one For wooden surfaces — a brush with a hard bristle

The best way to clean a wood deck is to use long, hard bristled brushes to remove the underlying dirt. To clean what is left between the boards, you can take brushes with soft bristles. You need to drive the brush in the direction of the wood fibers.

For serious dirt that is not amenable to manual cleaning, you can use a high-pressure cleaner — it will wash away the dirt with a strong pressure of water. But this method is quite aggressive, the top layer of wood can be damaged. The high-pressure apparatus cannot be used frequently, and after such cleaning it will be necessary to varnish the terrace.

2 For WPC surfaces — brush and dishwashing detergent

A mixture of plastic and wood fibers is cleaned in the same way as ordinary wood, with a brush. You can add water and dish soap. And if there are areas with greasy stains, use degreasing detergents. After cleaning, it is important to rinse them with water.

Phosphoric acid cleaners can help with rust stains or stubborn dirt. If this does not help, you can gently use sandpaper. Do not be afraid of a slight difference in the color of the surface — under the influence of precipitation and sunlight, it will smooth out.

3 For sandstone — soap and brush

The first cleaning step is to thoroughly weed out any vegetation that has grown between the slabs. After that, the surface must be swept and scraped with a brush with a hard bristle. Dirt can be cleaned using soap.

It is impossible to use an apparatus with high water pressure, as well as all acidic and alkaline detergents — sandstone is quite soft, and such techniques will accelerate its destruction, it will become dirty even faster.

four For limestone surfaces — also a brush and soap

Limestone is another fragile stone. Therefore, it can only be cleaned with a brush and soapy water. If there are stains that are not brushable, try applying a layer of damp baking soda to them. Leave for a day and wipe off. If this does not help, you will have to invite a specialist with a stone grinder.


5 For granite surfaces — cleaning with steam and ammonia

Granite is quite hard, so in addition to brushes, you can use a steam or water jet cleaner. It is impossible to use products based on acids and other chemically active substances, as they can change the color of the stone. And to make the terrace or path more shiny, use a solution of ammonia.

6 For concrete — sand

You can use a high pressure cleaner, but the pressure of the water will make the concrete more porous. As a result, you will have to clean up more often. Instead, try sprinkling fine sand onto your deck or walkway and sweep the surface. Sand will help to remove dirt effectively and will not damage the concrete.

7 For ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware — steam cleaning

If your patio or walkways are covered with ceramic tiles, feel free to use water or steam cleaning. You can also use tile cleaners and brushes with medium bristles.

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