If there is a cluster of dishes in the sink that it’s time to wash, crumbs on the countertop, and a pair of boots gathering dust in the hallway, it looks like a mess. And, on the contrary, if you take care of these things in advance, you can avoid total cleaning, and instead drink a cup of delicious coffee.

Retell all the tips in a short video

one Dirty dishes from the sink

Dirty dishes that sit in the sink all night can start to emit an unpleasant smell and even cause cockroaches to appear in the house. Even if it doesn’t, a mountain of dishes in the sink can ruin any morning. Moreover, it does not contribute to the order in the kitchen.

2 Toys

If you have children, toys will be constantly scattered around the apartment throughout the day. It is ideal to remove them immediately after play or at least every time before the child goes to bed. Yes, this is often, but thanks to this, the house will be cleaner.

If you don’t have the opportunity to clean up toys regularly, make a habit of doing it once a day before bed. It is most convenient to sort items into categories, for this you need to stock up on several boxes.

3 Crumbs from the dinner table

It is best to wash them after every meal. But if you forgot and found the table dirty in the evening, take a couple of minutes and walk on it with a damp cloth. In the morning, it will be much more pleasant for you to have breakfast at a clean table, and not start cleaning up before that.

four Rubbish and dirt from countertops

There are often a lot of unnecessary things on the kitchen worktop, crumbs or leftover food accumulate after cooking. All this is very easy to clean — just walk on the surface with a damp cloth. At the same time, if you do not do this regularly in the evening, it will be more difficult to wash off many stains in the morning, and leftover food may deteriorate.

5 Extra equipment

If you have appliances that are used periodically, it must also be cleaned before going to bed so as not to clutter up the countertop. For example, it includes a toaster, juicer, blender. It is unlikely that they will be used regularly and daily, and they will take up space on the work surface.

6 street shoes

In bad weather, outdoor shoes can be left for a short time on the door mat in the corridor so that moisture can drain from it and dirt settles on the pile. After that, it is better to put it in its place and not litter the space at the door. Otherwise, the hallway will lose its neat appearance and become like a warehouse of things. If you didn’t have time to do this mini-cleaning during the day, you can do it in the evening: just rearrange the dried shoes on the shoe rack. So the entrance area will become neater.

7 Outerwear

The same rule applies to outerwear, especially in the cold season. Bulky jackets, fur coats and down jackets that hang in a lump on a hanger in the hallway look unattractive and spoil the appearance of the room. You can leave only what you need in the morning, for example, for going to work. The rest of the clothes and hats that spend their lives idle on hooks and shelves should be put away in the closet.