crafts from sea stones with their own hands

Handmade crafts from pebbles can become a wonderful decoration not only for residential, but also for office space. With the help of sea and river pebbles, you can create crafts, equip aquariums, turning them into cozy oases. from pebbles you can build really interesting crafts for school, and the entertaining process of creating a composition with your own hands will not leave any child indifferent.

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Common craft material

crafts from sea stones with their own hands

Nowadays, people prefer to deal with unusual, extraordinary, natural things. Tired of the usual rugs, coasters, pictures sold in any store. I want more individuality. To decorate your own house or suburban area in an unusual style, it is customary to use a variety of pebbles. With your own hands you create all kinds of crafts, decorate interiors, bring comfort and original notes to the room.

Crafts are made of natural stone. The material belongs to the category of wear-resistant, is not afraid of excessive humidity and temperature changes. Made figurines and pictures from stones will retain their original appearance for a long time. pebbles connected with universal silicone adhesive.

Before starting to work with the material, it is thoroughly degreased. If necessary, to give the craft brightness, acrylic paints, felt-tip pens, nail polishes are used. Gouache is not entirely suitable for these purposes, as it tends to wear off over time, even after varnishing. Final processing of items from handmade stones involves coating with wax or clear varnish.

Types of stones

crafts from sea stones with their own hands

For the most part, they are used to make crafts. pebbles sea ​​or river. The material is available, does not require financial costs. Kids and adults collect it on the banks of natural water sources. Constant contact with water makes the stones rounded, smooth, with minimal porosity. Ideal ornamental material should have a round or oval shape.

Realistic items are made from volumetric stone. So you get a variety of figures, animals. It is recommended to complement masterpieces with stones artificial origin.

Crafts from pebbles

crafts from sea stones with their own hands crafts from sea stones with their own hands crafts from sea stones with their own hands

What can be done from pebbles? There are enough ideas. It all depends on the imagination of a person, perseverance and free time. We offer easy application options small coastal pebbles:

    1. Rugs designed for the bathroom or hallway are considered a unique thing. Items are not only beautiful, but also useful. Used to massage the feet, improving blood circulation, rejuvenating the skin. The basis is a regular rubber mat. Copies of a flat stone are taken and, using a transparent waterproof glue, are glued to a rubber base.
    2. Stand for hot kettle, cups, plates. The look and variety is impressive. The manufacturing principle is similar to rugs.
    3. Decorated flower pots. Containers for indoor flowers are decorated with small pebbles. Garden flowerpots are covered with large stones. Moreover, a solution of concrete is used for their fastening.
    4. Unique cacti. Them can be made from sea ​​pebbles the correct form, paint with green varnish or paint.

  1. Fairy people. Even a child will master the work. are chosen from pebbles suitable instances of an intricate shape. Eyes, mouth, nose, hair are drawn.
  2. From small pebbles, you can build houses, palaces, even a courtyard. The corresponding picture is taken as a basis and brought to life with the help of natural material.
  3. Candlesticks. Look great from shallow pebbles. With this material you can decorate holiday candles.
  4. Photo frames, jewelry boxes, bracelets, beads stone. Fantasy and skillful hands work wonders.
  5. Pictures. A plot is chosen, suitable material is selected, and after a short time your house is decorated with beautiful pictures made by hand, with soul and love.

We use material provided by the sea

crafts from stones

Crafts from the sea stones are very popular. Rest on the sea makes it possible to deliver a huge amount of ornamental material. A little inspiration, desire, a creative touch, the presence of plasticine, polymer clay, glue, colored paints will help decorate any room and open space.


The work is not difficult, it requires regularity and perseverance. Available to both children and adults. You need to take the following actions:

  • dense threads of different shades are taken (preferably bright ones) and braided with a “pigtail”;
  • several braids are intertwined;
  • one large or several small pebbles are inserted into the center of weaving;
  • pigtails are connected by knots, braiding stones;
  • You can decorate macrame with glued rhinestones of a suitable color.

Buttons, beads, bracelets

DIY stone paintings

Sea pebbles differ among themselves in a bizarre shape and shade. If there is a natural hole, you can simply thread the string and hang the jewelry around your neck. To make the pebbles more attractive, you can open them with varnish or paint them in a bright color.

A photo

Finding a large flat stone on the sea coast is not a problem. Using a drill, several holes are made in it, a dense silk thread is threaded. The bracelet is ready.

For the manufacture of beads, small, different in shade, flat pebbles are suitable. A thin cord is threaded into the holes made. To give strength, you can separate all the stones with knots. Don’t forget to attach the zipper.


DIY stone paintings

A simple yet unique piece. How to do DIY fridge magnet It is enough to find a small flat stone, depict an animal on it (chicken, dog, kitten). Attach a small magnet to the back.

Decoration of glass bottles

We use sea pebbles and shells. We use one of two options:

Option one A bottle is taken, decorated with small pebbles, creating uncomplicated drawings or patterns. Glue should not be used. It is necessary to cover the glass with a thin layer of plasticine, on which to attach ornamental material.
Option two The transparent container is washed, dried, small pebbles, shells, glass pieces are placed inside. The bottle is closed with a cap.

Crafts from river stones

DIY stone paintings

The variety of items made from this material is impressive. They are unique, diverse, natural, inimitable.


Nobody will have these! It is enough to have a piece of thick fabric, small river pebbles, glue and varnish, a little free time and a lot of fantastic ideas. They are used as coasters for cutlery, flower pots and vases.

DIY stone paintings


A great way to decorate a child’s room. Required items:

  • paper sheet;
  • plasticine;
  • simple pencil;
  • eraser (for adjusting the picture);
  • river flat small pebbles;
  • melon and watermelon seeds;
  • PVA glue.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. On a piece of drawing paper we depict a house, next to it is a front garden with flowers and a garden with trees.
  2. We take the pebbles separately, carefully apply glue and attach to a sheet of drawing paper strictly along the contour of the picture.
  3. The windows of the house are made using plasticine in black and yellow shades.
  4. The roof of the house is decorated with watermelon seeds planted on glue.
  5. The tree and flowers are pasted over with both melon and watermelon seeds.
  6. A frame is made and the picture is hung on the wall, giving pleasure to all family members.

Garden decoration

DIY stone paintings

Often in the garden you can see funny animals, fish, berries, vegetables, fly agarics. Such sculptures are sold in specialized stores. However, they are easy to make with your own hands using river stone. Can be built and a fairytale castle, there would be a desire and inspiration. Paved paths, stone flower beds and flower beds, alpine slides, fountains and benches, low fences that divide free space into separate functional areas look unique in the garden.

Sea stones and modern decor

DIY stone paintings

Currently common decor from sea stones. There are a lot of ideas. No special knowledge or experience required. Just desire and a little imagination.

Items for serving a festive table

Marine and eco-style are impressive. Sea stones of a bizarre shape and shade are taken, stacked on top of napkins on personal plates. Small pebbles can be scattered on free areas of the table top or arrange the center of the table.

We study road signs

Useful children’s game. An impromptu road is depicted on the floor, with intersections, streets, traffic lights, zebras. On large flat stones, road signs are drawn that are constantly moving, which makes it possible for children to learn the rules of the road in a playful way.

Flower arrangements with stones

DIY stone paintings

The stones look great against the backdrop of delicate greenery and a wonderful variety of color shades. They are filled with flower vases, the bottom of the bowls, laid on top of the flower soil, placed on the windowsills between the pots. Compositions are widely used in the countries of the East.

Compositions for bathrooms

A chic option aimed at relaxation and uplifting: a wide vase with multi-colored stones placed at the bottom, a couple of flower pots and lit candles.

Furniture decor

To change the situation and the house, it makes no sense to purchase new furniture. Enough to decorate the old one. For this purpose, sea pebbles are used. They are hooked onto the doors of a chest of drawers, a bar, drawers of a table using a thin rope.

Photo of DIY crafts using pebbles