The appearance of a stain on your favorite blouse, on new upholstered furniture or on any other item is extremely unpleasant. I want to immediately get rid of it and return things to their original form. The easiest way to do this is with the help of special preparations. But how to choose a good stain remover for clothes or furniture? Let’s figure out how to do it right and get acquainted with the rating of the best tools.

The best stain removers of 2022

Tool Selection Criteria
— Appointment
— Release form
– Safety for the material
Rating of the best products
— For white
— for color
— For baby clothes
— For carpets and furniture

How to choose a stain remover

Choosing a stain remover is not difficult if you take into account several important criteria.


All chemicals are designed for different textiles. Based on this, they are divided into groups.

For white materials

Most of them are bleach. The active substances included in their composition discolor, so they cannot be applied to colored textiles. Preparations are used for cotton and blended fabrics. Among them are chlorine-containing compounds, mixtures with sodium percarbonate, hydrogen peroxide. They are used with caution, only for white and light textiles.

For colored linen

They do not discolor colored textiles, but at the same time they destroy stains of various origins. Most often these are chemicals based on active oxygen. Among them there are preparations with the addition of enzymes that remove almost any pollution.

For children’s things

They are characterized by minimal toxicity, completely safe for sensitive children’s skin. Pass additional testing for environmental friendliness.

For furniture or carpets

Effectively destroy pollution without plentiful moistening. They contain strong chemicals of universal action that break down a variety of stains.

Release form

For ease of use, stain removers are produced in different forms. We briefly describe the main ones.

  • Powder. The most budgetary, but at the same time effective option. Can be put into the compartment when washing along with washing powder. The purpose of powder products can be very different. Not recommended for delicate items.
  • liquid or gel. Highly soluble in water, suitable for delicate materials, economical. Can be used spot or for general processing. They do not always cope with chronic pollution, you have to process it again.
  • Spray or pencil. Easy to apply, suitable for spot treatment. When applied, there is no contact with the skin, which is important for people with allergies. The price is always higher than liquid or powder.

Fabric Safety

Aggressive chemicals can destroy tissue structure. This must be taken into account when choosing. Especially carefully you need to use preparations with chlorine. It discolors the material and gradually destroys its structure. Chlorine-containing products are only suitable for dense white fabrics.. Before you treat the stain with a stain remover, be sure to test it on an inconspicuous fragment. Otherwise, there is a risk of irreparable damage to the product.

Rating of the best stain removers

For white textiles


Gel-like stain remover-bleach for light and white textiles.


  • Removes pollution of varying complexity, including wine, berries, tea.
  • Approved for cleaning delicate items made of silk or wool.
  • Contains no chlorine. Non-ionic surfactants and optical brighteners are present.
  • Effective at low temperatures.


  • Temporarily brightens skin upon contact. It is better to work with him with gloves.


Concentrated bleach-stain remover based on active oxygen. Available in powder form.


  • The composition contains enzymes, so the product removes stubborn dirt of various origins and provides whiteness, as in the advertising photo.
  • Universal use for all materials, including delicate ones.
  • Can be used simultaneously with washing: both machine and hand.
  • Without chlorine, does not spoil the coloring and structure of textiles.


  • Cannot be used for colored items.


Oxygen bleach-stain remover, available in powder form.


  • Universal use. Suitable for natural, artificial and mixed fibres.
  • Packed in sticks, each of them is designed for one use.
  • Hypoallergenic, completely rinsed out of any material. Can be taken to process children’s things.
  • Contains five enzymes, oxygen and vegetable surfactants, therefore it cleans the most difficult to remove and old spots even in cool water.


  • High price.

The best stain remover for colored clothes


Powdered preparation for removing stains and enhancing the action of detergents.


  • Contains five different enzymes, which allows you to clean the most difficult to remove dirt.
  • Suitable for linen, cotton, blended and synthetic fabrics.
  • It works already at 30 degrees, this preserves the fabric fibers and the original appearance of the products.
  • The composition does not contain chlorine and its compounds.


  • Cannot be used for silk and wool products.

G-Oxi spray by Grass

A good option is which stain remover for clothes is better to choose for things from different materials.


  • Convenient release form. The spray can be used to spot the contaminated area.
  • Universal use. Suitable for cotton, synthetics, mixed materials.
  • The active chemical is active oxygen, there is no chlorine and its compounds in the composition.
  • Effectively works in temperature conditions from 30 to 90˚С.


  • High price.

Vanish Oxi Action

Universal cleaner for colored textiles. Produced as a liquid in 450 ml vials.


  • Oxygen stain remover without added chlorine. Does not spoil the colors of brightly colored materials.
  • Equally well suited for cotton, wool, silk, linen, synthetics and blended fibres.
  • As part of the product — anionic surfactants, enzymes, soda, zeolites. This allows it to break down hard-to-remove contaminants at low temperatures.
  • If necessary, use for light and white products.


  • When washing in a machine, it may foam excessively. The recommended dosage must be strictly adhered to.

For children’s clothing

Eared Nian

Universal stain remover for linen and clothes of children.


  • Cleans light, white and colored materials. Helps to maintain the color of brightly colored fabrics after regular use.
  • Hypoallergenic and safe. Approved for washing things of newborns.
  • Contains oxygen and enzymes. This combination allows you to remove contaminants of various origins.
  • It has a pronounced antibacterial effect.


  • It does not always clean the contaminated area the first time. You have to re-process.


Oxygen based product. Available in powder form. Can be used as a detergent booster.


  • Eco-friendly and completely hypoallergenic. The composition does not contain chlorine and its compounds, there are no phosphates.
  • You can clean stains from light, white and colored things. Approved for synthetics, cotton and linen.
  • Effectively removes stubborn marks.
  • Shelf life — three years.


  • Use with caution for delicate items.

Meine Liebe

One of the best products in the ranking of preparations for the care of children’s clothes.


  • It comes in the form of a pencil, which is convenient to use. Compact, does not take up space when traveling, walking, etc.
  • Quickly and without a trace cleans dirty fragments on colored and white things.
  • Effective against organic and inorganic pollutants: iodine, coffee, berries, blood, paints, etc.
  • Does not contain phosphates, chlorine and its compounds.


  • May destroy some dyes. Before processing the soiled area, it is recommended to test the pencil on an inconspicuous place.

For carpets and furniture

PL Shine by HRC

Preparation for universal dry cleaning at home of all types of textiles, including artificial leather.


  • Solution based on alcohol and universal stain remover. Completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Copes with most known pollutants, eliminates unpleasant odors.
  • Available in spray form, easy to use.
  • Suitable for cleaning upholstery, carpets, car seats.


  • Genuine leather cannot be cleaned.

Carpet stain remover by Dr. Beckmann

An effective cleaner for all types of carpets.


  • Available in a bottle with a brush cap. Very comfortable to apply.
  • Cleans various types of dirt. Removes all unpleasant odors, including animal tags.
  • Suitable for delicate items made of natural wool.
  • Biodegradable eco-friendly composition.


  • High price.

Stain remover from TUBA

Foaming agent for various types of carpets.


  • Effectively cleans various types of contaminants.
  • Available as a spray, it is convenient to apply to the stained area.
  • Environmentally friendly, no chlorine in the composition.


  • It is impossible to store at negative temperatures.