one Collect cutlery in a vase or glass

Those cutlery that you use constantly is inconvenient to get out of the cabinets every time. In this case, it makes sense to rearrange them and keep them handy. For example, they will look great in a beautiful vase or bulky glass.

In this way, you can also organize...
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In this way, you can also organize ladles, skimmers, tongs for meat and salad. Choose a container of the right size: such that the accessories take up half the volume.

2 Put up a bookcase

The bookcase doubles the storage space on the countertop. This is an easy and convenient way to bring together small items that are usually scattered throughout the kitchen.

With the help of a bookcase, you can organize...
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With the help of a bookcase, you can organize the dishes that you use every day, or little things that you constantly need at hand. For example, put together zip bags, coffee capsules, napkins, or set up a tea station.

3 Use roof rails

Some items are more convenient to store hanging. For example, mugs or small boards in this version take up much less space.

Also in this way you can organize...
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You can also organize your cooking accessories in this way, such as spatulas or tongs. Or place small kitchen textiles on the railing: potholders, mini-towels, mittens. So all the necessary things will be at hand, and the countertop at the same time will remain free.

four Choose one color scheme

Storage accessories designed in the same style or at least in one palette look beautiful and stylish. You can compose the composition yourself or buy a ready-made set.

To avoid visual noise
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To avoid visual noise, it is better to use jars and containers with opaque walls. Inside you can store groceries, tea bags, coffee capsules or important little things like checks or recipes.

5 Place an organizer by the sink

Special attention deserves the space next to the sink. This is a dirty area that needs to be washed regularly and kept as clean as possible to prevent bacteria and odors from developing.

To do this, remove from the sides ...
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To do this, remove sponges and dishwashing accessories from the sides of the sink and put them in the organizer. This simple hack will make cleaning easier for you, as well as make storage near the sink more tidy and visually “clean”.

6 Use a swivel stand

A rotating rack with several tiers can be used instead of a stationary shelf. Each of them will add additional storage space, freeing up countertop space.

The main advantage of torque
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The main advantage of a rotating delivery is its mobility. To get some little thing, it is not necessary to reach far for it — just turn the accessory.

7 Make use of the space behind the stove

In the area of ​​u200bu200bthe apron, which is located behind the hob or stove, storage can also be arranged. This is true for those who have a small kitchen and do not have enough space on the countertop for everything you need.

This place is convenient to keep accessories...
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In this place it is convenient to keep cooking accessories so that in the process you do not have to look for them in the kitchen, but reach out and quickly get them. Also on this section of the apron, you can make a small shelf for spices. It is important to ensure that the materials are durable and are not afraid of proximity to heated dishes and steam.

eight Put the little things together

To beautifully organize storage on the kitchen countertop, arrange items in compositions. For example, put a beautiful cutting board, several jars of cereals in the same style, and a wooden ladle nearby.

This method will help out in case, e ...
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This method will help out if you do not have the opportunity to use whatnots, hangers and other accessories that organize storage. Aesthetic composition will help to organize various little things in the kitchen more neatly, without even distributing them into organizers.