one Remove stickers from things

Some manufacturers place stickers on dishes, clothes and other things that are very difficult to remove. Even if you manage to remove them, the glue left after will spoil your mood for a long time. The steamer will help you get rid of the sticker without leaving a trace. To do this, simply heat it with hot steam. The sticker will easily peel off the surface.

2 Defrost refrigerator

For faster defrosting, our mothers and grandmothers have long gotten the hang of putting hot water containers in the refrigerator or freezer. It evaporated inside the chamber, and the ice from the warm steam melted much faster. But if you have a steamer, the process can be accelerated several times. Unplug the refrigerator from the mains, remove all food and objects from it, lay a dry cloth or just a towel down. When processing ice with a steamer, try to keep it at a distance of 20-30 cm from the walls and do not point it at the rubber gaskets.


3 Clean off dirt or grease

If after cooking you had no time to wipe the stove, apron, oven from grease or other dirt, then cleaning these stains after is not an easy task. In this case, you will also need a steamer: go over the steam on the hob and the inside of the oven. From a warm surface, the dirt will move away much faster. The same can be done with a kitchen apron: steam it, and then wash it with a regular grease remover. You will see, cleaning efforts will have to be made much less.

four Eliminate mold

The steam helps to remove fungus in the bathroom. It is not necessary to buy a steam cleaner if you have a regular steamer. When cleaning weekly, go through it in places where mold likes to form: on the edges of curtains, tile seams and shower doors.


5 Disinfect surfaces and things

Hot steaming is a great method to get rid of most germs. In this case, the method allows you to abandon chemical agents or alcohol solutions. Just fill the tank with water and walk over the surfaces. But be careful, not everything can be cleaned in this way: for example, varnished furniture or materials that are not resistant to moisture should not be steamed.

6 Clean windows and glass

The steamer will help you clean windows quickly. Pass all over the glass with steam, then remove the remaining moisture along with the dirt with a rubber squeegee from top to bottom. After that, let the surface dry, additional polishing is not required, since with this method stains are practically not formed.


7 Process textiles

If you notice a small stain or stubborn dirt on the carpet, a steamer will help to clean it off. Direct hot steam to this place, wait a while for it to penetrate into the pile. Then rub the stain with a damp soft sponge or simply remove the adhering particles — the dirt will easily come off.

Also, using the device, you can clean the upholstery on upholstered furniture. This will especially help out the owners of sofas and armchairs with non-removable covers. The steam will help remove light odors, dust and surface dirt.