What is a drawer

In fact, there is such a box or box in almost every home. It usually occurs spontaneously. And not one for the whole apartment, but several at once: in the kitchen, hallway, living room, bedroom and other rooms. Due to the fact that its location was not initially planned, it often takes up an unreasonably large amount of space (for example, a whole chest of drawers in the bedroom). Therefore, it is quite difficult to find something in it.

Storage of small things requires a separate space. And if you arrange it in every room, there will be less mess in the apartment, and it will become easier to find the right things.

Where to equip a box for small things

Pay attention to where you now accumulate small items. It can be the space next to the front door, the surface of a chest of drawers, a coffee table, the top drawer in the kitchen. If you and other residents of the house automatically put things there, then this is the most convenient place, you should not change it. You just need to organize a beautiful and thoughtful storage.

How to decorate a box for small things

The main secret is in sorting and crushing into sections. First of all, take apart the small items that you store together. Some of them are probably never used and kept in plain sight just in case. Put them in a box, sign it and put it away. For example, on the top shelves of a cabinet or rack. And what you use most often, leave — that’s what you will keep in your special drawer.

The box is a very arbitrary name. Indeed, one can single out a drawer for a desk, a kitchen set or a chest of drawers. But usually after sorting it turns out that so much space is not needed. If this is your case, then get a box for small things. In some cases, a decorative bowl is suitable, for example, for keys in the hallway.

Don’t forget separators. You can make them yourself from cardboard or buy ready-made ones in a home or hobby store. So the items will not mix and everything will be in sight.


Features of arrangement in different rooms

In the bedroom

Most often, you have to figure out how to store small accessories that you need before or after bedtime. It can be a sleep mask, reading glasses, earplugs, comb, hand cream. It is very convenient to put this in the drawer of the bedside table by inserting dividers into it. Or you can place things in a small wicker basket on a shelf near the head.


In the kitchen

The necessary little things spontaneously accumulate in the top drawer of the kitchen set, where cutlery is usually stored. Try to disassemble these items, throw out the unnecessary and put separators. Most often in the kitchen you need scissors, a cappuccinatore, foil and bag clips, so you don’t need a lot of space. If desired, you can store all this in a stand on the countertop.


In the nursery

In the children’s room, on the contrary, you will need several of these boxes. Ideally, if all the boxes can be labeled and installed so that the child can fill and disassemble them himself.