If the house is built of wood, will plastic windows work? Wooden ones have not disappeared from the market; however, they have become more expensive. The structure has become more complex. They are now more reliable, protect more effectively from environmental factors. Plastic ones are cheaper, more popular. Which one is better, from what material — that is the question.

Brief content of the article:

Pros and cons of a wooden window

Wood is a beautiful, natural, safe material. Increasingly, they choose it when starting the construction of a house. They prefer to varnish, not to hide the natural structure, the bizarre shape of logs, the pattern of fibers, chips. There are reasons for this. Ethno-style, eco-style in fashion, disposes, captivates, delights. Modern man lacks beauty, sophistication and simplicity. Ethno-style and eco-style satisfy this need.

Phone calls, a lot of people on the street, advertising posters, highways, traffic jams, lights are constantly distracting, you have to react to them, pay attention automatically, against your will. The receptors are overloaded.

Arriving home, you can relax, take a look at the strong, reliable wooden walls, remember how generous nature really is. The environment is no longer perceived as an aggressor. It gives well-being, comfort, all the resources necessary for a successful life. Delicious dinner, sound sleep helps to relieve fatigue. In the morning, you can plunge headlong into the reality of the 21st century again.

A miracle of scientific and technological progress, plastic windows can break the harmony. Again, we will have to remember that a person cannot live without civilization, business, work, production and industry.

It is more logical to buy wooden windows from this point of view. They also bring back fond memories. Previously, when only they were installed in houses, it was easier to live. Damaged glass could be replaced by every adult family member, and even a teenager.

Beads, nails, a hammer — that’s all that was needed for this. Using the same glazing beads, the frame was repaired if any damage was found on it.

Modern wooden windows are a more reliable design. The rubber seal located between the glass and the frame blocks noise, reduces the degree of vibration, and prevents the penetration of dust and moisture. Replacing the glass yourself is as difficult as in a plastic window.

Advantages of plastic windows

They appeared relatively recently in the countries of the post-Soviet space. Today they are installed in almost every home. A lot of people are pretty fed up. Beautiful, stylish, spectacular, initially attracted with their luxury, extravagance. Soon they began to be installed everywhere.

From a curiosity, novelties, plastic windows have become a standard, an ordinary thing. Their shortcomings became noticeable — nothing is perfect in the world. Seals, double-glazed windows sometimes need to be changed, repaired.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to be disappointed in them. Plastic windows still perfectly protect from noise and cold. It is a durable, strong technology. They are beautiful, look modern, and are inexpensive.

Various colors and configurations

The configuration is determined on an individual basis. She can be anyone. The window will turn into a bright, spectacular decoration of the facade, if you make it round, for example, or in the shape of an arch.

Functionality will expand if the sash opens not only in normal mode, but also in the «ventilation» mode. Sometimes you need a solid, non-opening window.

Of great importance is not only the shape, the function of opening and closing the shutters, the presence of a window, the number of air chambers in a double-glazed window, but also the color of the frame.

The design of plastic windows in a wooden house can be both standard and unusual, extravagant. Different shades of brown, gray, white, burgundy color will help to make a positive impression on neighbors, passers-by.

You can install white, classic plastic windows, because it is a neutral color. It is combined with all colors without exception. The image of a classic hut, of course, changes in this case. Nobody painted window frames white before. The paint quickly peeled off, covered with visible cracks on a white background, dust, dirt.

The dark color helped hide it. White plastic windows will need to be washed periodically, although they are not easily soiled. Melted snow, raindrops easily flow down on an absolutely smooth surface. Grains of dust have nothing to cling to.

Photos of plastic windows in a wooden house, different color combinations convince: this is a good choice, the right decision. They are appropriate, emphasize the beauty of natural materials, complement it.

The facade of a wooden house can be sheathed with siding, for example, or hidden by other finishing materials. In this case, plastic windows are also suitable. They are effective and expressive. Plastic gives the impression of a material that is pleasant to the touch due to its matte sheen.

Facade can be admired. It is important for a caring owner that the installation can be done by hand. The situation, circumstances will never be an obstacle if you rely on yourself, not only on specialists.

How to install plastic windows in a wooden house? It is worth understanding, evaluating your strengths, weighing all the pros and cons, and seeing the prospects. If the road is covered with snow, mobile communication suddenly disappears, it will be possible to spend the unexpectedly appeared time on pleasant cares about the house.

A simple task — installation

Plastic windows in an old house are easier to install on the one hand, and more difficult on the other. It’s easier because during dismantling you can see with your own eyes that there is nothing special in fixing the structure. It is difficult for a person who has nothing to do with construction to believe that this work is not difficult. Nevertheless, everyone can master the construction profession.

Plastic windows are a heavy thing. Even if the window opening is small, it is still better to do the work with a partner. You can call a neighbor or relative. After installation, go fishing or organize barbecues, gather a noisy company of loved ones, call new friends.

To dismantle the previous windows, additional tools will be required, such as a nail puller, crowbar, puncher, chisel. It’s harder to find everything you need. It will take more time to replace windows. In a new wooden house, everything can be done faster.

Are there any specific features of installing plastic windows in a wooden house? Undoubtedly. Replacing the windows at home, in the country, you can no longer cope with the task, but all because the walls are made of different building materials.

In the case of a window in a concrete or brick wall, the shrinkage factor is not taken into account. It is not relevant if the wooden house is built using the frame method. It is easier to attach slopes to a wooden wall.

Do-it-yourself plastic windows in a wooden house should be installed as follows:

  • make a casing out of a wooden beam or, as it is also called, a pigtail — a base that will withstand the pressure of the walls on the frames (if the house is built by the frame method, you can do without them);
  • unpack the window and insert it into the opening;
  • align with a level;
  • screw the frame
  • screw the window tide;
  • install a window sill;
  • fill all seams with mounting foam.

Having bought plastic windows, having examined them, having examined them, having tried on weight, you can decide what is better to do next — contact specialists or proceed with self-assembly with a friend. It is possible, of course, to objectively assess the volume of work only in this case.

Photo of plastic windows in a wooden house