one Under the sink

A bucket for food waste is usually placed in the cabinet under the sink. This is convenient: vegetable peelings and trimmings can be immediately thrown into the trash without leaving the workplace.

If the size of the cabinet allows, st...

If the size of the cabinet allows, it is worth placing not one bucket, but several. In this case, you can immediately sort the waste into containers. Garbage will be concentrated in one place.

2 In a kitchen drawer

Another option for sorting waste in the kitchen is to allocate a capacious drawer for containers.

In this case, choose a convenient...
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In this case, choose convenient containers with lids. Closed storage will help avoid problems with unpleasant odors, and will also look aesthetically pleasing.

3 In the kitchen

It happens that the trash can is simply placed in the kitchen, for example, near an empty wall or near a window. This arrangement is quite convenient: you do not need to open the cabinet door once again to throw something away.

If this is the way for you...
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If this storage method suits you, pick up a bucket divided into several containers. For example, as in the photo: in one part you can collect waste that is to be sorted, and in the second — non-recyclable. This is convenient, since in many Russian yards the trash cans are divided into these categories.

four Downstairs in the kitchen

If you are lucky with the size of the kitchen and managed to make a spacious closet in a niche, arrange the storage of all waste in it.

It is worth considering that on the shelves there will be...
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It is worth considering that various kitchen utensils, products and appliances will be stored on the shelves. It is better to choose boxes with lids. These always look beautiful, and their contents are hidden from prying eyes.

5 On the balcony

You can place paper, glass and plastic in non-residential premises, for example, on a balcony. This is especially convenient if it is adjacent to the kitchen: you do not have to go far to remove the garbage.

For waste storage here is used...

For waste storage, cardboard boxes, woven bags or capacious containers are used here. They can be put on a rack with other things on the shelves, or just on the floor.

Another interesting option for storing garbage on the loggia is to use narrow shoe cabinets. It is suitable for both closed and open balconies.

Adjust each container to
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Tailor each container for a different type of waste. Ideally, for plastic, paper and glass, you will need three shoe racks.

6 Under the windowsill

This option is suitable for those who have free space under the windowsill next to the battery. It is most convenient to arrange such storage in the kitchen: then you do not have to move back and forth to throw out the trash. Here you can build shallow shelves or hang a couple of shoe racks.

They should place non-marking ...
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They should place non-staining waste: paper, plastic and glass. Boxes are not suitable for storing food waste: due to its proximity to the battery, it will deteriorate very quickly.

7 In the pantry

If the storage room space permits, you can place boxes for sorting garbage in it.

Use for waste germ...
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Use sealed containers for waste. Firstly, this way the storage will look aesthetically pleasing, and secondly, they will prevent foreign odors from entering the room and spoiling the groceries lying on the shelves.

eight In a utility closet

A utility closet, in which cleaning products are stored, is often placed in the corridor near the kitchen. This means that it is not very far to carry garbage to it. Therefore, the storage of waste in it is quite convenient.

You can put trash in the closet...
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You can place garbage in the closet in boxes or bags. It will be convenient to collect bottles and fold plastic containers in them.

9 In a free corner

For these purposes, containers with lids can be adapted. Choose options that are easy to stack on top of each other. These will take up less space. You can put them in any free place.

To fit boxes into the interior
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To fit the drawers into the interior, try to choose a color that suits the design and complement them with decor. For example, sign the purpose of each container in a beautiful font.

ten In the dressing room or laundry room

If you have enough room in these rooms, then you can place garbage in them, although this is a rather unusual place to store it.

Put in them the waste that...
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Place in them waste that does not have unpleasant odors. Otherwise, the fragrance may permeate clothes and linen. For the same reason, garbage should only be placed in containers with airtight lids.

eleven In the hall

If you have a place in the hallway, then you can put boxes or baskets in it. In this case, it is worth entering objects into the interior.

For example, use the idea with f...
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For example, use the idea from the photo: pick up stylish laundry baskets and put waste in them by category. Such storage looks very stylish.

12 On the wall

This method is suitable for those who do not have a lot of space in the apartment. For storage and sorting of garbage, you can use the empty space on the wall.

Buy a trash can
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Buy a trash can, like the one from IKEA, and hang it on the wall. It is convenient to fold cardboard and paper into it.