one Work area with cabinets

A wall with a window is a real storehouse of ideas for small spaces where there are not many options for arranging furniture. For example, around the window sill, you can arrange a comfortable and roomy work area for a freelancer or student, as in the photo below. On the sides there will be convenient cabinets for books, toys or clothes, and under the window there will be a countertop for work or study. Depending on the height of the window sill, you can simply expand it or make a separate desk along the wall. Consider also who will use such a working area: for example, a child will need a lower table.

2 Single storage system with a window in the center

This window is surrounded by closed cabinets with drawers and shelves that form an impressive storage system. Inside there is enough space for a variety of things, and all of them will be hidden from view — no visual mess! Please note that the upper sections are installed literally end-to-end with the ceiling — the free space is used to the maximum. Thanks to smooth, concise facades, the storage system does not look bulky, despite its volume. In this case, the window sill and slopes had to be expanded, but this benefited the window: it turned out to be an excellent potential recreation area.

3 Tabletop window sill with storage box

If you have a small kitchen, expand the suite and include the space under the window there: for example, equip an additional work surface. If there is no battery under the windowsill, then a fairly spacious cabinet can be made below. And in some houses, the layout provides for a small “Khrushchev refrigerator” — a space under the window, equipped with shelves in the manner of a cellar with a cool temperature. In such a cabinet it will be possible to fit enough kitchen utensils or food supplies.

four Open shelf right in the middle of the window

An unusual and bold decision — the shelf is not located above or below the window opening, but in the middle. Due to the open design without front and rear walls, it does not block the access of light to the room and rather resembles a decorative frame. Inside, you can put beautiful dishes so that the rays of the sun play on its walls, a couple of small planters with flowers or bright decor to make it look as impressive as possible.

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5 Shelving for books on the sides of the window

In this project, the space by the window was not just covered with curtains, but turned into a full-fledged functional area. Roomy shelving from floor to ceiling stood up on both sides, and between them we got a place to relax with a great view. In such open cabinets it is convenient to store books, and then enjoy reading while sitting by the window.

6 Nice window storage

And here is an option for a low-lying opening — expand the window sill and organize several storage boxes under it like a chest of drawers. Beautiful facades in a suitable shade will complement the design of the room and add some new accents. Decorate the cabinets with unusual fittings (here — under the crystal) so that the space under the window looks like a full-fledged element of the interior.