one in a niche

If you have a suitable niche in the kitchen, living room or even in the hallway or hallway that does not yet carry any functional load, place your home wine bar in it.

Even the most compact corner can be used with benefit: modern manufacturers offer wine cabinets, including 20 cm wide.

2 In the kitchen

If you are a happy owner of a large kitchen, the best idea might be to locate the bar here. In this case, you can choose the format of placement that suits you best.

isolated zone

One solution is to create a separate zone. With this option, your oenophile corner will be somewhat separated from the rest of the kitchen — and you can either decorate it with the general style of the room, or give your bar more personality.

Auxiliary zone

Another option is to build a wine bar into an auxiliary kitchen area. Usually it includes a column with appliances, a storage cabinet or a corner with small appliances (microwave, toaster, kettle, etc.)

Part of headset

Is your kitchen still not large enough to afford a separate wine area? No problem: you can make it part of the headset. This will help:

  • wine cabinet (there are many compact models);
  • wall shelves for storing your wine collection (instead of or in addition to the cabinet);
  • accessories for convenient storage of glasses.

Freestanding wine cabinet

Freestanding wine cabinet

Continued headset

Also, your wine bar can be placed directly in the continuation of the kitchen set, this solution will be quite functional and compact.

Part of the kitchen island

Does your kitchen have a kitchen island? Excellent: you can build a wine cabinet or a special shelf for storing bottles in it, as well as conveniently place a collection of glasses and other accessories.

3 In the living room

If guests often come to you, or if you often gather in the living room with the whole family, placing the bar in this room can be a great option. Minus: at the end of the gatherings, you will have to carry glasses to the kitchen and back.

But you can limit yourself to placing only a wine cabinet in the living room.

By the way, an oenophile corner can even be placed in a closet — and its contents can be hidden behind doors if necessary (for example, from the youngest family members).

four Coffee bar + wine corner

Recently, the arrangement of home coffee bars has become popular. Why not combine the two trends into one? If you are both a coffee drinker and an oenophile, create an area that offers everything you need to enjoy your favorite drinks at once.

Tabletop wine cabinet

Tabletop wine cabinet

5 On the balcony

Why not? If your balcony is glazed and insulated, it is quite possible to arrange a cozy corner for relaxation and soulful gatherings with a glass of wine.

6 under the stairs

If you are setting up an oenophile corner in a country house or a two-level apartment, you will like this idea. Two in one: a stylishly organized vinotheque and a useful «complex» space.

Bonus: A Few More Ideas

Furniture with additional features

Modern manufacturers offer coffee tables, chests of drawers and cabinets with bottle storage functions.

cork collecting

There are special shelves and decorative accessories that allow you to turn wine corks into a spectacular decoration.

Decorative accessories

Manufacturers of home goods offer a lot of stylish and useful little things for oenophiles. Including original wine corks, handy corkscrews, cheese boards and much more.