Cycling enthusiasts are faced with the problem of bike storage. It needs to be placed somewhere for a while between exits to the street in the warm season and removed for a long downtime with the onset of cold weather. Unfortunately, not every home has a place for this. We offer several proven options for where and how to store a bicycle in an apartment.

All about bike storage

What you need to know before buying
Where to place
— On the balcony
— In a closet or dressing room
— In the hall
— at the entrance
— Outside home
How to post
— On the wall
— vertical arrangement
— Under the ceiling
— On a stand
How to fit into the interior

What you need to know before buying a bike

It is advisable to think about the location of bicycle equipment even before the check is paid in the store. This will save you a lot of problems. If the apartment is small, it makes sense to think about a folding model.. The mechanism may be different, but the essence is the same: the unit takes up less space. It can be easily removed on the mezzanine, placed in a closet or on a balcony. In addition, folding models are easier to lower in an elevator and transport in a car.

Everything is more difficult with non-folding bicycle equipment. It is overall, so it is more difficult to lift it to the floor, place it indoors. Therefore, it is desirable to choose the most compact of the suitable options. One more nuance. If you plan to leave the equipment for the winter in an unheated room, you need to think about the materials from which it is made. So, the frame is better to take from aluminum. It is not subject to corrosion. There must be no hydraulic lines to the fork or brakes, otherwise they may suffer from frost. No adjustments and preservation will help.


Possible storage options

To help bike owners solve the problem of placing their “iron friend”, we have prepared a selection of possible options for where to store a bike in an apartment.

1. On the balcony

Not every balcony is suitable for placing a bike. The open area is only suitable for summer conservation. You can’t leave your bike here for autumn-winter. Low temperatures and precipitation will quickly bring it into complete disrepair. Especially negatively affects the state of technology hanging on a balcony lattice. But even when lubricated and wrapped in a film, it will also be exposed to corrosion and deterioration.

It is a completely different matter if there is a loggia or a closed balcony, which are best heated or insulated. Here the bike is not in danger. It is hung from the ceiling, placed along the wall or placed vertically. It all depends on the free space. The only drawback of this placement is the inability to arrange a flower garden on the balcony or somehow use this room in some other way. Most likely, there will be no free space left. To save space, choose a narrow wall and place the bike vertically.

2. In the dressing room or in the closet

To store a bicycle at home, you can arrange a place in the dressing room or in the built-in closet. It is most convenient to plan everything at the furniture design stage. The bike is positioned differently. Place vertically or hang from the ceiling. In the latter case, the frame can be used as a bar on which hangers will fit, the steering wheel will serve to secure bags or other things. Folding models fit well in the mezzanine cabinet. An ordinary bike will also fit there, but disassembled.

On sale there are special systems for storing bicycles. These are various cabinets made of screens or wall-frames. Most often they do not have doors, although they may be. The filling is also different, but in any case, holders are provided for installing a bicycle machine. In addition, shelves, boxes, etc. are available. Such furniture is placed in spacious hallways or vestibules.

3. In the hallway

In spacious rooms, the bike machine can simply be placed against the wall. True, this may not be very convenient: it is easy to hurt and knock over. Therefore, it is advisable to put it where it will not interfere with or hang anyone. A good solution for a narrow hallway is a kind of closet at the end. Mounts for vertical storage of bicycle equipment are installed in it. Racks for one or two cars are good for hallways.

4. Bicycle storage at the entrance

The entrance is considered the most accessible place for placing equipment. But it is not so. By law, flights of stairs and landings are considered the common property of residents. Therefore, all neighbors must agree that the site becomes a «garage». There may also be problems with the Fire Supervision, which does not approve of blocking possible escape routes.. If all agreements are reached, the entrance, indeed, can become an excellent garage.

It is optimal to choose the most “deaf”, little-used places for storage. Velik can be hung on the wall under the stairs, for this it is good to use special hook or chain holders, install it vertically or fix it on a special rack. The latter is good for several bikes. It is good if the wheels of the fixed bikes do not reach the floor by at least 15-20 cm. Then cleaning the entrance will not be difficult.


5. Out of the house

Ideal is the placement of bicycle equipment outside the home. Then the dirt and dust that accumulates during a ride on wheels is guaranteed to remain outside its walls. This is important because it significantly reduces the number of cleanings. If you store equipment in an apartment, you will have to wash it thoroughly after each use, which few people like. An alternative is to buy special covers for wheels or for the lower part of the unit.

There are not so many storage options outside the apartment. You can ask the UK for the key to the basement. Most likely, there will be a place. True, high humidity is harmful to the metal, this must be taken into account. It happens that the HOA organizes seasonal storage of bicycle equipment in the attic. This is a very good option. You can get together with a few bike owners and rent a garage or something like that. There are also box rental services, where you can not only store a bicycle in winter, but also other overall items from the apartment that are rarely needed.


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How to store bikes

Now let’s move on to ideas on how to store it in different places.

1. On the wall

If there is a free wall, a bicycle machine will fit on it. Moreover, it can be placed in any room, but the nursery or any room decorated in the style of a loft, techno, etc. is best suited for this. The easiest way is to simply put the bicycle equipment, leaning against the wall, as if against a support. But it is better to choose a mount for horizontal suspension of equipment. They are different, including functional ones. Such fasteners not only hold equipment, but also serve as shelves, baskets, etc. You need to choose such a mount taking into account the weight of the bike. Fasteners must withstand its weight plus 5-6 kg.

Mounting height is important. It is optimal to hang the equipment at such a height that its wheels do not reach the floor by at least 20-25 cm. Then they will not interfere with cleaning. You can hang it higher, but then you need to make sure that it is convenient to remove it often.

2. Vertical bike storage

Bicycle equipment can be placed vertically on the wall. For such suspension, there are various types of wall mounts. The bicycle is suspended by the frame, handlebars or by the wheel. The last option is not the best: the wheel can be accidentally deformed. The mount perpendicular to the floor looks interesting. For it, any architectural ledge or column is used. This placement is very effective and functional, because it allows you to zone the room.


3. Under the ceiling

A bicycle placed under the ceiling will take up less space. You can hang it on hooks or special brackets-holders. But it is best to use a roller suspension system. A cable system will help you remove the car and lift it into place. Such systems are commercially available. They are designed for high rooms, but are also suitable for standard-height apartments.

4. On a stand

There is another interesting solution: a floor stand-rack. It can be of any shape, even the most unusual. The stand can have shelves or drawers in which it is convenient to store various little things or things. An important point: it is impossible to place a bicycle machine near heat sources such as batteries or convectors. Too much heat damages the paintwork and dries out the rubber.


How to fit bicycle equipment into the interior

It must be understood that a bicycle is the same as any other element of the interior. Therefore, it must be correctly entered into the design of the room. The easiest way to do this is in interiors with a suitable style. This is a loft, techno, Scandinavian, etc. But there are good solutions for others as well. So, if the technique is installed or hung against the background of the wall, it is important to choose the right color ratio. A dark silhouette on a light background looks win-win. Retro models look especially beautiful in this design.


It’s good to imagine a bicycle as an installation. It can be supplemented with a carved baguette frame or any other elements. For example, sewn from bright fabric or knitted wheel covers. If the bike is in a prominent place, if desired, it is temporarily turned into a stand for newspapers or flowers. For this, a basket on the trunk or on the steering wheel is suitable.