The pediment is the upper part of the facade of the building, bounded by the slopes of the roof. Most often it is triangular, although sometimes there are more complex shapes — a trapezoid, part of a circle, a polyhedron, and so on.

Historically, this surface was often filled with sculpture and other decorations. In combination with the expressive means of modern architecture, such excesses would look excessively grotesque. However, even now the design of the triangular completion of the house is a very important component of its appearance.

In the question of how to make a pediment at home, everything matters — the material used to sheath this part of the facade, decor elements, the presence or absence of a window and its shape, cornice.

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Types of pediment cladding

Faced with the problem of how to sheathe the gable of the house, you will face several basic options. At the moment, wood, brick, decorative stone, siding are used for these purposes. Of course, more exotic alternatives are also possible — however, these materials are now the most popular and affordable.

When choosing one or another type of skin should be guided by several factors. Firstly, how these materials will be combined with the main facade cladding. They must complement each other well. The color of the pediment of the house should not stand out from the general style.

Secondly, it is important to take into account the protective properties of a particular type of skin. Attractiveness alone is clearly not enough. After all, the pediment, among other things, is also a fragment of the wall, exposed to wind, snow loads, and temperature extremes.

Thirdly and fourthly, the complexity of installation and the price of the issue follow. Here you have to evaluate your own capabilities.

Siding gables of houses

Siding is considered easy to work, resistant to environmental influences, lightweight and reliable material. It harmonizes well with wooden facades, worse — with brick or stone. However, due to the wide range of textures and colors, it can sometimes be used with these two types of skin.

If you want to clad the gable with your own hands, then siding in this case is the best option. You will need to calculate the required amount of material and purchase it along with the fittings needed for installation.

Then you should prepare the surface on which you are going to fix the panels. To do this, it needs to be cleaned, rid of cracks.

Then follows the device of the crate — made of wood or metal, of your choice. The final step is to fix the siding panels on the crate using self-tapping screws.

Wood Benefits

Despite the many advantages of vinyl or metal siding, many prefer the less durable and more vulnerable wood. Sometimes — in the format of the same typical panels installed according to the scheme that has already been described above.

But often more complex wood cladding materials are used. In other words, people continue to choose wood, despite its capriciousness, relatively low protective characteristics and high price. Why?

It’s all about how aesthetically pleasing this material is. It visually seems warm, alive, real. In addition, the tree goes well with all sorts of decorative details, stone, brick, glass surfaces. Fits well with almost any architectural style.

Vinyl siding cannot boast of such a thing. That is why the tree remains relevant, despite all its imperfections and the emergence of new modern materials.

Advantages and disadvantages of brick

This material is often used for the gables of brick houses. For a wooden cottage or a building lined with siding, it will most likely not fit well, as it looks visually heavier.

To build a triangular completion of the house from this material, first install a rail in the center of the end wall to the entire height of the pediment of the house. In combination with a reinforcing mesh, it provides rigidity to the final result. They try to lay the brick so that there are as few gaps as possible.

Among the advantages of this material, I would like to note its good protective properties, strength, reliability, beauty. In addition, it, like wood, is well suited for most styles — both traditional and modern. All sorts of architectural details and decor work well together with a brick surface.

Decorative stone as a facing material

This method of sheathing the pediment is considered one of the most expensive, it is used quite rarely. It’s quite difficult to deal with him. However, it can be found in the photo of the gables of houses designed by the world’s leading architects.

Decorative stone forms a very active and attractive texture, which, when properly combined with other materials, can look very impressive. It interacts well with different types of plaster, brick, elements of classical design.

Other ways to decorate the front of the house

Among the numerous varieties of decorating this part of the facade of the building, one can single out wooden carvings, openwork forged elements, gypsum stucco molding or more modern versions imitating it, painting, and so on. The choice in favor of one or another method depends on the style of your cottage and your preferences.

The Russian style is compatible with woodcarving and painting, but not with stucco moldings and plaster rosettes. Art Nouveau is well complemented by figured forging with a floral pattern, but not carved platbands with ears of corn. And so on.

Very beautiful gables of houses are obtained by using wooden figured carving, however, it is quite difficult to work with, unstable to external influences.

Openwork forged elements are much more durable and wear-resistant. They can be ordered from specialized companies.

Imitation of stucco is now done relatively easily, from typical elements that are selected in the relevant catalogs. At the same time, it is possible to accurately depict the complex decor related to the solemn and refined classical styles.

There are different approaches to painting. You can, for example, using a stencil, create a simple drawing or pattern yourself. This could turn out to be a very effective solution. You can also use the services of a professional artist.

Photo of the pediment of the house