In the minds of many people, security services are associated with danger, catastrophe, weapons and war. While the word “protection” itself, in one of its meanings, implies not so much protection from a disaster that has happened, but rather its prevention, prevention. Moreover, the modern reality with ultra-high-speed technologies, the eternal absence of time and a large number of accidents does not leave time for reflection and correction of what happened.

The 21st century dictates the need to provide security services of a different quality, aimed at ensuring the Highest Degree of Security, remote monitoring https://asb-voevoda.ru/business/udalennyy-monitoring/, providing an indefinite guarantee of peace and prosperity.

Brief content of the article:

Complex of security measures

Losses can be avoided if a competent set of preventive measures is developed and implemented, and the experience of prompt response is applied in the event of non-standard situations. For example, to protect their apartment, many traditionally install a burglar alarm https://asb-voevoda.ru/individuals/okhrannaya-signalizatsiya/.

These measures allow you to quickly eliminate a fire or attack that has already occurred, but not to avoid an accident. Specialists will not allow the most critical situation to arise. The entire building and surrounding area is checked for safety, sources of threat are analyzed and eliminated.

A perfect video surveillance system will be installed in your apartment. You yourself will be able to watch the children or the abandoned apartment at any time. And the sensors will timely register the most minimal disruption in the operation of household appliances or help detect surveillance of the apartment at the initial stage.

For each client, specialists select an individual comprehensive program, taking into account all factors: from the characteristics of the protected object itself to the economic and social situation in the region.

Services briefly: Physical security of various objects

  • Departure of rapid response groups on an alarm signal from a protected facility.
  • Armed escort of cargo on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Ensuring law and order in places of mass events: concerts and festivals, forums and presentations, seminars and conferences, exhibitions and advertising companies, physical security https://asb-voevoda.ru/business/fizicheskaya-okhrana/. Search for channels of information leakage (listening devices) and measures to counter them.
  • Security consulting services.
  • Design, installation and maintenance of security and communication systems, such as: security, fire, «alarm» alarms, video surveillance systems, audio communications, notifications, sounding of objects and audio and video intercoms, perimeter protection, access with autonomous and remote control.