In a short video collected all the items from the collection. Watch if you don’t have time to read

one Soil moisture sensor «Chilipulver», 299 rubles

Among the new products in the assortment of the Swedish brand is a real find for gardeners. The soil moisture sensor is useful for those who are constantly confused in the irrigation scheme. If you insert it into the soil, the indicator will show the need for moisture, and it determines three watering modes: rare, medium and frequent. To do this, simply select the desired mode on the sensor.

Chilipulver is recommended to be used only indoors, and the battery, which will need to be purchased separately, is removed when the sensor is not needed.

2 Hanging planter «Scurar», 349 rubles

In hanging planters, it is easy to place plants in the interior, even if there is no space on horizontal surfaces: shelves, countertops, furniture. In this way, it will be possible to successfully decorate a small room or a balcony, even an open one, since the planter is suitable for outdoor use.

3 Substrate «Odla», 399 rubles

Clay pellets can be applied to home gardening in several ways. The first is to fill the empty space in the planter with a small plant. The second is to add to the soil in order to regulate its moisture content. And the third — as a drainage.

four Cache-pot «Boysenber», 349 rubles

A novelty in the IKEA assortment is the Boysenbaer planter, made of concrete. The stylish look and unique design of each pot will appeal to sophisticated gardeners. Sold in three sizes: 12, 15 and 24 cm. We indicated the cost of a 15 cm planter.

Due to the fact that the product is made of concrete, it can be used both at home and on the street, it can withstand even sub-zero temperatures. At the bottom of the pot there is a soft substrate that will protect both the pot itself and the countertop on which it will be placed from scratches and damage.

5 Watering can «Wattenkrasse», 699 rubles

Even the process of watering can be made beautiful if you choose the appropriate watering can. For example, such as «Wattenkrasse». It is presented in two colors — ivory and emerald green. You can not hide a beautiful watering can in a closet or on a balcony at a time when it is not needed, because it will become an independent decorative accessory. Just leave it on the windowsill or find space on an open shelving unit.

6 Flower box «Socker», 799 rubles

If you want to arrange a flowering garden on the balcony, then such a box will definitely help with this. It can be attached to the railing, thus saving space on a small balcony. Galvanization will prevent the box from rusting.

7 Stand on wheels «Socker», 399 rubles

A stand is needed when the house has large pots with heavy plants that need to be moved periodically, at least during cleaning. Since the stand is on wheels, it is much easier to do this with it. The product can also be used outdoors. If you have linoleum or carpet in the room, then it is likely that the wheels can push through soft coatings.

eight Sprayer «Tomato», 55 rubles

Sometimes the plant does not need to be watered, but also sprayed. And this will help the sprayer. At «Tomato» the pressure of water supply is regulated.