The air humidifier is no longer perceived as something exotic, but has taken a strong place among the necessary home gadgets. But after the purchase, a situation often arises that there is nowhere to put the humidifier. We have collected in the article ideas for placing a useful device so that it performs its functions to the maximum.

one On the floor

The humidifier can be placed on the floor, some companies produce gadgets designed specifically for floor placement. Make sure that the wire does not lie on the aisle, and no one could trip over it. And for the same reason, the humidifier itself is also better not to be placed in the middle of the room.

Coverage also matters...
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The floor covering also matters. If you have a laminate, then at first it is better to check if the floor under the appliance is getting wet. And if it does, then reduce the spray power.

2 On a chest of drawers

Place the humidifier on a chest of drawers so it won’t get in the way of the floor and the wire can be hidden.

Choice of humidifier designs
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The choice of humidifier design is now large, and you can easily pick up a copy that fits into the style of the room.

3 On a stool

Humidifier on a stool
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The humidifier on a stool is easy to move to different parts of the room as needed, and this is a big plus for such placement. Most importantly, make sure that the wire does not interfere with the passage.

four On the bedside table

A humidifier is most needed in the bedroom, for healthy and sound sleep. Place the device on the bedside table, if it is small, then it is best to choose a compact device.

Produce gadgets that combine
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They produce gadgets that combine several functions, for example, a humidifier and an air purifier. Choose the quietest option so that it does not wake you up at night.

5 On the dressing table

Humidifier can be placed
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The humidifier can also be placed on the dressing table. Choose a small device. With the constant operation of the humidifier, the skin will be less flaky, which is especially important when applying cosmetics.

6 On a coffee table

This accommodation option is optimal for the living room.

When choosing a device, in addition to the func...
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When choosing a device, in addition to functional characteristics, pay attention to the appearance so that it fits well into the interior of the living room. There are backlit options, they look especially impressive and can partially replace a table lamp.

7 On the desktop

A humidifier on the desktop will not interfere, especially if you spend a lot of time behind it. Most importantly, do not direct the wet jet directly at the computer, otherwise it may be damaged.

Best for desktop...
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For a desktop, a compact-sized appliance is best suited so that it does not take up much useful space on the countertop.

eight On the windowsill

The humidifier can be placed on the windowsill. It is important that there is an outlet nearby.

If there are rooms on the windowsill...
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If there are indoor plants on the windowsill, humidity will be useful for them — due to its proximity to the battery, it may not be enough.

9 On TV stand

This location is convenient for...
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This arrangement is convenient because the device will not interfere on the floor, and the wire from it will hide behind the nightstand. It is important to direct the jet in the opposite direction from the TV.

ten On the trolley

The trolley on wheels is convenient to move from one room to another, if necessary.

Also on the trolley along with the appliance...
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Also on the trolley, along with the device, you can place indoor flowers that love a humid climate.

eleven On the shelf

The humidifier can be placed on an open shelf on a wall or shelving unit. Thus, it does not take up much space, the main thing is that the outlet is located nearby.

If the humidifier is placed
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If the humidifier is located in the nursery, choose the upper shelves so that the child cannot hit and knock over the device.

12 On the piano

The surface of the piano should also not be empty.

Wet water is useful for the piano...

Humid air is useful for the piano — so the mechanical part located inside will not dry out, and the instrument will retain a clear sound longer.

13 On the countertop

The humidifier can also be placed in the kitchen. Put it on the countertop in a free space, it is better to choose compact options so as not to take up a lot of usable space.

Some humidifiers can &...
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Aroma oils can be added to some humidifiers. Thus, the air will be filled with a pleasant smell, which is especially important for the kitchen, where they often cook and not always have a pleasant aroma of food.