No apartment is complete without storage systems. And even on a small footage, you need at least one roomy one — for clothes, textiles and large accessories. In this article, we show photos of modern wardrobes in the bedroom, hallway and living room, and also tell you what to look for when choosing.

Stylish and beautiful modern wardrobes

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Modern wardrobes (photo of rooms below) remain popular due to several significant advantages.

  • Space saving. The main advantage of such a storage system is that the doors move to the side, and do not swing forward, so there is no need to leave empty space for them. This saves usable space, which is critical in small apartments. In addition, you can pick up or make to order a compact narrow model for a non-standard small room: for example, a narrow corridor or a tiny sleeping area.
  • Capacity. Inside the structure, all free space is used, which, in addition, can be equipped with hanging modules, organizers, hooks, shelf dividers, etc.
  • Versatility. This applies to both design and content. You can put a modern wardrobe in the hallway or bedroom, in the living room and even in the nursery. And inside — to store anything: from clothes to suitcases, household appliances and sports equipment.
  • Variability of facades. The problem with large furniture is that it takes up a lot of space, often seems too bulky, and because of its size, it immediately attracts attention. At the closet, you can make any facades: transparent, semi-matte glass, deaf, with photo printing and other decor, or completely covered with mirrors. The latter option will also make the room visually larger due to the extensive mirror surface.
  • saving money. Firstly, you can choose the design and content for any budget. Secondly, built-in wardrobes allow you to save on materials, as the walls replace the floor, walls and ceiling.

The result is a universal system that covers most storage issues in any apartment. If ready-made solutions do not suit you, you can make a custom-made model exactly to your size and needs. And the variability of the design allows you to accurately fit the overall product into any style, including modern interiors.

What should be the modern design of the wardrobe in the bedroom or another room?

  • In neutral tones. Choose natural shades that are pleasing to the eye, but acidic and overly colorful colors are best avoided.
  • Without cheap photo printing, screen painting, gaudy stickers, stucco and other decorations.
  • Concise in form, with simple and clean lines. If the model is angular, it should not have strange beveled sides.


Consider a photo of modern wardrobes in the bedroom and other rooms, and see what models are.


By design, modern wardrobes in the living room, bedroom or hallway are divided into cabinet and built-in.


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The case model differs from the usual wardrobe only in the way the doors open (sideways, not forward). It is placed on the floor anywhere — no additional fasteners and complex installation. Typically, case cabinets are placed close to the wall, but they can also be placed perpendicularly (for example, when you need to zone a room) or fit into an existing niche if it fits in size.

The main advantage of such models is mobility. They are easy to rearrange to another room and transport to a new apartment without even disassembling. Or quickly dismantle and then reassemble. But at the same time, this option, on average, costs more than a built-in cabinet (again, due to more materials — all the walls will be needed here) and takes a few centimeters of usable area in the place where it comes into contact with the surface.


Usually such systems are made to order, since they fit into a given space, and it is necessary that the dimensions match exactly.

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There are different designs: only doors or sashes and one, two, three walls. You can make a straight, angular or radius model, deep or narrow. The advantages are obvious: space is rationally used, you can install a storage system even in a very small or complex area, fit architectural features into the design (for example, a sloping wall or an uncomfortable ledge). Also, an individual design allows you to choose the content that is right for you: someone needs more shelves, and someone needs a large compartment for suits or a collection of bags.

There is essentially only one minus — such a structure cannot simply be moved or transferred to another room. And if you dismantle it, for the walls in this place it will be necessary to rethink the finish, if before that there was only a rough one.

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Facades are responsible for the modern design of wardrobes in the bedroom (photo in the gallery), living room or hallway — we see them.


In this version of the design of the facades, the doors are opaque, made of MDF, chipboard, veneer, wood, etc.

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They can be solid or complemented by light decorative elements: for example, strips or inserts from another material. The first option is suitable if you want to make the design as inconspicuous as possible — in this case, it is important that the canvas does not stand out, and there is nothing to catch the eye. The second option makes the product look more interesting and graphic.


Doors made of glass look interesting: transparent, tinted or matte. This design not only looks impressive, but also performs useful functions.

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Firstly, the content is visible behind transparent or translucent facades — this is convenient. Secondly, glass surfaces visually lighten the design, make it more elegant and not so bulky in appearance. Thanks to this, the room as a whole seems a little more spacious.


Finally, one of the most popular options is fully or partially mirrored doors.

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This solution has several significant advantages.:

  • The issue with the mirror is immediately resolved. Moreover, next to the wardrobe system it is good to have a large, full-length one, but for such a model there is not always a free wall or space on the floor.
  • Any mirrors visually increase the space, and on such a scale, the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room will seem at least twice as large. If the reflective surface is opposite the window, or at least at an angle to it, the amount of natural light will also increase.
  • No need to suffer with the design, choosing the texture and color of the surface. Mirrors will reflect the decor of the room, thus naturally fitting the design into the overall design.

The only obvious disadvantage is the complexity of care. Fingerprints and any stains are clearly visible on the mirrored doors. But you need to clean it regularly in any case, and it is enough to wipe such surfaces with a soft cloth, after spraying with a special agent. It doesn’t take long.

Design Ideas

Consider how to fit wardrobes in a modern style in the hallway, bedroom and living room.

Sliding wardrobe for a bedroom in a modern style

Most often, we store clothes here, so you can’t do without a spacious closet.

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Depending on the size of the room, the number of things that need to be stored, and the availability of other places in the apartment for this, the design can be either super-compact with a minimum depth or very roomy. If there is enough space, you can make a wardrobe closet — this is not a whole separate dressing room, but it is larger and more convenient than the standard model. You can enter it, as well as conveniently organize the filling in order to place all the necessary things.

Despite all the advantages of models with mirrored facades, many people avoid putting them in the sleeping room due to superstition or simple discomfort. If you do not want to see your reflection at night, you can order a combined version, in which only one or two sections will be mirrored. Or plan the arrangement of furniture so that the facades are not opposite the bed.


The second popular place for a large storage system is the hallway. Usually outerwear, shoes, suitcases and bags, household items, appliances, sports equipment are stored here. If the apartment is small, there may also be casual clothes or bedding.

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The main problem in the hallway is limited footage. Most often, the entrance area is small in size, and this is not always a space that is convenient in shape. The usual story is a long corridor-appendix, in which it is almost impossible to place any furniture. In this situation, built-in models to order will help out, which can be made to fit any size. If the hallway is too narrow, plan the filling so that the hangers are not perpendicular to the back wall, but vice versa. It is better to make the structure wider in order to accommodate a sufficient number of hangers, but it will turn out to be shallow and fit into the space of the corridor.

Living room

You can store anything in the living room: from books and documents to clothes and bedding.

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A big plus of closed systems is that the contents are hidden behind the doors, so you don’t have to worry about what’s inside. Often in small apartments or studios there is no other place to equip a spacious closet, so everything is stored in it: textiles, clothes, toys, bags, household appliances, etc. In this case, it is important to organize the filling so that all these things are distributed into compartments, and you know exactly where everything is.

The design depends on the overall style. For example, light facades made of wood or its high-quality analogues will fit into Scandi and Eco. You can leave the natural color or paint the canvas, for example, white. For minimalism and contemporary, laconic forms and smooth surfaces are important. Barn doors, metal and glass details, raw wood will look interesting in the loft interior. In the gallery below, we have collected photos of modern wardrobes in the living room.