plant lush plants or flowers in them). Decorate the windows with blinds. Modern sconces fit perfectly on the walls. The chandelier will look best if it is made of glass, chrome-plated metal. The one that is made in Hi-Tech style will fit well here.

The kitchen can have a bar counter or an island table, which is located near the kitchen set. Table for eating — wooden or glass. Chairs can be rattan or made of plastic. Upholstery can be leather.

A good option for a loft style can be a combination of a kitchen with a dining room and a living room. The space can be easily divided using a variety of decorative finishes and color schemes.

Loft style bathroom

For a bathroom decorated in a loft style, the presence of tiles is a must. The rougher the tile, the more scuffs, the more appropriate it will be. The presence of brickwork or tiles with a brick effect is allowed. It would seem that expensive plumbing will not fit here, but no! It will fit perfectly into the interior.

Imagine, on a special pedestal or pedestal, a bathtub of bright white color, on elegant legs, is installed. The washbasin can be oval.

If you want to put a shower stall — choose ultra-modern, with massage functions. You can hang a waterproof TV on the wall. A variety of art objects will look good as a decor (for example, a toothbrush holder in the form of a typewriter).

Country house exterior

The project of the house necessarily includes not only the design of the interior, but also the exterior. In order for a country house to be made in a loft style, designers use the simplest and most understandable ideas. All lines should be clearer and more even.

The exterior of a country house should be simple and concise. Do not attract attention, but at the same time pay attention to people passing by. There should also be a platform for the car.

It is not allowed to have any decorative elements on the walls of the building. Loft-style home design is sure to attract the attention of your friends and family.

Decorating Tips

Industrial style implies the presence of designer furniture in combination with industrial decor. In order for the combination to be correct, you should remember some rules:

  • rely on steel products (steel entrance doors, plaques on the walls);
  • furniture is best done with a smooth surface, without unnecessary decoration;
  • antique technology will fit well here;
  • antique furniture will also look good — it will only emphasize your individuality and peculiarity;
  • wall lamps may have metal covers.

If you have a private house and you do not want to spoil the beautiful design, you can not decorate the windows with curtains or blinds. If you have windows overlooking a neighbor’s house or the street — make a choice in favor of Roman blinds or industrial blinds. Their design will allow enough light to pass through, but at the same time everything that happens in your home will be hidden from prying eyes.

The color palette of this design does not imply the use of only dark shades. Here you can safely use all sorts of bright shades that will only add zest to the design. However, bright spots should be diluted with strict and clear lines and colors of this design.

The most typical combinations are black and white, which can serve as both a background and a stylish decor at the same time.

Photo of loft-style houses