one Storage of household items

The question of how and where it is better to store household supplies and household chemicals must have arisen before every housewife. The best option is to take a separate locker for these needs. Be sure to use the inside of its doors: place a brush, mop and other necessary little things there.

an example of organizing storage on the inner door of a cabinet photo

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The idea is also useful for motorists: they can place everything they need to take care of their “iron horse” on the back of the utility closet door.

idea organization storage on the door of the utility closet photo

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2 spice storage

Narrow shelves or special organizers for storing spices will fit perfectly on the doors of kitchen cabinets.

organization in the kitchen the idea of ​​​​storing spices on the cabinet door

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Sauces, oils and other cooking ingredients can be stored in the same way. Bonus: creating culinary masterpieces will become much easier and more enjoyable if you approach the organization of space wisely.

idea design kitchen organizing storage of spices on the inside of the door photo

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3 Cap storage

Another point that many housewives invariably face is the storage of lids for pots and pans. Holders on cabinet doors quickly and effectively solve this problem.

the idea of ​​​​organizing in the kitchen storage of covers on the cabinet door photo

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four Storing measuring spoons

A slate board (or paint) and a few hooks will help create a convenient and stylish place for storing measuring spoons on the kitchen cabinet door, and also not get confused in the measuring system.

the idea of ​​​​storing measuring spoons on the back of the door design photo

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5 Needlework organizer

An idea that needlewomen will surely like is a kind of organizer on the cabinet door. It will help to compactly and stylishly place everything you need for work, and, if necessary, hide your creative corner with a flick of the wrist.

organization of storage of small things for needlework on the locker door photo idea

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6 pet corner

The solution that will appeal to dog owners and will be most appropriate in the hallway is a corner for your pet’s little things. The inside of the closet door at the entrance will serve as a great place to store leashes, collars and other necessary gizmos.

idea for storing leashes and collars on the cabinet door photo

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7 Supply storage

If you have a pantry or a separate closet for all sorts of supplies, be sure to organize storage on the door as well.

idea photo design storage on the cabinet door in the kitchen

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You can also place spare packs of tissues, lunch bags, baking paper, disposable picnic utensils and more. Do not overdo it with the load on the door: choose lighter little things for storage.

organizing storage on the back of a kitchen cabinet door idea

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eight Gamer’s Corner

A solution that will please gamers and teenagers is the storage of disks, control panels, headphones and other attributes necessary for gamers on the inside of the door.

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9 Bag storage

Hooks or wall hangers make it easy to hang your bag collection on the inside of a closet door (or the back of a dressing room door).

organization of storage of bags on the cabinet door idea photo

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ten Children’s Library

Narrow shelves on the back of the children’s locker doors are the perfect solution for storing a mini-library. Place them at the height of the child and teach your baby to independently choose books and put them in place.

photo idea organizing storage of children's books on the cabinet door photo

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eleven Storage of cosmetics and medicines

Bathroom cabinet doors can also be used for storage: place cosmetics, bath accessories or a first-aid kit there.

idea organization interior bathroom storage on the back of the door in the bathroom design photo

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12 Place for keys and notes

But in the hallway on the cabinet doors, a board for reminders and notes, as well as hooks for keys, will be perfectly located.

photo idea of ​​​​using the inner door of the cabinet in the hallway design storage

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13 Storage of small items and accessories in the hallway

You can go even further — and place a full-fledged organizer for glasses, briefcases, shoe care products and much more on the inside of the closet doors in the hallway.

design decor storage idea on the door in the hallway photo

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fourteen Mini office organizer

If you are the proud owner of a home mini-office, make it even more functional. Narrow shelves for office supplies attached to the backs of cabinet doors will not only help organize the space more conveniently, but also make your workplace much tidier.

idea design storage organization for mini office at home photo

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fifteen Bin

Also on the inside of the door you can attach a trash can or waste paper basket.

trash can idea on locker door example photo

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The solution is suitable for the kitchen, mini-office and student workplace.

example in the kitchen wastebasket bucket on the cabinet door inside idea photo

Photo: IKEA