It happens that it is a pity to throw away the publication of a magazine or newspaper because of valuable publications, and sometimes newspaper spam accumulates in the house arbitrarily. It can be used in everyday life — just remember how our mothers and grandmothers did it.

one Use in cleaning

Just one of the recipes inherited from previous generations is to use the newspaper as the final step in window cleaning. An impromptu napkin from a newspaper perfectly copes with stains on glasses.

Also paper can be used for glossy surfaces. If you have a dark ceramic plate, you can try to walk on it with a crumpled newspaper after a classic wet cleaning so that the surface is perfectly glossy.


2 Decorate the interior

Try decorating a piece of furniture with newsprint. It can also be used instead of wallpaper on part of the wall — this technique looks very authentic. They also make independent decor from newspapers, or paste over existing items with them.

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3 Take care of your shoes

A newspaper or magazine is a great help in shoe care. For example, in autumn, during the rainy season, shoes suffer greatly from moisture. You can get rid of it with paper or an old press. Just crumple a sheet of newspaper and put it inside your boot overnight. You can also use the press to store seasonal pairs of shoes. To keep boots and boots from losing their shape while in the box, seal the inside of the toes with crumpled paper.


four Wrap gifts

The time of the New Year holidays is approaching, and an old newspaper can help save on New Year’s gift wrapping. Use flat, undamaged sheets as a substitute for wrapping paper. From above, the gift can be decorated with fir branches, balls and other decor. For little things, you can glue envelopes, newsprint is also suitable for this. The most attractive are those stripes on which there are no bright large drawings or headings.

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5 Donate to the library

You can collect a binder of numbers and donate to the library if you don’t have room for them in your house. You probably won’t accept yellow press, but it’s very possible to attach useful popular science magazines in this way. Check if a particular library accepts handwritten publications — sometimes this is prohibited by sanitary regulations.


6 Make your own book

Do you have a huge number of magazines that you are sorry to part with because of useful recipes and articles? Well, leave those pages that have the information you need, and dispose of the rest. Usually there are only a few necessary pages in one edition, and the rest is not needed. To prevent clippings from being stored in a mess, arrange a book — a notebook or folder with files where you will put or paste useful parts of publications. You can do this with any hobby magazines: cooking, knitting, gardening, and so on.


7 Take it to a waste paper collection point

This is the most environmentally friendly way to recycle paper, which will then be sent for recycling. For the delivery of waste paper, some collection points offer a small material compensation.