one Add shelves to cabinets

Many cabinets have additional holes that can be used to fix additional shelves inside. For example, there are such in the Pax series from IKEA, and are also common among other manufacturers. Therefore, it costs nothing to buy an additional board and make two narrower ones from one high shelf — it is much more convenient to store things in them.

If your cabinet does not have such holes, then you can make them yourself. To do this, you need a drill and a drill of the right size. Also, another option to increase the shelves is to use special inserts for which you do not need to drill anything, they are sold in hardware stores.

The video showed different ideas on how to fit even more necessary things in the closet.

2 Use vacuum bags

Vacuum bags are great helpers when there is not enough storage space at home. They can be used to pack seasonal clothes, put away blankets and other textiles. The main thing is to know about the list of allowed and prohibited things, the latter should in no case be packed using a vacuum, otherwise they will easily deteriorate.

Pay attention to different models: there are those that can be stored in a horizontal position, others — in a vertical position. These have a special hook, for which it is convenient to hang packages on a rod in the closet.

3 Make use of the space under the bed

If you have a bed model with an empty space under it, you are incredibly lucky. A lot of things will fit under this one, it is only important to properly organize storage in order to protect items from dirt and dust that can accumulate there. Plastic containers, cardboard boxes and special boxes on wheels will help you with this. Before following them to the store, measure the height of the free space under the bed and take a tape measure with you so as not to be mistaken with the size of the box.

By the way, the owners of a bed with internal drawers should not be upset. Storage can also be arranged inside the bed, along with pillows and blankets, bed linen and other textiles can fit there. You can use a special folding technique that saves space, as well as store everything not horizontally, but vertically.

four Decorate the space above the refrigerator

Many people in the kitchen above the refrigerator have unused space that they just want to occupy with something. But manufacturers do not recommend placing items directly on the refrigerator: heavy items can damage the wall or impair the ventilation process. However, if you provide the necessary space for air circulation, then you can build a niche above the refrigerator or simply hang a shelf. It will turn out to organize both closed and open storage: shelves can be supplemented with doors or simply put beautiful boxes on them.


5 Hang hooks on the walls

Hooks are a versatile way of storing that is suitable for any room without exception. They will be useful in the hallway, and in the bathroom, and in the kitchen. In the hallway, you can hang clothes or bags on them, in the bathroom — cleaning accessories and storage baskets, in the kitchen — utensils, towels and accessories.

Use folding hooks made of strong material and fastened with self-tapping screws, options that are glued to the wall will not withstand the load for long. The design will allow them to be compactly placed on the surface and folded when the fasteners are not used.