Ondulin, or, as manufacturers and sellers call it, euroslate, is a type of roofing material used both for full roof sheathing and for repair work. Seriously competes with corrugated board, metal tiles and asbestos-cement slate. Developed 50 years ago in France by Onduline, today this material is produced by companies around the world. All of them are actually distributors of the French manufacturer.

If you are going to cover the roof with euroslate, you need to calculate it correctly. To do this, you need to know the standard dimensions of the product, understand such concepts as the total and usable area. There is nothing complicated here. After reading this article, you will learn how to independently calculate the required number of sheets for the purchase.

Brief content of the article:

Production technology

Ondulin is made from cellulose fibers — a safe and inexpensive raw material. Unlike conventional slate, it does not contain asbestos fibers that are harmful to human health.

In production, raw materials are cleaned of impurities, mixed with water and chemicals. The finished substance, called pulp, is driven through a special conveyor with a press to remove moisture. Paint mixed with a water-repellent resin is applied to the resulting canvas. This substance improves the waterproofing of the product.

Then the canvas is given a wavy shape, after which it is sent to the drying chamber. Here, at a temperature of 270 degrees, it finally dries up. Sheets are cut using a guillotine.

At the last stage, they are impregnated with molten bitumen, giving the product absolute water resistance. This action does not spoil its appearance at all, as you can see if you look at the photo of ondulin sheets.

Features and Benefits

The growing popularity of ondulin is due to its characteristics, in many respects superior to other types of roofing. Among them:

  • high frost resistance. The material can withstand up to 25 times freezing and thawing;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • ability to withstand high pressure loads (up to 300 kg/m2);
  • absolute water resistance, the guarantee for which manufacturers give from 10 to 15 years;
  • durability. With proper installation and operation, euroslate lasts up to 50 years;
  • resistance to aggressive environment and chemicals, mechanical damage, biological safety;
  • low weight, which does not create a large load on the supporting structure. An ondulin sheet of standard sizes has a mass of approximately 6 kg, which means that there is no more than 3 kg per square meter of roofing;
  • ease of installation and processing. The product is cut with an ordinary hacksaw, freely bends along and across;
  • the ability to withstand wind gusts up to 190 km / h;
  • high level of noise absorption;
  • the possibility of using the product both in frosts down to -40 degrees and in extreme heat (calmly keeps the ambient temperature up to + 110 degrees).

Sizes of euroslate and its additional elements

The dimensions of the ondulin sheet for the roof are standardized, but often differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Only the length is 200 cm and the thickness is 0.3 cm. The French Onduline produces products with a width of 95 cm; Swiss Gutta — 87 cm, 95 cm and 106 cm; Belgian Aqualine — 92 cm, American Nuline — 122 cm.

The sheets have a total and usable area. The first parameter is the product of length and width. The second parameter is the same, taking into account the overlap, determined depending on the design features of the roof.

Additional elements also have a total and useful length: the ridge is 100 and 85 cm, respectively, the tong is 110 and 95 cm, the valley is 100 and 85 cm. The exception is the cornice filler. It is characterized only by a total length of 8.5 cm. The cover apron is available in a length of 94 cm, capable of covering a surface up to 84.6 cm wide.

All specified dimensions have permissible errors equal to a few millimeters up or down.

Correct calculation of the required number of sheets

In order to correctly calculate the required amount of material, you must first find out the area of ​​u200bu200bthe roof. The easiest way to do this is on simple gable roofs, in which the slopes are rectangles. In the case of a complex roof, its surface must be divided into planes, the area of ​​u200bu200beach should be calculated separately, and then they should be added.

In this case, if necessary, take into account the location in the roof of windows, ventilation and other elements. Remember that measurements should be taken along the overhangs of the cornices, and not along the walls.

The resulting value must be divided by the useful area of ​​​​the ondulin sheet. You can find out by making calculations in accordance with the following rules:

If the angle of inclination of the roof does not exceed 15 degrees, the size of the overlap should be 30 cm. The overlap is done in 2 waves. At large angles — from 15 to 20 cm, overlap on one wave.

If the roof structure is complex, and the slopes of the slopes are different, the amount of overlap on each of them must be calculated separately.

Let’s take an example for better understanding. The working size of the euroslate sheet is 200 x 95 cm. The total area in this case is 1.9 m2. On a surface with an inclination angle of less than 15 degrees, the useful length of such a product will be 170 cm, width — 65 cm. The usable area is 1.1 m2. At large angles of inclination, these values ​​u200bu200bwill be respectively equal to 185 cm, 80 cm and 1.5 m2.

The smart ondulin sheet is also calculated, but with some reservations. Its distinctive feature is a special docking system «Smart Lock». On the edge part, it has two extruded strips, the width of the product is 95 cm, and the length is 195 cm. This greatly simplifies installation and increases the usable area. The overlap here is sufficient in the amount of 12 cm.

At the end of the calculations, you will receive the required number of sheets for the purchase. In the case of a simple roof, you need to add 10% to it for a margin, if there are many transitions and corners on the roof — 20%.

Competent calculation of the roof in accordance with the above recommendations will help you avoid problems that inevitably arise when there is a lack of material. This includes additional costs associated with purchase and delivery, and differences in shade between the new batch and the existing one, which significantly detract from the appearance of the finished roof. With a serious and careful approach, these troubles will not arise.

Photo of ondulin sheets of different sizes